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Beautiful designs of brick houses with attic

Houses from a brick in all ages were considered as durable and reliable structures. Despite the variety of modern options, today brick is considered one of the best materials used for capital construction. Especially popular are brick houses with an attic, in which it is easy to equip a living room for various purposes.

Special features

Very often, the decision to turn the room under the roof into a full-fledged room comes in the desire to increase the useful area of ​​the house. Even at the design stage, you need to decide what to build: a cold attic or a warm attic. The latter option implies the presence of large windows, which are usually mounted in the ceiling, and the walls of the room are slopes of the roof.

Most projects of houses of this type have complex roofs with a break, which in finished form look more attractive than simple versions of buildings with a gable roof.

If earlier the attic was needed only to increase living space, today such houses are popular among people of creative professions.

Brick houses with a mansard became popular also because such structures have many advantages:

  • Reliability and durability. Brick - fireproof, environmentally friendly material with excellent heat and sound insulation properties. Due to its "breathing" properties, the air in the room does not stagnate. Therefore, in such houses is always a warm homely atmosphere.
  • Material savings. A single-storey house with an attic will be much cheaper than a two-story building.
  • Durability. Brick - quite resistant material, especially to the fungus, mold, insects and mice.

Observing all the rules for the construction of houses from this material, the long life of the building is guaranteed.

  • Design. Modern manufacturers offer a lot of different shapes and shades, so with the help of bricks you can realize any dream. In addition, the attic floor does not have to be a residential area, it can accommodate a greenhouse or a photographic studio.

Houses with a mansard also have disadvantages, which should be known before the start of construction:

  • The complexity of creating high-quality insulation and ventilation of the roof. Laying these systems requires a careful approach. Failure to comply with the technology may lead to the fact that in the winter time to live on the attic floor will be impossible. To avoid such problems, you should contact only specialists.
  • The difficulty of creating natural lighting. There is a high probability that during the daytime there will be twilight in the attic. Therefore, experts usually install skylights or provide a complex lighting system.

  • Dead zone. It should be borne in mind that on the attic floor near the walls there will be a so-called dead zone, where it is impossible to straighten up to full height. To achieve harmony in the interior can be installed in such places furniture or decor items.
  • Psychological discomfort. Most psychologists say that with a long stay in rooms with sloping walls there is a feeling of anxiety. Therefore, such rooms can be suitable for permanent residence only if the mental health of a person is in order.

It is worth noting that brick is a rather expensive material and building a house will require large expenditures.

But the technical properties of the brick fully justify the high cost of construction. In order for the house to turn out for centuries, you need to acquire not only high-quality materials, but also to monitor compliance with the technologies during laying the foundation, roofing, wall construction, construction of the attic floor and all other construction processes.

No less important is the further handling of the room. Brick houses need good heating in winter, as well as in maintaining a certain level of humidity.

Stove heating is not quite suitable for brick houses, best of all, if the heating system is centralized.


Starting to design a house with a brick attic, you need to know the important nuances. One of the main factors is the choice of the terrain, where the building will be erected. The relief features influence the choice of the type of foundation of the future home.

If the soil is weak and wet, then the foundation is better to make a pile-screw. Moreover, in this case, the construction of a tall building is not recommended. It is better to opt for a single-storey house with an attic. Then the load on the soil will be small, and the structure will not "float" over time.

Houses with a loft can be completely different, depending on their purpose. Starting to create a project, it is important to determine in advance how this building will be used in the future.

This may be a summer cottage, where you plan to stay only in the warm season. Projects of houses of this type usually have a small area and are not equipped with centralized communications.

For living all year round, houses require warming, capital insulation, and all necessary systems. Of course, the implementation of such projects requires a large investment of time, money and effort. It is advisable to contact the experts who will help you choose the best option for a particular area and calculate the parameters of the future home.

If you want to try your hand at building a country house, you can use ready-made projects. We offer several typical options with an attic that have been popular for many years.

Brick house with a terrace of 10x8 square meters. m

It is worth noting that such a construction option is a great success at the moment. The advantages of such buildings include capacity, structural reliability, solidity, durability.

The first floor of the building can be “divided” into a kitchen combined with a dining room, an entrance hall, a living room and a terrace. On the attic floor, you can place a terrace, two bedrooms and a hall. If desired, at the top, instead of the bedroom, you can equip a workshop or office. Or move the bedroom upstairs, and the workshop on the first floor.

A qualified specialist can easily arrange comfortable housing on an area of ​​80 m² based on the desires and abilities of the owners.

On the first floor, you can opt out of partitions, making a free layout, and the presence of a terrace will add a few meters of usable area.

Such houses always look original and differ in an unusual and such interesting interior.

One-story building with a French balcony 10x10 square. m

The living area of ​​this project is 90 m². The gable roof of the building has a slope of 45 degrees. On both sides there are skylights that give even more natural light.

The real highlight of the project is the French balcony, installed on the attic floor. Instead of windows, you can install glazed doors.

The facade of the house is partially covered with stone plaster, and the windows of the first floor are decorated with decorative wooden shields.

The parameters of the house are designed for a large number of rooms. On the first floor you can equip the kitchen, dining room with living room, bathroom, hallway, heating boiler and technical room. On the attic floor three bedrooms, bathroom, bathroom and a corridor fit perfectly.

Cottage brick 10x12 square meters. m

Such homes are suitable for large families with children. Despite the fact that the total area is not much different from the parameters of the previous project, here you can arrange more comfortable conditions.

Such typical projects are often used for the construction of country houses, where the owners will live all year round. On the ground floor, the kitchen, dining room, living room, hall, hallway, and technical room will fit freely.

The upper mansard floor can be made a sleeping area by placing three or four bedrooms there. And you can turn one of the rooms into a recreation room, a home theater or a studio for creativity.

Exterior finish

The decoration of the facade is an important part of the construction. At the design stage, it is necessary to choose materials for processing walls, insulation, plastering and cladding.

The brick facade has long become a classic of country houses. A variety of colors and textures of this material makes it possible to experiment, bringing to life extraordinary and extravagant ideas.

The shade of a brick can be different:

  • traditional brown;
  • the most popular yellow;
  • red (clinker tiles);
  • laconic gray.

We should also note the glazed brick.

Particularly interesting are the facades, lined with bricks of different colors. But at the same time it is important to choose shades that will harmonize well with each other.

It is worth noting that brick building practically does not need finishing. The facade is decorated with a special decorative brick, which is able to withstand bad weather conditions, temperature changes, frost.

A lot of attention is paid to the design of door slopes, window openings, basement.

If the building is made of silicate bricks, then the facade needs obligatory facing.

This material absorbs moisture well, so it is usually applied a layer of waterproof plaster on it and painted with facade paints.

Frequent cases of lining the outer walls of brick and porcelain. Natural and artificial stone as well as various facing materials can be used. With such a creative approach, you can get the original and unique appearance of the facade.

Modern designers have recently loved to decorate fragments of brick walls outside with special wooden planks. The natural texture of wood softens sharp corners and cubic strict forms of bricks. But choosing this method of finishing, you need to carefully consider the overall design of the house, so that the wooden elements were its successful continuation.

The decoration of the facade of the building is a reflection of the taste of its owners. Therefore, nothing prevents you from inventing your own method of decorating brick walls, trying different variants and combinations.

Beautiful examples

A huge plus of bricks is the ability to make completely different houses from the same material, which differ in almost everything.

Red-brown brick with white seams - a win-win for a private house. Laconic forms, strict architecture and arched windows will look good along with the traditional dark tiles. In this style one-storey and two-storey houses with attic look good.

Attic houses with a balcony are a convenient and profitable option to increase the space.

The project attic house may differ from the classic options. In any case, the presence of such a floor adds originality to residential buildings.

The successful combination of facing materials plays an important role in the exterior of the cottage. Contrast colors of warm shades will be winning. Yellow, light and dark brown, red and dark green are considered popular.

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