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Heated carpets

When arranging their apartment, diligent owners try to find not only fashionable and stylish interior items, but also comfortable and useful ones. Among the essential attributes of the apartment was and remains the carpet. This element allows you to give warmth and comfort to your home, to emphasize a certain style. Today, in the age of technology development, no one will be surprised by simple products. Such models were upgraded to heated carpets. Consider their main features and advantages.

Varieties and features

Heated carpet was invented relatively recently. However, this does not prevent the product to be popular and in demand. The product is successfully used by people in homes, cars. Such options allow you to feel the comfort and coziness, while not spending additional funds.

Heating elements in carpets are very different: electric, infrared, jade. One of the popular models is a mat with infrared radiation, respectively, and an infrared heating element. With the help of a special polymer film, which is part of it, which is heated under the influence of an electric current from an ordinary household electrical grid, it heats up and spreads infrared radiation and, accordingly, heat.

Graphite strips are teplovyvodyaschimi elements. The jade version has the same technology. However, here the heat transfer will be jade. The design is similar to the infrared heated carpet.

It should be noted that graphite and electric heating elements have good thermal conductivity. With their help, the whole room will warm up.

The main features of these products:

  • Ability to keep warm, comfort and coziness of your home. Special heating component is placed in the carpet. Electric models have a heating layer that has a heating cable. Using a standard cord with plug, you can connect to the mains. A carpet is usually laid on top of the layer. Its surface will warm up within a few minutes after the substrate has been incorporated into the network.
  • Small energy consumption. A carpet of standard dimensions that warms a room consumes as much electricity as a standard light bulb. It should be noted that these rugs are not intended to effectively warm the room. The carpet was created to create comfort and extra warmth in the floor area.

  • Also benefits can be attributed security goods. The product can heat up to a maximum of 45 degrees, so you will be protected from burns. On the contrary, the heat that the product radiates will contribute to the active movement of blood in the legs. Such a floor heater will be your favorite element of home decor.
  • Electric Corviki occupy a little space. At the same time they are quite light. They can be moved to the desired location. Therefore, you will not have difficulty with choosing the place of operation of the item. If you decide to change the interior or style, the device will move to another place without any problems.

  • Availability. The features and benefits include the availability of such a product. You can purchase a heated carpet in any store without spending all your savings. The cost will depend on the model and the manufacturer.
  • Great mood. Buying a similar model in your house, you can always keep your feet warm, which means you and your household will be less sick, your mood will only improve.

Advantages and disadvantages


Many buyers say that a heated carpet is able to maintain an optimal indoor climate. Indeed, this heating object is already loved by the majority of the population not only of our country. He has a lot of advantages. Such products help to save. You will not need to spend money on resources, effort and money to mount the floor. Mobile devices can be easily moved from room to room.

Products can replace conventional heater. Just hang the device on the wall next to the desk. Well fit models in the living room, nursery or bedroom. One has only to choose the right design and size.

Among all the advantages of the model, there are a number of disadvantages. Consider them in more detail:

  • Carpets must be connected in a special way. There are certain products that need sockets. Often it is necessary to install protective equipment, with the help of which it is possible to prevent the breakdown of the technology of some mats.
  • Make sure that the network where the carpet is used, the voltage was strictly 220 watts. For those who plan to use the product in the car or in other premises, you should think about it in advance. Perhaps you will need additional financial costs.
  • We can not say about the short circuit. Of course, in the manufacture of the product uses a special film, which is designed to protect the heating elements, while still there is the possibility of short circuit. This is also worth remembering. Therefore, the model should be operated very carefully. It is worth keeping the model as far as possible from the water. Put the product in the corridor of the bath, a waiting room, but not in the washroom.

  • Periodically it is worth examining such a rug. It is important to notice in time possible damage to the wires or insulating material. This will protect you from electric shock.
  • Speaking of wiring, it is worth noting that simple products can work from a simple household network. You should only replace the outlet with the European version. However, if you have a complex model, then there may be some inconvenience.

When buying such a product carefully read the documents. Many models are released abroad, and there are their own rules in the field of electrical engineering. Therefore it is better to acquire models of domestic production.

Also evaluate the quality of products. Its durability and practicality will depend on it.

Terms of use

It is no secret that such a carpet can bring comfort to the house. He will maintain a certain temperature of air, at which the feet will always remain warm, which means that you will be less sick. Also, models do not dry out the air.

Electric mat requires some care when handling. Do not poke the surface of the product with sharp objects. Make sure the model is not flooded with water. The safety of your and your family will depend on caution and proper use.

If accidentally the rug is filled with water, then it is necessary to quickly turn it off from the network and remove the cover, dry the product.

Remember that you should not compress a similar product very much. So you can break the design or damage the cable. All this will lead to the failure of the device.

Do not leave models turned on without supervision, especially if there are children or pets in the room. Do not lie on the rug without a sleeping bag, blanket. So you can catch a cold. Also avoid temperature contrast. Some models are equipped with a temperature controller. You can conveniently customize the unit to fit your needs.

Your safety will depend only on your responsibility.

How to choose?

If you are firmly determined that you need a heated carpet, you should not rush to choose. First of all, it is necessary to determine the goals that you are pursuing. Typically, these options are used now in order to further heat the room, furniture or car interior. The dimensions of the rug can be very different.

If you need a similar product for car interiorthen it should be optimized for use in low voltage networks. Buying models for animals, look so they have high strength. If you want to apply bath matthen it should have good insulation and repel water. Given all the nuances, you can choose the product that will be perfect for you, without spending extra money on unclaimed functions for you.

Look at the technical component. If you want to combine business with pleasure, then you should consider buying a heated jade carpet. When heated, jade will perfectly affect all people, increase blood flow, and improve well-being. So you can not only warm the floor, but also say goodbye to some diseases of the circulatory system.

The surface of the rug is often made of carpet. If you want to use the model in the hallway, the car, then you will need options with the bottom of the rubber. Such a product will be easier to clean from dirt. There are also models of woven or wool. Here you should choose based on the appearance of the product.

Experts advise to study in advance all the reviews about the product you are going to purchase. Many shortcomings can occur only during long-term operation. It is worth considering. So you can save yourself from some mistakes in advance.

Note that such a rug can be made personally. For example, you can create for yourself a large heated carpet. So you can significantly save on the purchase and find a creative attractive model.


It is no secret that any thing will serve you for a long time with proper and proper care and operation. So heat for the floor needs careful attention. This is especially necessary for the material of the envelope where the heating panel is placed. Carpet can be cleaned with the same materials as standard floor mats. With models with a built-in heating element, it is worth taking extra care not to cause damage to the product.

When you clean the product, you should try not to allow excessive moisture on the material. This can ruin the pile of the product. Also watch out for pets. Wean them gnaw cover. Typically, cats prefer to sit on a warm rug, but if the wires are gnawed, your pet will suffer.

You can install the carpet on the wall, as well as in the nursery. In any case, you should be attentive to all members of your family to prevent negative consequences.


As for the reviews, many buyers are satisfied with the high quality of the goods. Thoughtful owners talk about the practicality and versatility of the use of such a product. You can put it in the hallway, in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Anywhere models bring your home only comfort and convenience.

As for pricing, then the opinion was divided. Some believe that the prices of such items are quite high. Others say that you can buy a quality model at an attractive price.

Be sure to purchase when inspecting the goods. Indeed, today during the period of unfair competition, cases of fakes have become more frequent.

Options location in the interior

Heated carpets are fashionable and stylish elements of any home. Such products will be the highlight of your apartment, will help to express the personality of the owner. Arrange such items can be completely in any room that needs warmth and comfort. In this case, you can choose the appropriate parameters and colors so that you can organically fit it into the room.

You can also place a heated mat comfortably on the wall. If you have a car and you want to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere there, you can use stylish heated carpets.

Choose only quality options that will last you a long time. Do not forget to periodically care for the product. Successful purchase.

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