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Partitions in a studio apartment

Features and benefits

Interior partitions are an integral part of the interior in the studio apartment. This apartment is a room in which initially the partitions are completely absent, its room is limited to only four walls. With the help of partitions in the studio apartment, you can create and separate the kitchen, dining area, living room, as well as a place to work, a sleeping area or a nursery, depending on the wishes and taste, and residents of the studio apartment. All these functional areas of a studio apartment as a whole represent one common space that should be properly zoned and arranged, as well as correctly arranged partitions and furniture in order to make the most of the space of the room, but at the same time not overload it. Without partitions it is impossible to create different zones in a studio apartment, they are very relevant for owners of apartments with such a layout, the designers present many stylish and interesting zoning solutions.

The way of zoning and, subsequently, the entire interior of a studio apartment as a whole will depend on who the living space is for: for one person, for a couple or for the whole family. But in any case, the zoning of the premises of a studio apartment is inevitable, the number and purpose of functional areas will depend on the number of people living in such an apartment. For zoning, designers suggest using different methods, such as installing partitions, walls, bar counters, as well as creating a two-level ceiling and floor with a partition between levels, as well as color zoning.

In addition, for stylish and original zoning using various partitions, it is better to use different materials and their colors for walls and floors in different zones, it is best to make these materials different in their texture. If you can skillfully differentiate all functional areas in the interior of a small studio, it will be very easy for you to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, you will be able to meet guests and at the same time the bedroom or kitchen will be separated and hidden from prying eyes.

Color zoning

It will be very interesting to look at a double-sided colored partition, which will be decorated from different sides in the colors of the functional area to which it is turned, and a double-sided partition of contrasting colors will look very unusual. It should be noted that this option is quite expensive.

An alternative, more democratic in cost, will be the division of a studio apartment using building materials of different colors. The main condition is the right choice of color combinations. True combined colors can help you create a visually wider and more spacious room. With this zoning method, it is better not to use dark colors, since they will visually reduce the space of your studio apartment.

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Variants of partitions

As partitions, you can use both furniture and ordinary building materials installed in the form of a wall, for example, drywall. It is very easy to make a wall of drywall yourself, because this material is very versatile: it can easily be given the necessary shape, it can be easily cut, it can be pasted over with wallpaper, painted or decorated in the most suitable way for you.

In addition, the role of partitions can perform a normal bookcase for books, as well as a wall with through shelves on which you can place various decorative elements, such as figurines, flower pots, frames with family photos or beautiful pictures. It is best to use a shallow cabinet as a partition, so that it is narrow in profile and does not look cumbersome.

It is possible to divide the functional areas of a studio apartment with the help of any decorative partition, and its decor can be very diverse: patterns, carving, as well as more mundane options - interesting wallpaper with photos, pictures or just bright combinations of contrasting colors.

Some in the separation of functional areas prefer curtains or screens, which looks very nice and gentle, but this option is not suitable for each zone. These products are made of fabric and therefore they have the ability to absorb odors from the kitchen, so you should not use them to separate the kitchen and living room or kitchen and bedroom. Screens are more suitable for the separation of bedrooms and any other area, except the kitchen.

In the room you can also install a partition with an arch, it will add beauty and luxury to your interior. Along such an arch, you can set up beautiful curtains. The best way to divide the living room and sleeping area of ​​the studio apartment. There are very unusual options for partition-arches - these are movable partitions. Such divisions may have a classic rectangular shape.

The main advantage of a portable partition is its mobility. With it, you can at any time separate the different functional areas, when you will be comfortable and necessary. Thus, you can often make rearrangements and it is interesting to change the interior of the studio. Most often, the role of mobile partitions perform screens. They can be attached with the help of special devices to the walls or to different furniture, thanks to which they are securely fixed and create a new isolated functional area.


Sliding partitions - the most successful solution for zoning studio apartments. This element of the interior can provide a good sound insulation of different zones from each other. This partition is perfect for separating a children's area or bedroom. It will help at the right time to hide from prying eyes what is necessary. In addition, if you have a baby at home, you can close such partitions to provide him a restful sleep, without waking him with extraneous sounds.

An interesting option would be to install partitions in the form of sliding compartment doors, which can be decorated with images or patterns to your taste. These doors open almost silently, because they move on wheels on special rails. Such zoning will allow you to create even a separate room in your studio apartment.

For the manufacture of sliding partitions often use a combination of wood and glass. In addition, such a partition can be decorated with a mirror that will make the interior of the apartment more chic and at the same time visually expand the space of the studio.

The most luxurious model of a sliding partition is a radial partition. This model can completely change the appearance of the room, as it brings smooth lines into the apartment interior. This interior design becomes very harmonious and cozy. An important feature of such a partition is a curved canvas consisting of two or more elements. Moreover, these elements can move either independently of each other, or in a cascade manner, when the other doors behind the movement of one leaf also smoothly fold.

A very interesting option is the use of partitions for zoning, which, when opened, are folded with an accordion. If you fully open these "doors", then free up the space of the studio and save it. This is a big advantage of an accordion door in front of a regular compartment door. They are very comfortable zoning the room and occupy a minimum amount of space, while decorating the interior. Designers decorate such a folding partition in the form of an accordion with gold and silver threads, an openwork pattern or interesting images.


The glass partition will look very beautiful and elegant in any interior of a studio apartment, and you can choose a matte or corrugated, and completely transparent version. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of such partitions of the most diverse design. Among the owners of studio apartments, zoning using glass partitions is very popular, since glass allows light rays to penetrate and thereby makes the room brighter. Thanks to this partition, a soft diffused light will penetrate the room, which will make the room visually more spacious.

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