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Curtains blackout

It's nice when the apartment is flooded with sunlight, but in the morning, and especially in the summer, in the heat, I want to protect myself from all this. The perfect solution for this would be Blackout curtains.

What is it and why do we need it?

Translated from English, "Blackout" means "black out." This is the main functional task of this type of curtains. Made by a special technology, they absorb 90-100% of sunlight and leave the room as dark as possible. The need for such a categorical technology arose in Finland due to the "white nights". But the use of them opened very wide. They are now used in residential areas and in the office.

Nowadays, many offices are located in tall buildings with wide panoramic windows that are not protected from the scorching sun. Curtains can be used to protect from heat. Ideal use will also be bars, nightclubs, cinemas and other similar places in which excessive illumination is undesirable. And of course, they are suitable for residential premises, especially bedrooms, nurseries or other rooms that need to be immersed in darkness.

The very practical material from which the curtains are made, ease of care and durability make this solution preferable for any window.

Production technology


Since this is not just a fabric, stitched according to a piece, but a curtain having a complex composition, their production has its own characteristics. These are the curtains made with use of double or triple weaving. The light transmittance and heat resistance depends on the number of layers. The maximum protection will give a three-layer performance. Every third carries its own functional load.

If we talk about the two-layer version, it is often made by spraying. That is, a special composition of a light shade is applied to the outside, which serves to reflect the sun's rays. The interior is treated to give aesthetic appeal. But the spraying is often short-lived and the deposited composition crumbles with time, which leads to a decrease in protective functions.

The most qualitative solution will be a woven version in which three types of threads are woven into a single material.. The white thread constitutes a reflective layer facing the light, the middle is a black thread, with which the main protection functions are performed, and, accordingly, the inner side, which is decorative and can be completely different. Original curtains made according to the correct method have the prevailing dark shades in their design. The fabric is also treated with acrylic and foam and, if necessary, chemical impregnation is added to it, for example, fireproofing.

Such a complex method of manufacture allows you to get the thing, endowed with many positive properties. At the same time, the price for curtains made from a similar material is considerable.

Those who prefer quality and durability will not be afraid of the cost, because this is an excellent investment.

Pros and cons of fabric


It would not have been such a beautiful material, but it also has small flaws. There are several main ones. First of all, when buying any thing, each person first of all pays attention to the price. And y Blackout she is considerable. This is due to the complexity of the material and the difficult composition. Another factor, due to which the cost of this type of curtains is quite high, is that the main producers of this product are foreign companies. But the second point can hardly be called a full-fledged minus, because imported goods have always been considered more qualitative than domestic ones.

Check yourself, how high-quality fabric can be, bringing a piece of the proposed option to the source of natural or artificial lighting. Present Blackout practically does not pass light.

The next disadvantage is that because of the peculiarities of the production, the middle layer of curtains is made of black dense threadswhich also save from excessive brightness beating from the street. Accordingly, the inward-facing side will be made to a greater extent in a dark palette, which slightly narrows the versatility in the use of this type of decor. Of course, this does not mean that you need to stay only on the gray or black version. Dark shades of other colors will also look great.

Yet the advantages of such a fabric is much more than the minuses. One of the first is worth noting the quality, which is a distinctive feature of this type of fabric. These include: the ability to hold up to 90-100% of sunlight, noise reduction and resistance to heat in a hot pore. These three points can be combined into one function - protection from the sun, noise and heat. The next advantage is that such a material does not burn, but melts when exposed to fire, without emitting harmful substances. This is more necessary in places with high fire risk. These include nightlife, restaurants and places where contact with an open flame is possible.

It should be noted and practicality in operation. Curtains Blackout do not fade in the sun and do not lose color from washing, are easy to clean and are resistant to dirt.

This is a very durable and durable material that does not wrinkle and does not require ironing. This also includes the hypoallergenicity of such curtains.

Varieties of models


There is a wide range of curtain models made using this technology. Some of them should be considered in more detail:

  • Roll version is most common in entertainment establishments, offices or in the interior in the style of "high-tech"". It is easy to operate, has a convenient mechanism and is very functional, as it takes place only in the window opening. Therefore, this type is also suitable for living rooms with a small area. Such curtains become a very important feature if the room is used for presentations, watching movies and other actions that require darkness.
  • Pleated blinds are very common, as they have an accordion-type mechanism that allows you to adjust the degree of intake of light. The beauty of this choice will be the uniqueness of the configuration of these curtains. They can gather upwards, like classic blinds, and down, which allows access to the sun, but to hide what is happening in the room. And textiles Blackout Brings this type of curtains to perfection.
  • Japanese style will suit lovers of the exotic. The sliding mechanism and the material blocking the light stretched on the frame, allows you to accurately dispense the amount of necessary lighting. This move is perfect for large and panoramic windows. Additional color will add ethnic motifs in the decoration of the curtains.
  • Windows covered with roman curtains look beautiful and noble. Soft folds, going up and aristocratic falling, if necessary, delight the eye. If we add to this a simple mechanism and a fabric that perfectly protects from heat and blinding rays, then at the output we get a great solution for most rooms.
  • Also, the Roman curtains Blackout can be decorated with a large panoramic window. This option deserves attention if the use of classic curtains is inappropriate, for example, when designing elongated windows in country houses. Agree, on a window 3-4 meters wide in the hall it will be very uncomfortable to constantly move and push the heavy curtains, and light-proof curtains separately on each section will help to solve this problem.

  • Classic Blackout Drapes involve the use of opaque materials for the usual type of curtains. They fit almost any idea in the interior. It is noteworthy that it is possible to use light shades of such curtains, because, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the fabric, it can be performed in almost any color variations. It used to seem that it was impossible to darken the room by 100% if light brown or pale pink curtains hang on the windows. Now in the room at any time you can arrange a home theater or relax in complete darkness.

Material density differences


The textile base for each of the layers of such complex composite materials can be very different. By density, two types can be distinguished: two- or three-layered. Density depends on the thickness of each layer, the amount and quality of impregnation with acrylic foam and other substances. Under the linen base in Blackout is meant not flax in its pure form, but special polyester fibers, which are woven into the inner layer of curtains, creating an imitation of the texture, close to natural fabric.

Jacquard base is the design of light curtains with a convex pattern on the surface.created by interweaving pattern threads into the top layer of fabric. The peculiarity of this design move is the presence of many small details that develop into the overall picture, which is typical of Jacquard.

Unlike other species, gabardine is not a type of opaque fabric, but exists as an opponent of Blackout. Both types are used as the basis for photo curtains. Textile cloth from which gabardine can be produced has a different structure. It can be cotton, wool and in some cases silk. The main feature here is the ability to pass air. This is especially important in apartments that are located on the lower floors and their inhabitants suffer from street dust. Such material is unpretentious and it can be washed in a delicate mode.

Application possibilities


There are a lot of options for using blackout curtains. It is logical that in the apartment the bedroom will be the most relevant for such curtains. After all, in it, as in any other you need to isolate yourself from the outside world. Especially in our time, many people have irregular working hours, and someone basically works at night. For such people, the absence of light and noise during the day rest will be a priority. An additional bonus would be a good insulation, which is vital in a noisy city.

For a small child, sleep is one of the most important parts of life for growth and harmonious development. Therefore, it is natural that dense curtains made of various materials are often used in children's rooms. Well, if the fabric on the windows will not be a potential allergen. And, of course, thick curtains will reduce the number of awakenings of the child, which will greatly facilitate the lives of parents.

In apartment buildings, the first floor is the most vulnerable in terms of violation of personal space. And therefore, it is there that the fabric most in demand is capable of giving a complete concealment from prying eyes. Another room, where it will be in place, is increasingly becoming the living room. Now every house has a large TV and for particularly comfortable viewing it is important that there is no reflection from the street. Using opaque drapes, you can turn a room into a mini-cinema.

Depending on the type, style and density of the curtain layers, they are able to create a unique design and most importantly, adjust the intensity of the lighting.

Lightproof curtains in the interior


There are many variations of such curtains used in the decoration of living spaces. A wide choice of color solutions, interesting types and subspecies allow this practical variant of curtains also to be used as a decoration tool. For example, a bilateral type, as the name implies, consists of two parts. The use of different shades for the base and lining can be a good design move:

  • Another option for bilateral curtains can be a set consisting of two fabrics of different thickness, density and color, sewn together from the wrong side. Here, as one of the options will be mounted on the grommet.

  • Another interesting option is the composition "Day-night". Differently they are called curtains "Zebraor roller blinds. They carry an interesting and innovative idea. They consist of alternating strips of dense opaque material and the same width of translucent strips, most often made of netting, tulle or veil. All this is mounted on the shaft from above and when you scroll through the mechanism, you can adjust the level of illumination from the room brightly flooded with light to the total gloom in the room.

  • There are Blackout and with photo printing. They are supposed to transfer the image or even photos to canvas, which are the curtains. This is an original approach that can turn each interior into a unique one. The paint on the photo curtains is applied by sublimation, so no odors and drawing will not fade after washing.

  • And of course, it is impossible not to note the wide palette of shades of products, with which you can diversify any interior. Well-colored plain curtains: blue, turquoise, pink, dairy, beige and even purple. You can use natural colors that are fashionable now: brown, green, wenge, yellow, as well as color combinations when using two versions of curtains, for example, blackout roller blinds and classic curtains. In order to create a stylish one, it is worth picking up a blanket on a bed or a tablecloth in the kitchen.
  • An interesting option would be to use curtains of opaque fabrics from the collection “Magic night". Domestic manufacturer “Nordtex”I tried to combine in these products style, comfort, affordability and full light insulation, if necessary. And it should be said that he succeeded. Such products will harmoniously look in the interiors of different styles, it is only important to correctly combine the shades of all the objects in the room.

  • In the living room, decorated in the style of "country", you can use the curtains dark cherry color. An interesting print can successfully overlap with various items in the room. As a rule, for a rustic living room decoration in this role there will be very useful a variety of pillows, pillows, perhaps photo frames covered with textiles, or even toys dressed in accessories of a similar color. Every little thing can be an accent, which at the same time will not be evident, but will create a general atmosphere of harmony and comfort.

Product care

Despite the difficult composition, textiles made by the above-mentioned combined method do not require special or labor-intensive care. If during the weekly general cleaning to clean them with a vacuum cleaner, using a special nozzle for upholstered furniture, this will significantly reduce the frequency of washing curtains and, accordingly, prolong their service life. Such “prevention” will save the room from a significant amount of dust that accumulates on the curtains.

But like any textile, curtains blackout need wet cleaning. It is necessary to wash them in warm water (not more than 40 °) by hand or in a typewriter in manual or delicate wash modes. Spin can be used, but not more than 400 revolutions, although without it the fabric dries not too long. Dry curtains better in the shade. Washing is often not recommended - 1-2 times a year, as the material from which these curtains are made is not particularly prone to contamination. Due to the nature of the fabric, ironing is not required in principle, but if necessary, you can walk along them with a slightly warm iron.

In some cases (for example, if photo printing is applied to the curtains) the use of iron is contraindicated. Then, if necessary, to give smoothness to the fabric, you can safely use the steamer. A jet of hot steam will smooth out all the irregularities on the fabric, eliminate the creases that may have formed during the wash, and will not affect the pattern.

Please note that it is still not recommended to steam through the image itself, so in this part of the curtains it is better to steam it off from the other side free from drawings.

Manufacturer Reviews

Most people prefer to update their interiors in such trading giants as "Leroy Merlin" or Ikea. In them the widest range of goods for the house and repair is presented. The leaders in this direction at the moment are German, Dutch, Belgian and, of course, Finnish manufacturers. However, although they are of high quality, they are quite expensive.

Also widely available are cheaper models produced in Sweden, China and Russia. A good choice, judging by customer reviews, can be a model. "Marune". A thick cloth curtain costs from 3,700 rubles. You can look at the curtains "Tuplyur", the price tag on which starts from 1300 rubles.

One of the best Russian manufacturers of such products is the brand. Inspire. The cost of curtains of some models may exceed foreign competitors, but reviews say they are worth it. Almost all those who left their opinion about this product speak about the quality of this model.

Watch the video: How To Hang Blackout Curtains - Sleep better in a darker room! (November 2019).

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