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Blender Bosch

According to statistics, Bosch brand blenders are among the most popular home appliances on the market. In this article, we will look at what their advantages over their fellows are and on which model of Bosch blender line to choose. Also find out what power is most preferable and what the grinder function is for.



It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without household appliances. Progress does not stand still, and now the store shelves are flooded with super-powerful units such as multicookers, steamers, microwave ovens, multifunctional ovens, food processors and other achievements of science and technology. One of the list of useful devices is a blender - an indispensable assistant to newly-made mothers, as well as all housewives who want to save time, energy. And for many years the Bosch blender has been developed by the German concern, which meets all quality parameters at a reasonable price.

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The latest technology has allowed the blender to provide so many different functions that he alone is able to replace the mixer, food processor and even a meat grinder. The unit will perfectly grind products, chop vegetables, whip up cream, make mashed potatoes, shake up a cocktail - and all this in a matter of minutes. The blender will greatly facilitate the chores of decorating festive table dishes, since modern samples are equipped with various nozzles with cutting into large and small cubes, slices. In short, today a blender is much more than two in one.

The first such unit was released in the early twenties of the last century; its inventor was the American Stephen Poplavsky, an ardent admirer of sparkling water. Initially, it was intended solely for the preparation of effervescent soft drinks by mixing the necessary ingredients. The blender bowl was equipped with helical knives, which were set in motion by the mechanism located in the bowl stand.

The invention of lightning won the sympathy of bartenders, who sometimes reached the point of frenzy from fatigue, whipping cocktails in shakers, and the blender solemnly began its conquest of all the cuisines of the world.

To date, there is a huge selection of blenders of various configurations, modifications. Producers in competition defend the right to the title of the best and most convenient to use. One of these brands is Bosch - a leading leader in the market of home appliances.

Features of choice and function


Approaching the choice of a blender, each housewife is focused primarily on their own needs and preferences, plus the price issue often plays an important role. We consider the characteristics of the most popular and common models, taking into account the statistics.



This model is made by analogy with a mixer, but instead of rotating rims equipped with knives. The blender is convenient and easy to use, its tall glass prevents splashing of processed vegetables, fruits and berries. It is ideal for cooking kids. With its help, it will not be difficult to pamper relatives and close ones with various mashed potatoes, mousses, delicate sauces, pies, creams. Blender is also possible to use for grinding ice.

The unit is compact enough, does not take up much space in the kitchen. The package of the submersible model includes a glass or bowl for ingredients, a set of nozzles for shaped cutting, chopping, grinding, whipping, etc., and, in fact, the blender itself. One of its minor complaints is a small capacity, as a result of which the blender heats up quickly, and, in order to avoid equipment burnout, it is recommended to take breaks in the work. But with small portions, the lack will not affect the pace of cooking.


It surpasses the capacity of the submersible, is a spacious glass on the stand, which is an electrical circuit. Its advantages over the immersion blender are that it does not need to interfere in the cooking process, it performs all the functions. From the hostess is required only to lay in the container products and click on the start button.

The unit will successfully prepare the same dishes as the manual counterpart, plus it is suitable for grinding solid ingredients such as ice, nuts, and so on. The blender is ideal for making smooth curd masses, smoothies, cocktails and even dough.

Unlike the immersion sample, the stationary is not compact and you will have to either allocate a permanent place in the kitchen, such as a microwave oven, or inconvenience due to frequent removal from the cabinet and retracting. But the undeniable advantage of the blender is its self-cleaning function. There is no risk of cutting your fingers, trying to wash the glass in hard to reach places. It is enough to pour warm water with detergent into the flask, start the operating mode, and the knives will take care of themselves.


The wireless model will help out on a trip, hiking, when it is very difficult to refuse even for a short time from the benefits of civilization, as well as in a situation when the electricity was suddenly cut off, and the infant requires its portion of vegetable puree. Blender, in addition to the charger is equipped with a backlight, and the main advantage is the fact that it is not discharged during storage. It is understood that you can charge the power supply ahead of time and put the unit in a distant box until an emergency.

Buying a blender, it is impossible not to focus on the technical characteristics of the device, because the efficiency of the work process depends on them.


If the main task is the preparation of baby food, soups - mashed potatoes, sauces, fruit and berry smoothies, then you can opt for models whose capacity is 300 - 350 or 400 - 450 watts. Parents of babies - babies, who need the first feeding, prefer these options more often than others.

If the family decided to purchase a blender that will fully replace the meat grinder, then you should stop looking at a more powerful model. Bosch blenders with a capacity of 500 to 600 are available for sale, as well as 750 to 800 watts, which can easily cope even with frozen meat, break the ice, and perfectly mix cocktails. Blender will become an indispensable assistant of modern hostesses who live in the rapid pace of life, combining work with the duties of the house.

If you need to purchase a professional blender, it is recommended to pay attention to samples whose power is not lower than 1000 watts. They have enhanced functionality, easily cope with cooking for numerous people and are very convenient in work.

As a rule, these are exclusively stationary models, used as professional equipment in restaurants, cafes and other places of public catering. For home use, such a blender is advisable to buy in case of a large number of households, otherwise a bulky machine will occupy an impressive space in the kitchen.

Speed ​​mode

Small submersible blenders have one or two speeds in their arsenal, as they quickly overheat and need interruptions. However, if the goal is only the preparation of baby food or use from time to time for cooking dishes like sauces, mashed potatoes, then this is enough.

Housewives who love to spend time in the kitchen, and whose vocation is cooking by default, it’s better to adopt a semi-professional blender from Bosch, where the number of speeds varies within ten. This will allow you to choose the most accurate mode of operation acceptable to a specific recipe of the dish.

The number of speeds of a professional blender can reach up to thirty, but here we are talking about cooking in accordance with the standards and GOST, where the errors in the recipe are unacceptable.

Velocity modes can vary in the form of a stepped shift or a gradual one.

Step switching is a transfer of the lever of the regulator from position to position from the minimum speed to the maximum indicator, and the gradual switching is carried out using buttons or a rotating mechanism without abrupt transitions. Especially "smart" models of Bosch blenders have a so-called translational mode of operation, when the mechanism's screws do not work continuously, but with stops and with different speed indicators, which is very convenient if you need, for example, to break the ice. If necessary, the chef can set the mode change himself and set the speed chain.

Choosing the whipping function, you can use the "turbo" button, which will allow you to complete the work at maximum speed.


The nozzle is the tool that directly grinds the ingredients.. The basic equipment in the form of a long handle with rotating sharp knives at the end is included in the obligatory package of all blenders. Knives can be removable, in case of work with products of different consistency, texture. Often, manufacturers equip a blender with spare knives of various configurations.

In addition to the main immersion nozzle with a helical cutting mechanism at the end, the device can be equipped with a whisk for whipping necessary for the preparation of mousses, creams, mashed potatoes, dough.

Moreover, the Bosch manufacturers took care of the presence of four types of corolla at once: standard, drop-shaped, spiral-shaped and double, performing the function of a mixer.

The nozzle for making mashed potatoes visually resembles a traditional metal pestle with a wide base in which holes are made.

Also among the spare nozzles there is a hook, which will facilitate the process of kneading dough, curd mass; mill for grinding coffee beans, peppercorns, sugar, as well as for the preparation of breadcrumbs.

Some varieties of blenders include a chopper in their packaging. This device automatically translates the kitchen unit from the discharge of a blender to the discharge of a meat grinder or food processor. Consisting of a closed bowl with replaceable rotating knives at the bottom, the blender is able to chop vegetables, chop products, and it is possible to cut both large and small pieces, as well as slices. In a grinder, it is easy to cook meat, fish, mushroom stuffing, grind nuts, spices, chocolate, chop ice.


Of course, with regard to nozzles, knives, it is better to choose models equipped with metal components. They are much stronger than plastic, plastic and their service life is almost unlimited. Metal nozzles are great to wash, do not wear out during use.

The body of the working handle can also be made of metal or plastic, and here it is a matter of personal acceptance what to choose. The main thing is that the surface contains rubberized inserts that prevent hands from slipping, and perform a protective role from electric shock.


The material for the blender bowl are plastic, metal and glass. Cheap models are usually equipped with plastic cups. It is necessary to handle them as carefully as possible, since such a container is not very strong, it quickly becomes cloudy, and scratches and cracks appear on it. Moreover, the fact of its toxicity does not favor plastic. Plastic dishes are not suitable for hot foods.

A glass beaker or bowl is much stronger than the previous sample; they can not only prepare a dish, but also be sent to the refrigerator for storage or to be warmed up in the oven. Modern kitchen blender is equipped with a bowl of heat-resistant glass, in addition, glass utensils are convenient in that it allows you to control the cooking process due to the transparency of the material.

Metallic capacity is rare, except in professional models, since it is difficult for an ordinary housewife to follow the course of work and have to endlessly stop and open the lid.

While giving preference to one or another cup, it is necessary to take into account that the narrowed down tank is more convenient to use and contributes to more thorough processing of products. If the glass is equipped with a lid and spout, then it turns it into a full-fledged jug, worthy of taking a seat on the dining table immediately after stopping the blender. It develops albeit small, but time saving.

Advantages and disadvantages

Speaking about the advantages of the Bosch line of blenders, we can not fail to mention its noiselessness. Agree, quite an important parameter, giving the opportunity to prepare baby food for the child while he sleeps, without fear of waking him. Or afford a berry smoothie on a day off early in the morning, while the rest of the family is still basking in the beds.

Bosch appliances are a mark of quality over the years and an impeccable reputation. The company provides an adequate warranty period from the date of purchase of goods, carries out repairs.

Submersible blenders of this brand are one of a kind, they serve as grinding, cutting, while other manufacturers offer exclusively stationary models for this.

Buying a Bosch blender, you get a collection of recipes that greatly simplify life. Here you can find traditional dishes, such as pies, soups - mashed potatoes, and you can try to cook something unusual, healthy, and tasty at the same time. For example, cocktails from ginger, fresh cucumber, tropical fruit smoothies.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the cheap price of household appliances. It should be noted that competing Chinese companies were not idle, having managed in recent years to ensure a sufficiently high level of quality of their products. Therefore, it turns out, giving preference to the blender of a German company, we first of all pay money for the name of the promoted brand.

Reviews and review models

Analyzing the statistical data testifying to the high confidence of buyers in the company's home appliances, it should be noted that the brand conducted its quality policy from the very beginning. It was Robert Bosch, the founder of the company, who owns the legendary words: “It’s preferable to lose money, but not trust. The unshakable promises are more important than momentary gain.” This slogan is relevant to this day, all models of the concern undergo strict quality control. Consider the most popular ones:


The classic model of an immersion blender with twelve speeds and a smooth switching mode. Power is 600 W, the handle of the device is made of stainless steel, and a grinder of plastic. There is a function "turbo". The price varies within two and a half - four thousand rubles.


800 Watt multifunction blender. Replaces the meat grinder, mixer, food processor, coffee grinder, all together. Twelve speeds, a large number of nozzles and a special design of the knife, consisting of four blades, makes the blender an indispensable tool in the kitchen. Handle, repeating the anatomical bends of the palm, do not want to let go of the hands! The cost of such a blender ranges about seven thousand rubles.


Stationary blender with three modes of operation, including pulsed. Power 800 W, an indispensable tool in the preparation of cocktails, smoothies. Suitable for processing solids and pegs of ice. Cost around eight thousand rubles.


A powerful model with rich functionality that includes the qualities inherent in the meat grinder, mill, mixer, food processor. Beats, chops, cuts, stabs, grinds, and even has a self-cleaning function.



Powerful semi-professional blender with many features. It has nine nozzles, two graters, two shredders. In the list of advantages is also a steel case with a comfortable handle, twelve high-speed mode, plus the "turbo" button. Price within seven thousand rubles.


Power model 400 W, of the advantages - light weight, comfortable handle shape. The possibility of splashing is excluded. There is a grinder function. The glass is supplied with a measured scale. Suitable for washing in the dishwasher.



A simple superfluous blender with 400 watts of power. The handle and knives are made of stainless steel. Ideal for cooking baby food.

Mixxo quattro

Indispensable in a house where there are small children. The power of the blender is only 300 W, but it is equipped with a glass cup with a measuring scale and a lid, which allows it to be used as a storage vessel. Silent in operation, has the function of splash protection. Material submersible parts and knives - stainless steel. Suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Blender is a way to significantly save time and make life easier.

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