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Subtleties of landscape design suburban area of ​​5 acres

Many people ask themselves how beautifully and in an original way to decorate their summer cottage. Currently, landscape designers can offer a huge number of options for arranging the land. Today we will talk about what design you can choose for a garden area of ​​5 acres.

Special features

Before you begin to design a suburban area, you need to think about what you want to place there. At the same time, we should not forget that we are talking about a small area of ​​only 5 hectares of land. Many experts believe that even in a small space, you can create a unique and beautiful landscape design.

Of great importance when decorating a land plot is planning. It is important to correctly place all the elements in the garden area, so that everything looks organic and to avoid unnecessary clutter. In the plan of the future garden you can include some small buildings:

  • Arbor with a brazier.
  • Beautifully decorated flower beds.
  • Artificial pond of small size.
  • Specially equipped shower.

Another important step in the arrangement of the suburban area is the design of the tracks. It is necessary to make the main path leading to the house, and a few additional small paths that could combine all areas of the site. Most often to create paths use materials such as pebbles, tiles, sand.

The main place in the design of garden zones is played by floral elements. Landscape designers recommend planting a minimum number of shrubs and trees on the site, but you can make beautiful plantings of coniferous trees around the perimeter of the space. The barberry, honeysuckle, dwarf plants, yew can give a unique refinement to the garden plot.

We make a plot with your own hands

Anyone can create a beautiful design on their plot of land. Anyone who wants to make their own garden, must adhere to a number of rules. In addition to the placement of plantings and buildings, it is worth thinking about water installations. First you need to figure out what exactly you will need water facilities. Small fountains or ponds are often used for decoration; wells, special deep reservoirs, are best suited for maintenance.

Do not forget that the main role in the design of the villa zone are plants.

There are many techniques for creating flowerbeds, among them:

  • Mixborder (consists of many flowers that are planted in groups).
  • Border (typical planting of small plants along the paths).
  • Rabatka (strip, which consists of flowers and surrounds the lawn).

Special attention should be paid to the design of the lawn, which forms the basis of the entire summer cottage. If you are engaged in arrangement of garden space for the first time, you should choose a usual, universal type of landing of a lawn. Do not forget that before you design the basis of the site you need to properly prepare the ground (digging, leveling, tamping).

Lighting plays a huge role in creating landscape design. Currently, designers offer a huge selection of options for the use of lighting devices on summer cottages:

  • Decorative lighting flower beds.
  • Lighting built into the garden paths.
  • Small lanterns mounted on trees or shrubs.
  • Typical fixtures located along the paths located on the site.
  • Special lighting equipment installed in the steps.

Color solutions

When making a garden area do not forget about the careful selection of colors, although many consider this question to be insignificant. The choice of color tones to be used in landscape design depends largely on the personal preferences of the owners. It should be noted that the color scheme will have a strong emotional impact on the owners. Often used flowers in the design of the garden are:

  • Yellow.
  • Red.
  • White.
  • Blue.
  • Pink.
  • Orange.


This color fits perfectly into the design of the garden plot. He can easily create beautiful vivid compositions on your summer cottage. Yellow color is able to give the owners of the land truly spring mood. Many people often use whole flowerbeds with yellow flowers (daffodils, dwarf irises, and tulips) to decorate their gardens. Sometimes in such beds you can alternate yellow flowers with plants of other color tones in order to avoid excessive brightness in the design.


With the help of a bright combination of different shades of red, you can create a wonderful atmosphere on your site. Often the owners use perennial plants of bright red color in their gardens (the silverweed is blood-red, the poppy is oriental).


Practically in any design of the summer cottage combinations of colors from various shades of white will look great. In order for the bouquets of white flowers do not look too simple and uninteresting, they should be alternated with other flowers or buds. The most popular white plants used for garden decoration are lily of the valley, fragrant tobacco, sage.


Using floral arrangements from different shades of blue, you can really bright and unusual design your site. Many designers recommend diluting groups of blue-colored flowers with silver or white plants. With this color you can visually increase the size of your plottherefore, blue tones are ideal for decorating small gardens.


Different shades of pink color will perfectly fit into the design of almost any garden area. Flowers with a pink color will allow you to create beautiful bright or delicate compositions. Also, plants of this tone can ideally be combined with flowers of a completely different color range. The most popular plants of this color include petunias, carnations, peonies, phloxes, roses.


Another common color used in the design of gardens, is orange. Its shades can dilute any boring and uninteresting garden. In combination with shades of many other colors, orange can create a pleasant, beautiful design picture of your plot.

Expert advice

The main thing is to correctly place all the elements on the site and perform its proper planning:

  • In the garden space of small sizes it is quite possible to place several paths trimmed with stone, tile or pebbles. It is also possible to distribute several large flower beds with bright colors of various shades over the territory of the site; shrubs and trees will look favorably.

At the moment there are a huge number of successful design projects of landscape design of land. Do not think that small garden areas can not be beautifully arranged.

  • The main thing to remember is that too many large plantings (trees, shrubs) can completely ruin the whole design, make the garden cluttered and incongruous. Many experts recommend the use of small sized coniferous trees (dwarf trees) when decorating a site.
  • It is also possible to place various buildings on the territory of the garden plot (summer shower, bathhouse, gazebo, artificially created reservoirs). But do not overbuild the space too much with such rooms, otherwise it can dramatically spoil the overall picture of the garden area.

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