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Eurobook without armrests

For the arrangement of modern interiors are increasingly used furniture such as Eurobook sofa. These models fit perfectly into the situation, do not take up much space and are multifunctional. Furniture manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of products, which allows you to choose an option according to your own preferences.

Special features

Eurobooks sofas They are a real salvation for those who wish to arrange a small room in an interesting and stylish way - and to use the maximum amount of space in the room correctly. The feature of these models lies in the functionality. At the heart of the sofa there are special storage boxes, which is quite convenient. Another feature of the models is the mechanism. Laying out such a sofa is much easier than traditional options, since there is no need to move it from side to side. It is only necessary to put forward the basis for special guiding elements. At the same time, the back falls forward. In addition, it is worth considering that Eurobooks sofas can be without armrests. Usually this moment is provided in small models.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any furniture, eurobooks have certain advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of these models include:

  • Compactness. An important criterion that is always taken into account when arranging small rooms. Even when unfolded, the furniture does not take up much space in the room.
  • Availability of additional compartments. This saves space and eliminates additional storage structures for bed linen.
  • Cost Due to the fact that the furniture has a simple mechanism, the prices of the sofas are quite reasonable.
  • Wide range of. The shops feature a lot of interesting modern models that are suitable for decorating different interiors.

As for the shortcomings, the main disadvantage lies in the mechanism itself. There is a risk of scratching the floor while folding furniture. Another disadvantage is the presence of a joint, which is often felt during rest. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that there should be a small distance between the sofa and the wall. Otherwise, decompose the furniture will be problematic.

Main types


Eurobooks sofas presented in several forms. The difference lies in the material and design features. First you should pay attention to the filler, which is used in the basis of furniture. The cheapest, but short-lived option is foam rubber. Over time, this material loses its properties and collapses. A good option is filler PPU (cold molded polyurethane foam), which has good performance. The main advantage of this option is the low cost. Through the use of this material, you can create a bed with increased rigidity.

The best filler for sofa books is latex. The use of this material provides a comfortable rest and a good sleep. Often used for the foundation of the furniture spring blocks. It provides high orthopedic performance, comfort and convenience during sleep. As you know, spring blocks are of two types: bonnel and independent systems. As for the design features, in this case the difference lies in the presence of armrests. The most popular are models that do not have side elements.

Often, furniture complement one armrest, which looks quite interesting. When unfolded, this element is used as a backrest.

Standard types include options with two armrests. Particular attention should be paid to the form of furniture. Especially popular is the straight sofa, which is ideal for decorating a small living room. Such models are presented in a fairly wide range. A corner sofa will be a good choice for a spacious room. He not only has excellent functional qualities, but also favorably complements the overall environment.

How to choose?

Choosing eurobook sofa, it is necessary to pay attention to several important points. First, determine the size of the furniture. To do this, first select a location for the location of the sofa. If you are planning to add a small room with furniture, it is best to give preference to direct options without armrests. It should be noted that at the same time with the furniture you can pick up and cover for the sofa. Such textiles perfectly protect furniture from stains and other troubles. Similar options are presented in a fairly wide range that will help you choose a case according to your own preferences.

The next important point is the material. To date, upholstery uses different options, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common materials is Arpatek, simpler words - eco-leather. The material does not stretch and does not fade with time, which can be attributed to its main advantages. Another popular type is jacquard. The material has a good appearance. Sofas with such upholstery fit perfectly in both classic and modern interiors. It is worth noting that this option "fears" direct exposure to sunlight.

Not less popular are sofas upholstered in velor. The fabric is soft, pleasant to the touch. It is necessary to refuse such an option if there are children or animals in the house. This is due to the fact that the material is easily contaminated. To clean it from stains is quite problematic. Particular attention in the selection process should be paid to furniture design. The decoration should match the interior of the room. One of the highlights is the harmonious combination of shades.

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