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DoorHan Gate: features of choice

Automatic gates DoorHan have long gained popularity in the Russian market. This manufacturer is one of the leaders in this segment. He specializes in creating not only high-quality garage doors, but also component parts for them, modular structures, doors, equipment, with the help of which reloading works and so on can be carried out. This article describes the varieties of such structures, especially the choice and installation of the gate.

Special features


DoorHan doors are acquired not only for garages, but also for industrial facilities. With the installation of such structures is quite possible to cope on their own, without resorting to this to experts.

Among the other advantages of the gate from this manufacturer are the following:

  • high quality;
  • long service life;
  • safety and maximum convenience when using;
  • energy efficiency;
  • wide range of;
  • resistance to various external influences;
  • the possibility of dismantling;
  • affordable cost;
  • the possibility of purchasing a complete set;
  • aesthetic appearance, a large number of design options.

Automation of such gates can be called perfect They are very convenient to use. You can easily close and open them just by pressing the button that is on the key fob. Designs from the company DoorHan meet the most stringent standards. Their high quality is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

As for the shortcomings of the DoorHan gate, it can be noted that the cost of installation work is usually quite high. For this reason, some prefer to cope with the installation on their own.



The manufacturer creates automatic gates, using raw materials from world famous suppliers and the latest equipment, which allows to obtain products of very high quality. The production takes into account the features of a complex climate: DoorHan designs are ideal for use in Russia. The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly fillers. Designs are protected by a multi-layer polymer coating.

The company offers various collections of gates. All types of structures have certain features that need to be guided by selecting the appropriate option.

Types of structures and their device


The doors offered by the manufacturer have different designs. The following options are available to consumers:

  • sliding (retractable);
  • sectional;

  • hangar;
  • fireproof;
  • folding ("harmonica");

  • flexible (high-speed roller or roller shutter, spiral, swing, film strip);
  • non-standard designs.

In all specific situations, the models adapt to an individual order.

The owners of the structures may use additional elements (for example, a signal lamp, original sensors, photocells). Sliding and sectional doors are particularly popular, so it is worth considering them in more detail.


The manufacturer offers different series of sectional designs. There are such options:

  • Premium. Such gates are the most expensive. They are characterized by increased strength, as the manufacturer applies an additional layer of aluminum to the canvas.
  • RSD. These designs come with tension springs or with a torsion mechanism.
  • Yett. These are the most simple and inexpensive designs. These doors are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install with your own hands.

It will be necessary to provide ventilation in the garage, to monitor the humidity of the air. In the winter season, make sure that there is no ice layering between the floor and the gate.

When creating sectional structures, the manufacturer uses a sandwich panel. The package includes panels, fasteners, guides, a transom, a mechanism for lifting gates, with which you can open and close them.

Gates can be supplemented with an external as well as a side seal. The owner of the structure may use a variety of additional elements. DoorHan sectional doors are equipped with a convenient handle, using which you can open them manually.


Sliding sliding gates open the doorway, moving sideways. Movement is done after the engine starts. Usually such constructions are used where vehicles drive particularly frequently. Such gates are distinguished by certain advantages:

  • increased strength;
  • space saving;
  • lack of upper limiter for cars.

However, rolling constructions have drawbacks. To install such a gate you need to create a foundation, they are made for a very long time. The cost of such structures is quite high.

Not everyone can cope with the installation of sliding gates on their own, usually they have to seek help from professionals.

In the absence of electricity (when the motor is not working) you can easily close and open the gate yourself, thanks to the rollers. These gates consist of:

  • steel panels;
  • guides (lower and upper);
  • latch bolts, hinges, handles, locks, seals and so on.

DoorHan sliding gates have remarkable thermal and sound insulation properties. Materials used by the manufacturer:

  • "steel sandwich" (such doors are light, specific design, aesthetics);
  • professional sheet (this material is the most demanded, because it is durable, but at the same time relatively low prices are set on it).



DoorHan gates come in a variety of colors, allowing consumers to choose the perfect options for different designs. Imitation under a tree is possible (under an oak, an alder and so on). You can select a specific texture (corrugation, wave, etc.). The variety of design options is a very attractive advantage for buyers of DoorHan gates.


The manufacturer offers not only standard designs, but also individual sizes. They can be very significant, for example, if the customer needs panoramic gates.

Determining the optimal size and weight of the structure in a specific situation, it is necessary to take into account various factors.

It is necessary to focus on the size and type of the opening, on the functions that the gate will perform.

How to choose?


Selecting suitable street gates, you need to consider the conditions in which they will be used, the features of the opening and other important factors. The design should be resistant to various external influences, hacking.

Pay special attention to the frame. It must be distinguished by reliability, durability. Aluminum systems are a good option (many choose DoorHan film gates with a frame made of such material).

If you want to organize a fast and efficient transportation of goods, the best option - high-speed gate. Such designs are very well suited even for harsh climatic conditions. You can purchase high-speed doors with transparent inserts: thanks to these elements, drivers will see if the space is free.

Usually customers prefer ready-made kits. This option is very convenient, because everything you need is immediately at hand. Many people choose the gate with a wicket. This option is ideal if you plan to frequently go to the garage. Some opt for designs with windows: they provide natural light.



Particularly popular sectional doors are DoorHan. Installation of such a design is quite possible to do it yourself, focusing on the factory instructions, drawings. If you install it according to the rules, the service of the door panels will be as long and uninterrupted as possible.

The list of tools that will be needed when installing DoorHan sectional doors:

  • special knobs that are used to bring the torsion mechanism into position;
  • terminal screwdriver for electric;
  • building level;
  • bits, with which you can attach the loop;
  • hammer;
  • drill with perforator;
  • pencil needed for marking;

  • universal screwdriver for lock and pen;
  • roulette;
  • bolt tie keys;
  • riveting gun for profiles.


First make sure that the surface of the opening is of sufficient strength that there are no defects on it. If necessary, you will need to strengthen the opening before installing the gate. If there are cracks, remove them using a special solution.

Make sure that there is no distortion. The floor in the opening area should also be as flat as possible.

Main works

The procedure should be as follows:

  • set the frame;
  • assemble and assemble panels;
  • install the torsion mechanism.

When installing, handle the sandwich panels very carefully. Otherwise, you can spoil the appearance of the gate. Then you will need to check how the canvas moves. After all the installation work has been completed, the gate should move smoothly, evenly, as easily as possible and at the same time fairly quickly.

Adjustment and adjustment


Thanks to the adjustment, you will be able to set this mode of operation of automatic works, which will be optimal for you. So that you don’t have to think about how to reprogram the structure, it’s better to set it up right away. So you can avoid gate failures, various unforeseen situations:

  • It will be necessary to adjust the current sensitivity. So you can make the design work as safe as possible for a person. So that in the future you do not have to worry about whether you have closed the gate exactly, also set the automatic closing timer.
  • Set the optimum closing speed. You can make it quite high: so you will save your time when using the gate. However, it should be borne in mind that in this case the risk of injury is significantly increased. If you wish, you can customize the automatic design and other functions.

Before setting the gate will need to carefully study the instructions.



In order for automatic constructions to serve as long as possible, they must not only be properly installed, but also used correctly. It is necessary to take into account all the recommendations specified in the instructions. Do not do without the regular maintenance of such structures. Remember that gate maintenance must be timely. This will prevent serious malfunctions.

Immediately after the installation work, wipe the cloth, rollers, guides, using a damp cloth. Side seals will need to be treated with silicone grease. You can take care of the springs with ordinary engine oil. Keep in mind that the protective film is better to remove from the gate immediately. Otherwise, in a few months it will stick to the canvas so tightly that it will be impossible to remove it.

When caring for automatic structures during use, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • Wipe the gate at least once every six months.
  • Pay attention to how the gate moves. When you try to open or close them manually, they should not move arbitrarily. Problems with this suggest that regular balancing is needed (it must be done every few years).
  • From time to time, use silicone grease to treat side seals. The rollers and hinges can be applied with universal grease.
  • One element that has failed, gradually leads to breakdown of other nodes. It is necessary to timely replace the cable or other broken elements. To detect defects in time, pay attention to the uncharacteristic operation of the nodes, suspicious creaks.

The automatic gate can be set in motion with the help of the control unit, remote control, compact key fob. This is very convenient, but in some cases it is necessary to handle manually, for example, when there is no electricity. In such a situation, an emergency manual release should be used to facilitate the task.


Many owners of designs from DoorHan note the aesthetics of their appearance, ease of management, acceptable cost. In some reviews, consumers even claim that these gates have no drawbacks - only advantages. Negative feedback is usually not associated with the gate itself, but with the dishonesty of professionals who carried out the installation work. In general, it can be noted that Many consider this design from this manufacturer to be almost ideal for use in Russian climatic conditions.

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