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How to remove the blinds?

There are many different types of blinds: cloth, aluminum, roller, but regardless of the type, all of them need to be periodically removed and cleaned. Since they are all made of different materials, the frequency of their washing is different. But in any case, in order to do this, they must first be removed from the window, which may cause some difficulties for the housewives.

Dismantling for washing or cleaning

Removing the blinds is not difficult if you do this work accurately and accurately.

To remove the vertical blinds do not require too much time and effort:

  1. Arrange the lamella uniformly along the eaves and expand, lining up.
  2. Detach the cap from the sides. To do this, you need to lift, deflect and remove a sharp movement.
  3. Carefully remove the chain connecting the canvases;
  4. Remove weights from the lower compartments of the slats;
  5. Separate and fold the sheets alternately.

The removal of aluminum and plastic products occurs in a similar way, and when dismantling wooden structures, clamps are removed from both sides in advance. When removing the curtains, it is necessary to remove the eaves from the ceiling by pressing the latch tongue and holding it. It is very important to remove the plugs from the ends of the plate fasteners so that these parts do not rust during washing.

Before removing horizontal blinds from windows, they should be vacuumed and wiped with a dry cloth. Dismantling will require a screwdriver, several bolts and screws. It is possible to remove curtains only when the window is closed. Problems with the dismantling of the horizontal blinds will not arise if you follow the steps below:

  1. Be sure to remove the box (in the presence of a decorative cover), prying a screwdriver attachment.
  2. Raise the planks, holding them with one hand, to the clamps that are on the top border.
  3. Locate the brackets (tongues at the edges) and remove from the mount - by moving it towards yourself and to the right.
  4. Gently pull the slats towards you and detach them.
  5. You can remove the curtains on the mounts with frames or walls. The brackets are usually mounted on metal corners. They are removed with a screwdriver or hex.

You can not dramatically pull the fasteners, if they do not give in, as some parts are quite fragile. By doing work neatly and correctly, the regulatory system will be fairly easy to separate from the brackets fixing it. If the disassembly failed, you can attempt to disconnect the system from the frame without detaching it from the brackets. To do this, there is a method of fixing the curtains to the frame (with / without extra corners for fasteners). If there are such corners, then it is worth trying to detach them from the frame - they are usually fixed to the frame with hexagonal screws. To do this, you need a key to unscrew these bolts. Blinds can be removed from the window as soon as the corners are separated.

Be sure to carefully review the mechanism of the brackets before removing the blinds. Usually they are fixed with a socket wrench, turning clockwise. To remove the system will need to twist in the opposite direction.

Roller blinds are a simple construction, and therefore there are no particular difficulties with them. They can easily be removed and hung up, as they are mounted without drilling frames or walls. If there are fasteners, then it is easy to understand how the curtains are held on them and how to remove them: you need to disconnect either the shaft with the fixed canvas, or the whole structure with a decorative box.

If the structure cannot be disassembled, then the screws must be unscrewed from the lower ones, moving to the upper ones so that the fastening system does not deform.

Velcro or special hooks are the easiest to detach.

With any fastening system, it is necessary to remember how the blinds were removed, since they will have to be hung in the reverse order. For plastic and attic windows, blinds are fastened to special clamps with the help of socket wrenches, which were mentioned above. Such a key is also turned clockwise, locking the filter.

When removing such curtains, you need to use a presser key, turning it in the opposite direction - counterclockwise.

How to wash?

Horizontal aluminum blinds are wiped with a wet sponge directly on the window or washed in the bathroom under the shower. Lamellae can be hung on clothesline or attached to suction tiles to tile for convenience. Next, spray the surface of one side with a detergent, wash off the dirt with a jet of water, turn it over and repeat the operation. Lamellas have a slight bend, so you need to direct the water at an angle for optimal cleansing. If there is grease or a thick layer of dust on the surface, then the strips should be left to soak for a while.

Cleaning will accelerate when using a steam cleaner. The upper (not removable) eaves and the lower bar of horizontal blinds cannot be wetted, since they are made of iron and are subject to corrosion, therefore, after washing, it is necessary to carefully remove moisture that has fallen on them.

Washing vertical fabric models should be done about two times a year to maintain their clean condition. These curtains should be washed as follows: pull out the chain with weights from all the cans from the bottom, remove all the leamels from the eaves. Then put in a bath and soak in warm water with powder or use a steam cleaner. The fabric can be lightly rubbed with a brush and detergent. Instead of dry laundry detergent, you should use a gel so as not to spoil the fabric.

Stain remover will help remove the stain, light fabric should be treated with bleach. It is forbidden to use cleaning products with ammonia when washing white curtains, as they cause the appearance of yellow spots.

When cleaning the perforated plates with a jet of water from the shower, you need to wash the foam from all the slats. Drying the fabric, it is impossible to squeeze and twist it. Before installing vertical curtains after washing, you must let them dry completely. Attach them over the bath so that the water gradually flows from the slats. Otherwise, dust will stick to them, respectively, the entire effect of washing will be reduced to zero.

When washing in the car, you need to use only manual mode, without spinning and with mild detergents. The temperature must be set to 35 degrees or less. Slats need to be squeezed into a laundry bag or pillowcase, to tie. When there are a lot of rolls, you need to do the washing several times. Do not wash them too often in a typewriter, as the fabric may become softer - it is preferable to wash such items with your hands.

Materials such as wood, do not tolerate excessive moisture, so it is better to simply wipe them with a damp cloth and wipe dry with paper napkins. Wooden slats can not be washed with clean water, as this may cause deformation. You should not put them in very wet rooms for the same reason. You can use melamine sponge with persistent pollution.

Some fabric curtains are not recommended to be washed, because they are impregnated with a protective agent. In this case, you should apply a vacuum cleaner or ultrasonic cleaning with specialists.

So, depending on the material, the blinds use different methods of cleaning them:

  • Aluminum is washed with warm water and soap.
  • When cleaning a thick cloth, a soak and a delicate wash are used.
  • Wooden slats are wiped with a damp sponge.
  • Pleated blinds are briefly soaked in warm water with a non-aggressive detergent.
  • Roller blinds tolerate only dry cleaning.
  • In no case can not wash curtains, slats which contain fiberglass.

How to install back?

If, when removing the vertical blinds, the cornice was removed, then before installing the curtains back on the wall, assemble all the slats on one side. Remove all irregularities and folds and secure with a clip (rubber band), then they will not interfere with the installation of the eaves. It is easy to attach with two snaps without the aid of auxiliary tools. The only thing that may be difficult is to place the curtain rod more evenly so that the clasps fit perfectly into the slots. If the design is too large, then ask someone for help. If the lamellae were removed separately, then in this case simply install them in turn into the holders.

The installation process will be much easier and faster if using the mechanism to move all the sliders to one side before installing the curtains. After fastening all the slats, reattach the weights, and then connect all the lower parts with a chain. As it was said at the beginning, it is not difficult to assemble and clean the blinds, so it’s almost impossible to spoil or damage the mechanism and the canvases themselves, while observing the exact procedure and accuracy.

After washing and drying, the lamellae should be wiped with a soft dry cloth (sponge) from one side and the other. You should not immediately assemble the structure, that is, install plugs and a cover. It is recommended to do this in about a day, when all parts of the structure are completely dry. The installation is absolutely the reverse of the process described during removal: attach the lamellae to the brackets, turn the latches clockwise.

It would also be nice to lubricate or autospray the mechanisms for securing and lifting the slats.

Care Tips

To keep your blinds in perfect condition as long as possible, stick to Some simple tips for caring for them:

  1. Individual strips can be replaced, if they have strong pollution, but it is not recommended to bring them to such a state, since the replacement process is quite expensive.
  2. In the kitchen it is better to use models of metal or plastic, as they are easier to clean, in the office - vertical views, in the nursery - colored wood or pleated curtains with a print. It is not necessary to hang fabric curtains in the kitchen, because in this place they will be in contact with grease.
  3. Full cleaning is needed at least once a month or two, as dust and dirt accumulate in hard-to-reach places in large quantities. In this case, their service life will increase, because the dirt is often clogged in fasteners and mechanisms.
  4. In the case when there is not enough time to fully do the laundry, You can clean the curtains without obstructing them from the window. Then they need to be thoroughly vacuumed, tightly closed and wiped with a rag (sponge) soaked in soapy water, left for a couple of minutes to dissolve the dirt, and then wipe with a wet clean rag.
  5. Ventilate the room with lowered shutters. - draft will relieve fabric from the accumulated dust. It is most convenient to remove dust from slats with the help of a wide brush with a soft bristle.
  6. Sometimes it is very difficult to clean horizontal curtains from greasy stains. In order to avoid constantly removing and hanging them, you can simply wipe the slats every day with wet wipes or clean them with a vacuum cleaner at the lowest power. So a thorough cleaning can be done once every couple months.
  7. Having large windows in the apartment, Especially with wooden or combined systems, you are unlikely to be able to cope without assistants when dismantling blinds, so make sure in advance that at this moment there is someone who can help you with their removal.
  8. Composition preventing the accumulation of dust easy to find in special hardware stores. After it is applied, the curtains will be contaminated less and less.

Not recommended use fabric blinds in places with high temperature, humidity, pollution. Prohibited allow creases and bends on the canvas during operation.

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