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Fences for flower beds: do-it-yourself decorative borders

If you have a country house, then you probably want to make the area next to it beautiful and well-groomed. So you can prove yourself as a landscape designer. To save money, you can make decorative borders on it with your own hands, especially since there is nothing difficult in this if you know some nuances.

Special features

Every flower garden garden deserves attention. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right external fence. However, it is not so simple. You must select the material from which the curb will be made. You can creatively approach this process, carefully and attractively laying it with your own hands. The main thing is to work with the soul and not restrain imagination.

Expert advice

Before installing the curbs, decide the following for yourself:

  • What role will play your fence. To highlight the boundaries of flower beds or beds, you can use small-sized items. Miniature fences will be a wonderful decoration of flower beds and will complement the overall exterior.

In order to protect the flowering zone from pets or children, higher fences (approximately 40-50 cm) are best suited.

  • From what the fence will be created. Whether it will be metal, wood or plastic - each of these options is endowed with certain characteristics.
  • Properties of plants. It is worth considering that the flowers can be tall, curly, stem, leaf and so on. The curb should match them externally and not hinder their growth.

Where to begin?

First you need to decide what material you will build the fence. You can buy ready-made structures in special shops, which you just need to fill with a solution of cement or concrete. But it is better to think about whether it is worth spending money and making general garden decor capital.

The location of the flower garden and the style of the garden area are important points when choosing a fence. The overall garden composition should look harmonious. The construction of the fence does not necessarily consist of only elements. It looks pretty boring.

Basically, the choice falls on the stone materials. They give the fence a solid and noble appearance. It is recommended to use cement or concrete to fasten the elements. Small parts of the fence is permissible to fasten with construction glue.

Working with bricks is much easier. Such fences perfectly complement the style of country music.

Anyone can come up with an interesting idea for arranging flowerbeds. And the tools at hand will always come to the rescue. These can be bottles, broken bricks, wooden discs, and even bowling balls. These materials will turn your garden into a real paradise. After all, everything that is done by hand, looks beautiful and original.

This option is economical arrangement, individual and practical. Even the most seemingly unnecessary things can be suitable for such a design: ceramic fragments, slate, logs, stones. However, choosing a material is half the battle. It is also necessary to arrange it beautifully, covering it with colored paint or correcting the material: file it, grind it. But it is important not to overdo it, otherwise you can spoil the whole picture.

Do-it-yourself installation of decorative borders has many advantages:

  • You can both emphasize the advantages of certain plants, and vice versa, to hide the visible shortcomings of the site.
  • You create your own design as you like.
  • Everything you need to install is at hand.

When choosing a material, consider whether it can resist external influences: temperature extremes, weather conditions and precipitation, pets, children.

About installation rules:

  • Try to make the fence as carefully as possible. Build with your own hands - does not mean to do as it will.
  • The choice of height depends on the purpose of the fence. For protection from animals or children it is better to use the fences higher.
  • During the work with concrete elements it is necessary to do the corresponding depth in the soil.
  • Metal products look attractive and impressive. Therefore, they are best located in the center of the garden plot.

Installation steps:

  1. All designs should be smooth and the same.
  2. Mark the boundaries of the flower beds.
  3. Dig a trench. Its depth depends on the purpose of the curb, but not more than 8 cm.
  4. Install the fence and well tamp the ground.
  5. If necessary, supplement the base with small cobblestones.
  6. It is not necessary to dig trenches for a small fence.

Material selection

It is necessary to choose the right material for the future border. Consider the most popular options for fencing.


Work with plastic borders is very convenient. Plastic bends well, so it is easy to adjust. Such material is sold as a roll. Plastic borders are applied in the places lit with sunshine. It is easy to install such fences, just stick them into the ground.

Plastic elements are not amenable to temperature changes and retain their shape for a long time. They are easy to install, but difficult to adjust.

The advantage of plastic is that it is easy to pick up by color, size, shape and style. A huge plus is the possibility of imitation of other materials, such as wood.

Fences from such material began to be used quite recently, but it already has great popularity among gardeners. A plastic fence is sold not only in rolls, but also in plastic sets and consists of sheets 3 meters in length and 13 cm in height. It is very convenient to limit paths, beds and flowers. You can connect elements with wedges. Additional work does not require plastic. It is not necessary to paint the surface, as it is completely ready for use. In addition, plastic sheets are well suited for arranging children's sandboxes. They are quite reliable and safe.


One of the best options for the protection of flower beds. Metal fits perfectly into the overall composition of the garden plot. Metal products have strict lines and precise proportions. Install metal fences is not so easy. You need to skillfully handle the tools, but in the end you get a great fencing for flowers. For this fit and metal pipes.

After some time, rust may occur on metal products. But do not worry, you can use this unusual effect to create an image of a distant past.

You can also decorate flowerbeds with the help of bicycle wheels and frames.

Metal fences can be forged or cast, they always look elegant and stylish. You can even order your design option, while you need to specify the necessary parameters (size, color, rough sketch). Metal fences symbolize luxury and strength, and their grilles can be used as a support for climbing flowers. However, such a whim would cost a pretty penny, but it's worth it.


One of the most classic popular materials. Naturally, without his participation arrangement of flower beds is difficult to imagine. Wooden fences always look spectacular and profitable. If desired, it is possible to create an interesting design, if you use hemp. Wood is not the most durable material, but to remedy the situation, you just need to periodically process the curb with special means.

Wood material is indifferent to temperature extremes and at the same time it retains its properties. Even if the tree decomposes, it will give away the beneficial organic elements to the soil.

Wood products well complement the style of Provence. In the front garden or a small garden you can put wooden curbs protecting bright lush flowers.

Wooden fences look more natural than from other materials. They are quite tolerant to the sun and harmless to flowers. Wood is easy to process. In addition, this material can be used in any form: the fragments of branches and old logs will be useful.

One of the easiest ways to fence - wood chocks. You will need small logs of the same size. Before using them, it is necessary to clean the bark and process the wood with special means. We bury them in the ground for about 15-20 cm, for reliable protection of wood from moisture, you can use roofing felt. With this protection, the fence will last for several years.

Real masters can give the tree incredible shapes. Tree pegs can create a wave by aligning stakes of different heights. Rectangular fences, reminiscent of pencils or oars - one of the most popular designs. To add the missing colors, wood is usually stained. This method is often used to add bright elements to a floral design.


From such material it can turn out rather strong and beautiful border. First you need to dig a trench along the flower bed. The depth of the trench must match the size of the material. Next, pour the concrete or cement solution and place the bricks in it by half. The cracks formed between large stones can be filled with small stones. In the same style you can lay out the garden paths.

Create an unusual and interesting brick curb is easy. It is enough to collect a few debris and lay them along the flower beds or beds. You can put them in the form of dominoes, so they will look neat and beautiful.

Improvised means

To create a curb, you can use any available tools. You will need not only stones, but also honeycombs, as well as tires.


Make a fence for the flower bed of natural stones is not difficult. In addition, you can get them anywhere. Collect all the stones from the yard and garden. Choose from the entire set of those that are suitable for registration. Large stones can be put along the flower bed, pour the base with concrete (or add building glue). To build a high curb used flat stones. It is necessary to dig a trench, pour it with concrete and lay them in a row. For brightness, you can cover the stones with multi-colored paint.

Glass bottles

Often there are fences, lined with bottles. Ordinary glass bottles are stuck down the neck. You can alternate them by size or sort them by color. To enhance the strength inside the glass bottles are placed sand. Plastic bottles are also suitable for fencing. True, they are not so durable.

Ceramics products

Do not rush to throw out broken ceramic plates or mugs, because they are quite suitable for creating flower fences. For safety, you need to grind their edges. A beautiful border is obtained if you skillfully play with colors, sizes and patterns of ceramics.


Surprisingly, straw can also play the role of floral fencing. Masters and lovers of unusual design weave from straw bale nets. And gardeners can lay out the straw as a kind of decorative border. It is carefully rammed, covered with a net and placed in a special trench.

The most important thing is safety. It is important not to allow ignition and just in case to have a supply of water near such a curb.


Another option from the category of improvised means. Having decorated slate or tile, you can get a bright and unique decor. This is very beneficial because you can constantly change the color variations.


Low-growing climbers can replace fences. Shrubs - a good option for creating live high borders. The height should be approximately 40-45 cm. This design creates harmony in the garden and perfectly combines with the overall design. In addition to shrubs, bushes of cloves, lavender, sage, daisy, medunitsu, cuff are well suited for this purpose. For greater attractiveness, you can gently trim the bushes.

For a hedge, proper and timely care is essential. It is necessary to cut off the shoots of plants and periodically rejuvenate the shrub. And although this luxury requires care, these living borders look just amazing.

Experts advise to choose evergreen shrubs, so that their appearance is pleasing to the eye, even in the harsh winter.

Original ways of registration

Sea shells can act as an original decoration. This design will look beautiful and unusual. If desired, and the presence of fantasy, you can try to build from them different patterns, for example, in the form of a star or the sun.

Perhaps one of the strangest and most creative ways to protect flower beds are bowling balls. This option is rarely found, which gives it a certain originality. They will hold fast in place. To enhance, you can fill in the sand.

Probably, in every home there are unnecessary discs (music or with movies). In the age of the Internet, they become useless. But do not rush to throw them away. It is better to take them to the country, let them become the original border for flowers.

Instructions for creating fencing discs:

  • Connect the discs in one chain of 5-6 pieces per row;
  • hammer in a few pegs along the flower bed;
  • secure the links on the pegs.

You can fantasize with disks as you like. This decor will attract attention to its brilliance.

Old lawn pallets can be used as lawn borders. It looks original and stylish, besides does not require financial costs. Decorating pallets is permissible for every taste, paint can be applied to their surface.

Another simple option - the fence with a tight rope. Such a fence divides the garden into zones, but does not serve as protection from pets or children. Such a fence does not take up much space, but creates the illusion of the division of space. The installation of this decorative fence will take several hours.

Bamboo fence is rare, but it looks very impressive and beautiful. It is durable, not afraid of different weather conditions, moisture and time. It has a smooth surface. Bamboo is very light and practical material, they can easily protect any territory on the site.

Tips and tricks

The main recommendations of experts to create a fence beds or beds:

  • do not be lazy to make deep trenches, because thanks to them you will not have to suffer with the reinstallation of the curb;
  • To keep the fence secure and strong, use cement. Thanks to him, the fences will be fairly stable;
  • avoid monotony and boredom. You can put a solid fence with the same height, but you can not be lazy and create a waveform or any shape.
  • if you come up with your design, take a chance and make the idea a reality. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, because you can always correct or correct your work.

Beautiful examples on the landscape

One of the design options flower beds - stone decoration. Border made of stone materials can be installed using dry masonry, and you can use solutions of clay, cement, limestone. Possible combination with other materials. For example, with a tree. This option is very reliable and durable. Such décor is popular. But use it in different ways. Here, for example, stones are placed inside the metal mesh. It looks very original and stylish.

Another interesting option is the use of wood as a fence. At the very base lined stones.

Decorative fences made of wicker twigs. Made in various forms. But it is important to install them correctly. The work will require considerable effort, but what a result!

How to work with willow twigs:

  • Drive in pegs of the same size along the flower bed;
  • It is necessary to avoid large distances between flexible rods so that the structure does not collapse;
  • Begin to knit curb with an invisible side;
  • It is necessary to trim the upper ends of the branches exactly;
  • We need to make sure that the branches are well dried out.

Two materials are used at once in this fence: stone and wood. The fence itself is made of logs, and each has a different height. Inside the flower bed between the plants are laid out a few stones. This technique creates an interesting and calm composition.

Borders decorate the landscape design of the garden plot, give it completeness and accuracy. Thanks to this frame, the garden can be divided into thematic areas: flower beds, garden beds, trees, bushes, berries. In addition, fences protect plants from adverse conditions and improve the garden area.

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