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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Rawmid Blender

A blender is a kitchen appliance that performs many functions and greatly facilitates the work of hostesses. Rawmid blenders have proven themselves on the positive side and are justifiably considered as one of the most convenient and reliable kitchen units.

They perform several operations, from which it is possible to distinguish rapid grinding of foods, whisking up cocktails, making mashed potatoes and some other daily processes in the kitchen, which we will talk about.

Rawmid company produces blenders, one of the best in their series according to consumer reviews is the model RawMID Samurai. Powerful, speed-controlled electric motor and three-dimensional knives allow this device to cope with the grinding of a large number of ingredients, including ice and frozen foods. All this can be done very quickly, in comparison with devices of other brands.

Some characteristics

Adjusting the speed of rotation of the electric motor by means of mechanical control (up to 50,000 rpm). A six-blade knife with a special design made of durable stainless steel allows to obtain a product of any consistency at the outlet. The blender is protected from overloads and overheating, noise-proof, not more than 70 decibels. The weight of the entire device is 5.7 kg, the weight of the jug with the lid is 1.3 kg

The package Samurai blender includes:

  • main unit with electric motor;
  • jug with 4-6 bladed knives;
  • cap;
  • pusher;
  • silicone paddle;
  • pouch;
  • key for dismantling knives.

The motor unit has four rubber legs that hold it well on the working surface. Below there are two grooves - handles for easy transfer and re-enable button after overheating. The removable support for a jug rubber, well absorbs energy of fluctuations during the operation of the device. The jug is connected to the main unit through a metal modular jack.

The jug itself is made according to modern technologies from food thermoplastic - tritan, the best material for today for food-grade devices. The thickness of the walls of the jug is 4 mm.

The control unit is elementary - the general switch, the switch to normal mode and pulse. Convenient speed control. The speed can be adjusted during the work, and for short-term whipping of the mixture at maximum speed, the “impulse” mode is activated.

Blenders in color are available in 5 types.

Analogs of the blender family serve one purpose - to help people eat healthy foods that do not lose their qualities in the process of cooking.

One of the best is now considered a professional blender, the Classic model, which was developed in the USA, is produced in Russia and is a perfect device in every sense for preparing various types of ready meals from fruits, vegetables and other "green" materials.


Many people like Russian-made blenders. Powerful and multifunctional, they create excellent dishes from any food ingredients. Well thought out set and convenient and simple control panel. RawMID blender is stable during operation, even at maximum speed.

Excellent material of the jug, from which all contaminations are easily washed away, pleases the housewives. By many reviews, it is quite possible to wash it in the dishwasher, the main thing is that the temperature be no higher than 70 degrees, as according to the instructions for the device, this is the maximum value for it. Reliable engine and well-designed knives easily prepare a variety of dishes. Good design is easily coordinated with the overall interior of the kitchen in any style - from minimalism to high-tech. To do this, you only need to choose the optimal color, which in the line is represented as much as 5.

The only drawback users allocate only the high price of a blender - according to them, this functionality of the instruments of competing firms is much cheaper. But some still do not bother the price, because the quality declared by the manufacturer fully corresponds to reality and even surpasses it.

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Watch the video: Семья Бровченко. Тестирование блендера Rawmid Dream Samurai BDS-04. . (November 2019).

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