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Standard coffee table sizes

A coffee table is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can become a highlight of the living room interior and even play the first violin in it. One of the important criteria for the selection of such tables is their size. After all, correctly chosen dimensions of the sofa table will not only allow it to be used for its intended purpose, but will not disturb the general harmony of the room.

The correct height is a selection criterion.


When choosing a piece of furniture such as a coffee table, the size, namely its height, is the most important characteristic. However, there are no fundamental limitations on this parameter. If you refer to the recommendations of GOST, the height of the supporting structure of the tables should be selected in accordance with the expected load.

According to the classification of furniture according to the height proposed by the constructivist Le Corbusier, tables with parameters of height of 70 cm and above belong to the category of dining tables, since they are comfortable to sit on the chairs. Standard for the coffee table, in his opinion, are considered models with a height of 40 cm to half a meter. Such a height of the table will allow you to sit comfortably behind him in an easy chair or a small pouf.

Today dimensions from the theory of Le Corbusier are rarely used by designers in practice. In the interiors of different styles, you can find quite low models with legs no more than 10 cm high. Other types of tables for the living room serve as a stand and can be 60 or 65 cm high. Transforming tables can become comfortable in small apartments from a compact coffee table can be displayed in a full dining table.

The only nuance that applies to the furniture attached is that it should not exceed the height of upholstered furniture. However, it is better when choosing this piece of furniture to take into account all the recommendations in the aggregate.

Width - which is most common?

The size of the tabletop is another important parameter that is paid attention to when choosing a low table. It is believed that the higher the coffee table, the greater can be its tabletop. However, sometimes designers deliberately neglect these proportions to create a non-standard copy.

Choosing a coffee table on the parameters of width, it is necessary to relate its size with the size of the room. In a small and compact room, the presence of a large coffee table is not entirely appropriate, but in a spacious living room a miniature piece of furniture can simply be lost.

The average length of a standard rectangular tabletop is 120 cm, and the width is about 60 cm. However, these values ​​are relative, and the size of the tabletop depends on the shape.

The form

In the manufacture of this piece of furniture, designers can use both traditional geometric shapes and unusual fantasy configurations to create exclusive products:

  • Often when arranging the living room choose a coffee table with a square top. The standard dimensions of this piece of furniture are 80x80 cm, but the height of the legs may vary depending on the model and individual preferences.
  • Unlike square models rectangular copies more roomy, but they also occupy more space. The length of a rectangular tabletop can reach 160 cm, and the width is always within 60. Tables with rectangular tabletops are usually not high, the optimum height is 50 cm, but in some cases these rules can be neglected.
  • Universal models can be called tables with round or oval countertops. Such instances do not have any restrictions in the parameters of height, width and length. There are both miniature coffee models on which a cup can barely fit, as well as impressive tables with a large functional area. In addition, this form is ideal for an apartment with young children.

Unlike massive rectangular or square models with sharp corners, round tables do not carry a danger for active children's games. And the high legs of the table will make objects on it inaccessible to the little mischievous.

  • In addition to the above common log table forms, there are other varieties that are often performed. to order under a certain room design. So, a romantic interior can be added with a table in the shape of a heart, a miniature triangular table with high legs perfectly fits into a minimally furnished living room, and an arched tabletop will allow furniture to be placed as close as possible to the sofa or armchair.

How to choose the right?

The choice of a particular model of such a piece of furniture is influenced by many factors.


Often wood is used to make tables - natural and durable material that is easy to combine in color with the rest of the furniture in the living room. but wooden models should not be placed in the sun or near the batteryas they may crack or fade. The most cost-effective option is considered to be furniture with veneer veneer, but inside they use chipboard or MDF.

Glass models with beautiful legs that are visible through a transparent tabletop look original and stylish. However, on such surfaces there are prints and traces of even water, so the glass table will need to wipe all the time. In addition, glass is a rather fragile material that requires careful handling.

Stone models have their original and unique color, for which they are very expensive. Such specimens are considered to be the most durable and durable, but constantly moving them from place to place is quite difficult. Not everyone will like the cold, exuded by a stone, and spilled wine or coffee can leave a stain.

Leather tables are suitable for a richly furnished living room. It is better to purchase such items in a set with other leather furniture in order to avoid difficulties with the selection of color.

For such interior items need special care, and a cup of tea should be put on a special stand under the hot.

In addition to standard materials, non-traditional cork or porcelain, ceramics or palm fiber and even paper are used to create this type of furniture.


The role of the acquired living room table also influences the choice of model. If you plan to permanently move this piece of furniture from place to place, then it would be advisable to purchase a model on wheels.

When the table is used in accordance with its name - to store magazines, books and other small things, you should pay attention to the model with shelves or drawers. This will not clutter up the tabletop and at the same time arrange the necessary things at hand.

If the piece of furniture in the future will be used for drawing by the child or as a stand under their feet, then you should not choose high models. When the table is located between the armchairs or the sofa and the chair, then its height should not exceed the height of the armrest of upholstered furniture.

When a bright carpet lies in the living room, or there are other branded interior items in the room, you can choose a model of a coffee table with raised side edges. Such a solution will help avoid trouble from spilled coffee or a glass of wine, as well as allow you to keep the room clean after dinner for children. For such purposes, serving models with a removable table top will be convenient.

When choosing a table for the living room it is worth paying attention to whether the legs will not damage the floor covering. Old wood or rusty iron can ruin a carpet or expensive parquet, and soft-tipped legs are suitable for any floor.


This selection option plays a very important role. After all, the table can not only harmoniously complement the design of the room, but also become its main accent.

For a classic interior, you should choose solid models from solid wood, which have a strict geometric shape and are devoid of fanciful details. The presence of such a piece of interior customizes businesslike and serious conversations.

Modernist living rooms can be decorated with rounded tables, which combine several materials, such as wood and glass. Openwork legs can be a stylish addition.

For the room, furnished with the latest technology, it is worth choosing refined and weightless models with a transparent worktop and a thin metal frame. The form of such a table should not be difficult.

If during the arrangement of the living room the choice fell on one of the ethnic styles, then the furniture should be chosen to match. So, the coffee table in ethnic style is made of natural materials. It can be unprocessed wood, bamboo or fabric. Welcome bright and catchy decor in the form of a mosaic of stones or shells.

For the French style, the Provence is suitable for deliberately aged models of painted wood, legs with a pattern carved on them and soft pastel colors.

A brutal and uncouth loft is suitable for massive metal constructions or models of untreated wood. Sometimes it may seem that such a piece of furniture is the place on the street, but this is the charm of the loft.

Having decided on the main parameters of the future element of furniture, you can safely go shopping.

You should not save on the purchase and choose cheap options for lesser-known firms. It is better to purchase products of popular furniture factories that have proven themselves over the long years of existence.

Beautiful examples in the interior


An absolutely transparent table on wheels will not seem massive even in the closest room. Due to its unusual shape, it has two levels, which allows you to place more things on it.

The atmosphere of comfort and warmth will help support the model for the living room with imitation of a burning flame. Moreover, in the absence of main lighting, such a table can create a romantic and slightly mysterious atmosphere.

A vintage table with a solid wood base and a transparent tabletop, through which you can see ornate metal patterns, will become a real decoration of the living room.

True connoisseurs of the classics will like the short and long table with carved legs. Massive furniture made of precious wood will add respectability to the room.

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