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How to arrange a window in the living room?

Great attention is paid to the design of the living room, and quite often people think of floors and ceilings, walls and decorative elements.

But the windows are often on the sidelines. Meanwhile, one cannot underestimate their importance, sometimes the window unit becomes, if not the dominant, then one of the key elements of the room.

Design features


Interior details in the living room are much more significant than in other rooms. It should carefully select and shade, and fabric, and even her drawing, when you evaluate which curtains are better. The slightest slip means a complete failure of the whole concept of window decoration. The key points to consider when choosing are the prevailing color of the living room, the type of interior (whether it is made solemn or performed in the most everyday manner).

It also requires the maximum observance of the canons of a certain decorating style.

Hanging Roman curtains on windows in living rooms saturated with color elements and décor, the owners themselves demonstrate their bad taste and lack of understanding of the simplest design basics. A similar mistake will be made by those who will place elegant parade lambrequins in the middle of a minimalist interior.

Only curtains that correspond to other interior details will look beautiful and stylish. At the same time, you should always think about whether it will be pleasant for you and the guests to look at a certain design, its design and appearance.

Important: do not try to decorate the window, as well as the living room as a whole, using a maximum of decorative details, such an approach is considered obsolete and inadequate by all experts.

Unambiguous preference should be given to natural materials, it is recommended to refuse from stuffed tulle and use more modern, practical solutions.

Curtains decor

Talking about the decor with the help of curtains should be especially, and first of all we consider the modern options. They differ from the classic primarily enhanced functionality.

Priority is given to a combination of simplicity and comfort, minimalist performance. At the same time, even the most modern approaches reproduce the best features of the classics: straight canvas is in fashion now, descending with the formation of vertical folds. Yes, this is the same classic curtain, only adapted to a faster and more energetic rhythm of life, outwardly simplified.

The design of the curtains that adorn the window can be very elegant even when choosing neutral light colors. It is easy to manifest the feature and originality of the product with the help of certain methods of fastening curtains: the loop, bowstring, grommet and a whole range of cornices look very diverse, can not be confused with each other.

Important: do not save on the grommet, because inexpensive plastic ultimately serves less than expensive metal.

An excellent step is the combination of light-colored curtains themselves with dark fittings and the same cornice, this makes the appearance clearer and more constructive. Instead of grommets, it is worthwhile to sometimes think about attaching curtains to the rods using flip loops, since they allow you to hold the fabric without fittings.

Such a solution would be optimal for living rooms in the spirit of country, beach and tropical styles.

The minimalist interiors, which are becoming more common, are perfectly combined with perfectly smooth Japanese curtains. If you wish, you can combine them with traditional style solutions, but be sure to select products from the same material.

As for the Roman curtains, no one can dispute their main advantage is the ability to adjust the illumination in the house by changing the configuration of the canvases.

Hanging fabric at the ceiling itself makes the living room taller, however, if tension structures are placed on top, this solution is no good.

How to make?


In addition to the selection of the type of curtains and their material, it is necessary to take into account the type of the most decorated window. The bay window is installed in the outer shares of the walls, although such projections can be equipped with balcony doors. Such a step will significantly increase the useful area in the home, increase the illumination of the guest area.

The main tasks in the design, decoration of these windows are to protect against excessive sun penetration (on the southern sides of houses), to keep the heat in the winter season and to maintain optimal lighting.

You have to use a lot of matter or come up with original moves. The already mentioned Japanese and Roman curtains will be the best way out. If desired, and good stylistic compatibility, you can use the French, English versions, equipped with grabs and pelmets.

According to designers, bay windows are well compatible with thread curtains of iridescent color. The cornice should be chosen such that coincides with the line of the wall along the entire ceiling and is secured securely, because you need to keep two or even three layers of thick curtains.

If a single curtain is used, make sure that it moves freely and freely in two directions along the baguette line. This means that it is undesirable to use a hook or a clothespin as a pendant, they will constantly cling to each other. Check whether the grip of the end caps is secure, whether they can hold the structure in a suspended state.

Attention: ceiling moldings, with all their external beauty, have a significant weakness - they can normally be hung only by trained specialists with a tool.

If the curtains are hung on the grommets, it is preferable to use round baguettes.

But it is better to combine multilayer constructions with lambrequins with closed baguettes. String curtain rods can not bend, and therefore they are unacceptable in the bay window options. The easiest way to set the desired curvature is a metal pipe.

A large window (panoramic type) is designed in such a way that the curtains match not only the style of the living room, but also the view that opens behind the window. So, industrial landscapes are nicely combined with minimalism and loft inside, and if you see a residential building, a playground, then you need to choose the classics.

It is categorically unacceptable to use curtains with a small pattern, since they will be visually lost in a large room.

Short stripes of matter and all solutions in which the drawing is directed diagonally are also incompatible with panoramic windows; this is a very uncomfortable execution.

Inversion is beneficial when the curtain is made dark and the curtain is lighter. Either a thick curtain is hung inside, in front of which a transparent fabric is used in the room.

It is more correct to draw up a small window not in exquisite, bright colors that draw attention to themselves, but in more neutral ways. The use of pelmets and curtains helps to visually expand the window, and the cornice should be wider than the frame itself, and light tulle or chiffon should be hung on it.

Roman constructions will be useful for almost all small windows, but note that you can only hang them on a special type of curtain rods.

Multiple windows

Rarely there is a situation when in the living room - only one opening. If there are several, the curtains can be used both completely identical, and repeated through one, and the most diverse in appearance (subject to symmetry). It is very important to use a homogeneous type of matter.

When it is known that there are two or three windows in the living room, this is still not enough to make the right decision. One approach should be when placing them on contiguous walls. Other - when they are all on one of the walls. The key unshakable rule is the complete identity of all openings, the exception of asymmetry in the classical interior. A small difference can only be afforded in a modern setting.

Stylical unity is expressed in the use of visually matching (in color and texture) textiles.

Balcony construction

If a simple window is installed in the hall, but with a balcony door, it will be more difficult to arrange this design correctly.

An important rule: do not choose dark tones, unless they are diluted immediately with bright and rich colors.

This option looks good when the entire window and balcony unit is completely hidden by a light green curtain of large width, and only a small corner is left for opening the door. This is especially attractive when the view of the night sky.

If you want to see the contour of the window sill and exit to the balcony, the installation of the decor of purple vertical stripes turns out to be quite an original solution; they create a romantic twilight and at the same time miss quite a lot of light.

Beautiful examples


The windows of a private house are easy to transform and make much more elegant, even if they are made of plastic. It is enough to hang the curtain on a semicircular eaves and to put it on both sides with attractive folds.

A classic rectangular pendant can be no less decorative if you use curtains of two colors (say, in front of the green, and closer to the very window of white). It is advisable not to make these parts visually coincident, since such a step will greatly improve the perception of the interior.

Virtually do not interfere with the observation of the panorama of light blue blinds; in this case, the main accent element can be represented by yellowish curtains, assembled and tied together in a roll.

Another option is this: in case of strong sun, the blinds are lowered to half, chocolate curtains are assembled on the side of the living room windows, and pillows of various (but necessarily moderate!) Tones are laid out on the windowsills.

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