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Bed restraints

According to statistics, a large number of injuries in children of the first year of life is associated with falling out of bed. Basically, these are head injuries. Needless to say about the importance of preventing such injuries. To limit the likelihood of such a situation will help limiters for the bed.

Special features

The bed restraint is a protective barrier that prevents a person from falling on the bed. Such devices are built-in, that is, the design of the bed in advance provides for the presence of such a barrier. Also, the limiter can be bought separately if you have such a need. It is clear that their color variations are also diverse. The material from which the product is made, you can also choose based on their tastes and preferences.


Choosing a stopper for the bed, you should start off primarily from the age of the child. If this is a child of the first year of life, the barrier must necessarily be high so that he can stand up on his feet and not be able to fall over him.

As a rule, children's beds intended for very young children are always equipped with an already built-in barrier. There are cribs, equipped with a universal limiter, which can be adjusted in height. The minimum height can be chosen if the child is constantly in the prone position, that is, for babies. The average position is suitable for a child who has learned to sit. And if there is a possibility that the child can stand up, it is necessary to choose the maximum height.

Also, young children have another problem. Since the built-in limiter, as a rule, is a series of vertical slats, very often the arms and legs of babies fall between them, which leads to pain, and sometimes injury. In this case, a soft curb is also needed, which will prevent such unpleasant situations. It is fastened around the perimeter of the crib and very often comes bundled with it.

For older children who are about three years old, you can already choose low limiters to prevent them from falling during sleep.

It is worth noting that this age may be more, because it all depends on the individual characteristics of your child. The loft beds that are currently popular are almost always equipped with a similar protective device. It happens that teenage beds have sides, but this is rather a decorative element. Therefore, they are often not located around the perimeter of the bed, but in one part of it.

Removable stoppers are convenient because they can be installed on an adult bed. For example, if a baby has come to visit you, and there is no crib, you can use removable restraints. However, it is worth noting that this option will not work if the crumb is very small and does not know how to get out of bed on its own or sleeps restlessly. In this case, the best fit bed with built-in barriers around the perimeter of the bed.

Removable restraints are installed, as a rule, only on part of the bed, and therefore are suitable for older children - about three years of age and older. Especially if the baby is in the habit of moving into the parent's bed, it is still better to have such a device in the arsenal.


If we talk about the size of the side, then this question directly depends on the age of the child. Young children, as noted above, need high limiters. So, for the bed size 70x120 cm, a side height of 70 cm will be optimal.

Older children need curbs so as not to fall while sleeping.

Bed size for children of this age is 70-95x150 cm. The optimal size of the limiter in this case is up to 30 centimeters.

A large child, in principle, does not need a limiter. As a rule, these are teenagers, and the curb on their bed, rather, carries a certain design idea. For such children, beds up to 200 centimeters long are purchased and the side usually takes no more than a third of the bed.

Color solutions

The taste and color, as they say, no friend. The color scheme of the limiter for the bed, as a matter of fact, of the bed itself, depends entirely on the flight of your imagination, since there are a great many on the market. But parents traditionally prefer to get pink color for the girl, and blue - for the boy. Also, designers recommend repelling about the overall style of the room and the color of the main furniture, so that the acquisition does not stand out from the general design ideas of the room.

Overview of the best manufacturers

Bed restraint Summer infant suitable for children from one and a half to six years and prevents the fall of the child during sleep. The device is easy to assemble, it does not require any tools. The size of the side is 108x53 centimeters and is suitable for mattresses with a size of 70-90x140-190 cm. The advantage of this limiter is the possibility of tilting it down. The price of such a device is approximately 3300 rubles.

Bed restraints Tomy presented in pink and blue. The barrier is sheathed with a soft cloth so that the child does not hurt when in contact with it. The limiter is installed under the mattress, the width of which should be from 70 to 90 centimeters. The barrier is held in place by the weight of the mattress and the sleeper, at the other end has a bend of 7 centimeters to prevent slipping from under the mattress. In the pocket, located on the barrier, the child can put a favorite toy. If desired, it can be folded down to release access to the child. The price of such a device is about 3000 rubles.

Compact size when folded has a side stop Babies and is suitable for lovers of traveling with a child. The size of the device is 140 x 50 centimeters and is suitable for children aged from three to five years. Such a barrier is fixed above the mattress with the help of a unique fastening system, due to which it is removed very quickly. The bright design of such a side will appeal to the majority of karapuz.

Soft side Baby nice made of cotton material. Periotek filler used in this product is an environmentally friendly material. The product serves to protect the arms and legs of the baby from slipping between the slats of the bed and from drafts.

How to fix?

The boards on the market are completely different both in appearance and in the way they are mounted. The simplest versions of fasteners involve holding the stopper using the weight of the mattress itself and the weight of the person sleeping on it. As a rule, these are metal tubes, one or two, which are installed under the mattress. At the end, the arc has a bend of about 10 cm. It is needed to prevent the barrier from slipping out from under the mattress.

In other cases, the restraints are attached to the king sides of the bed.

It is clear that such models of limiters are suitable for wooden beds, in which the velvet is higher than a berth. Such stoppers are mainly fastened with bolts, which, when rotated, the barrier strips installed on one and the other side of the tsarg shrink. It is necessary to rotate the bolt until the compression of the planks ensures a stable position of the stopper.

Other fastener options require full matting of the mattress. There are barriers that are installed on top of the mattress.

The fastening of the soft curbs occurs with the help of ordinary strings or velcro.

How to do it yourself?

If the design of your bed does not provide for a side, and it is still needed, you can not resort to buying it, but make your own. Especially since the case is quite entertaining and not so laborious. And your child will always remember such care.

To make a wooden barrier, you will need: four slats, strips or shaped blanks straight from the inside and two long wooden blanks. It is clear that the four blanks should be the same and sufficiently strong, because they will have to bear the whole weight of the product and with their help the stopper will be attached to the bed.

So that such mounts do not scratch the surface of the bed and do not slide, you can and even need to rubberize them from the inside. Two blanks are fastened perpendicularly to one long rail, and two to the other. So you get two n-shaped products. These two items need to be bolted together with the help of bolts and put on the bed barn. The screwing in of the bolts must be continued until the compression of the two halves of the stopper ensures its stable position.

If you have a tool in the arsenal for cutting plastic pipes, just like the pipes themselves, you can easily make your own version of the limiter. To do this, you need 8 tubes of the same size, which will provide the height of the barrier and 14 tubes, the size of which depends on the distance you want to get between the slats, 12 T-shaped corners and 4 L-shaped. Such a product is assembled quite easily and quickly as a designer. This limiter will not have sharp corners. If desired, it can be sheathed with a soft cloth.

The low-cost version of the manufacture is the manufacture of a barrier of pipes.

And if you need a high barrier, you can fold the pipes into several floors with ordinary duct tape. Under the mattress such a limiter is fixed with strong tapes. The advantages of the product are a budget option, you can easily wash it, the design itself is very light, the assembly is easy, soft sides do not traumatize the child.

If your child is very small and you need a soft curb around the perimeter of the bed, in order to avoid injury to the hands and feet of the baby, you must give preference to natural fabrics that will not cause allergies to the baby. The size of the fabric should match the size of the sides of the crib. As a filler, you can use a synthetic winterizer. This way you will have thin pillows, corresponding to the width and length of the bed. They are fastened with strings or velcro, which must be provided in advance in the design of the rim.


Soft side Baby nice consumers find it necessary when a small child arrives. According to reviews, the material from which the board is made is pleasant to the touch. Consumers also like the fact that the fabrics from which the product is made are environmentally friendly. Its price is relatively inexpensive - about 800 rubles.

However, some parents worry that such a side impairs the air circulation in the bed and leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen.

Bed restraint Summer infant it is also popular with consumers because it is very easy to assemble. The ability to tilt it down buyers also point out as an advantage. The main disadvantage of the product, according to reviews, is its high price.

Bed restraints Tomy, as well as the previous version, according to consumers has too high a price. However, users who purchased this product were not disappointed in the purchase. The presence of a pocket and the ability to fold the side down are considered by consumers as additional advantages.

Compact size limiter Babies Lovers appreciated travel with the child from home to visit. The kids like the bright design, and their parents like the quick attachment and quick removal of the stopper.

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