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Bedrooms factory "PinskDrev"

It is necessary to approach the choice of furniture for a bedroom with all responsibility, after all it is a vacation spot where most of all it would be desirable a cosiness and comfort. It should be comfortable, functional and environmentally friendly so that the sleep in this room is strong and healthy. Products famous Belarusian factory "PinskDrev"fully meets these requirements.

Special features

All furniture of the PinskDrev factory is made of glued solid wood and veneered MDF and chipboard. Production is organized in such a way that the full cycle of wood processing takes place on the territory of the enterprise, which allows for optimal use of resources and maintaining low cost of production. All materials and technologies used are distinguished by safety, environmental friendliness and correspond to modern European quality standards, as evidenced by numerous certificates, awards and diplomas.

The standard-equipped PinskDrev bedroom set includes six items:

  • double bed (without mattress);
  • two bedside tables;
  • chest of drawers;
  • closet or three-door wardrobe;
  • wall mirror

In some series, a dresser or one bedside cabinet is replaced with a dressing table or a small table is added, but depending on the customer's wishes, sets can be made in any configuration.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee of quality for their products 24 months for furniture and 18 for soft.


The size range of bedrooms "PinskDrev" is very diverse, which allows you to choose furniture for the premises of any area. For example, the size of a double bed varies from 1646x2050x1000mm to 2187x1772x1035mm, the dimensions of the closet range from 1614x645x2304mm to 2180x543x2287mm. The most diverse in size bedside tables - from 452h333h485mm to 700h476h657mm. The size of the mirrors is from 790x40x880mm to 1122x64x833mm, and the dressers range from 902x429x899mm to 1090x493x995mm.

Color solutions

The color palette of the bedrooms "PinskDrev" is very diverse. It includes classic noble colors, such as ivory, cognac, cherry, and many original shades - “Milano night”, “champagne”, “wenge”, “mocha”, “white gloss”, "rustic", "antique tempera" with silver and "antique bronze".

In addition, there are many wood tones - "Belford oak", "Wallis plum", "Karelia pine", "chestnut", "Acacia", "Tanzac maple", "Atik oak", "Belovezhsky oak" and very fashionable in the last time "oak Sonoma".

Bedroom sets are made in one color, or using various color combinations. For example, for the furniture of the bedrooms "Quadro 1" and "Quadro 2", the colors used are "oak Belfrd" and "night Milano", for "Alezi" - "ivory" with gilding, and for the series "Tunisia" - "ivory" with silver .

The manufacturer indicates that in the manufacture of the order can be chosen any color scheme.

Popular Series

In total, the company "PinskDrev" has 36 interiors for bedrooms in the classical style and modern style, while their collection is constantly updated. The latest novelty was the bedroom "Vida", a distinctive feature of which is an elegant decorative thread on each element of the headset.

In addition to new products, the factory has many series that are in great demand among customers. From the series in the classical style can be noted the following:

  • "Alesi". This elegant set is made in two colors - ivory with gilding and antique bronze. There is a bed with a carved headboard and a high footboard, a three-door wardrobe with one mirrored door, two cabinets and a chest of drawers. In the design used floral motifs and imitation of a gold twisted cord.

  • "Valencia". This series is also made in light and dark colors - "antique tempera" with silver and P-43 with patination. Its feature is a spacious wardrobe with compartments for clothes, drawers for bed linen and two mirrored doors.

  • "Verdi Suite". The only series, made in five colors - various shades of "oak" with patinated and "ivory". The design is dominated by strict lines and geometric shapes. Another feature is the large number of small drawers in the dresser and cabinet.

  • "Milan". Each element of this cherry-colored or ivory color headset with gold trim looks monumental and expensive. The dresser can be replaced with an elegant dressing table with two drawers.

In the Art Nouveau style, the following series are especially popular:

  • "Tunisia". The package of this series includes a bed, a three- or four-door wardrobe with mirror doors, two small cabinets, a chest of drawers and a dressing table. All items look succinctly and strictly. The minimalist finish is reminiscent of African motifs.

  • "Angelina". In this series in the style of minimalism white gloss and teak wood are organically combined. All elements are devoid of any decoration and the only decorations are large rectangular handles on the doors of the cabinet, bedside tables and chest of drawers.
  • "Kvadro". Two versions of this series are made in a combination of contrasting shades "Oak Belford" and "Night of Milano". They differ in a complete set: in one case a double bed, a three-door wardrobe, two bedside tables and a table with a mirror are included in the package, the other - a single bed, a narrow two-door wardrobe, a corner rack, one bedside table and a high narrow chest of drawers with four drawers and one vertical compartment.

  • "Turin". This series is unique in its delicate shade of white - "Pine Karelia". All furniture is distinguished by the prostate and practicality in combination with elongated, slightly narrowed forms.
  • "Nika". As in the Kvadro series, two versions of this series, made in a combination of colors, Bialowieza Oak and Wenge, are distinguished by their bundling. In one case, the minimalistic set consists of a double bed, one small nightstand, a mirror and a dresser with a large bottom drawer. The second option provides for picking a bed, two cabinets, a corner rack and two cabinets - one corner, and the other two-door with a bottom drawer. These three elements fit together and can be made into one “wall”.

  • "Elba". Despite the large number of elements, this series, even when fully equipped, will fit well into any bedroom, as it is distinguished by its small size. The combination of contrasting shades of “Tanzau maple” and “dark acacia” looks pleasant and fresh, and the light finish of the lower part of the furniture makes it visually easier.



Products of the company "PinskDrev" refers to the average price category. The cost of a bedroom set depends mainly on the chosen configuration, as well as on the type of wood and decorative trim.

The lowest cost of a six-piece headsetLuxor"- 170 629 rubles. The package includes a double bed (41 566 rubles), a wardrobe (76 379 rubles), a bedside table (8 209 rubles), a chest of drawers (24 628 rubles) and a wall mirror (11 638 rubles.) The most expensive headsets of the same configuration - "Vida" with decorative thread (432,528 rubles), "Alezi" (422,955 rubles), "Valencia" (301,328 rubles).

A set without wardrobe "Verdi Suite" can be purchased for 131,983 rubles, a set of three things - beds, wardrobe and cabinets "Veneto"- for 149 647 rubles.


The most controversial reviews can be found on the PinskDrev products. As a positive moment, buyers often note the design of furniture, a long service life and the courtesy of the service personnel in retail stores.

But despite the fact that this manufacturer is one of the most famous Belarusian brands, recently there have often been complaints about the purchase of defective products that refuse to accept back. Many say that the quality of products has drastically decreased in recent years, furniture does not last long and quickly loses its appearance.

Especially often customers complain about the work of online stores, the incompetence of consultants, delivery with a big delay and "silent" phones in warranty services.

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