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Design studio of 22 square meters. m

Features and benefits

Small apartment, which area is 22 square meters. meter, has, as a rule, only one room. Such living quarters are too popular among young people: they have a small corridor, a kitchen, a living room (also known as a bedroom), a toilet and a bathroom.

The acquisition of such apartments is especially beneficial for young families who do not plan children in the near future. This is a great time to enjoy family life in a small but cozy area, as well as save a certain amount to buy a spacious home.

The average price for an apartment in the 21-22 square. m. is about 1 million Russian rubles, which is much cheaper than buying a standard one-bedroom apartment. Let's analyze together a few examples of how you can stylishly, originally, and, most importantly, practically equip a small studio.

Scandinavian style

A good example of the development of interior design is the presence of several functional zones in one comfort space. A distinctive feature of the Scandinavian design is the use of natural colors. The room itself, as well as the color scheme of the objects represented in it, must adhere to such shades as blue, brown and white.

In particular, the white color of the walls allows you to increase the volume of a small apartment. Wood texture adds comfort.

Furniture for the living area is usually represented by a corner sofa and a glass table. Opposite the resting area is a large floor shelf.

Using a wall with a window creates a visual center. Sometimes the space is integrated with the balcony. There is an additional set of furniture, bookshelves, soft chairs. An interesting design element can be the sill equipment as a place to read a book when decorating with pillows or a soft surface.

For a successful addition to the composition of the living area, choose a floor covering with bright lines.

The kitchen is increased due to the hallway. The full-size kitchen unit integrates the storage system and home appliances. For the decor of the shelves used wooden material, they also placed cutlery and various accessories. It turns out a small kitchen-living room.

The bathroom is upholstered in white ceramic, which imitates brick in texture.

Interior design in the style of "Provence"

The layout of the apartment in the style of "Provence" was designed for a young woman, in whose life there was not enough dynamism and bright moments.

Designers managed to realize the interior, resembling small French streets. The hostess of the apartment pitch feel like living in Paris, the atmosphere turned out so romantic.

The wall of the room echoes the surface of the apartment building, and the kitchen resembles a small street cafe.

A feature of the apartment is that there are no partitions in it, a table serves as a separator for the kitchen and living area.

In the interior are mainly used colors such as white and black. This, as in the previous two designs of the house, creates an additional positive mood and visually expands the space.

Pink color focuses on individual objects in the room. Therefore, the situation is a little intimate, elegant, charming. Bathroom area smoothly merges with the hallway. For comfort, an inscription with wishes of a good mood throughout the day is placed near the entrance door.

Studio apartment in "Khrushchev"

Organizing a studio apartment in a new building is no longer the ultimate dream. Today, such a venture is available to virtually every family who wants to change the familiar interior of a small living space.

In the corridor, a built-in wardrobe is usually installed, a place for shoes is located opposite it. It is advisable to put a mirror on the front door - so visually increases the space.

The bathroom is recommended to install a heated floor, where the temperature rises due to washing dishes. Please note that you will definitely have to make a choice - leave the sink or washing machine. Here it is necessary to look at family priorities.

Stretch ceilings are installed in the living room, they fix irregularities on the concrete surface well. To cover the floor is better to use laminate.

Kitchen appliances are purchased in the IKEA store, it has built-in mechanisms, which is very convenient. The stove can be replaced with a slow cooker or microwave. An interesting solution - built-in additional lighting above the refrigerator.

Do not forget that in such an apartment is not unnecessary installation of ventilation or air conditioning. As furniture for sleeping and receiving guests it is recommended to use a sofa in the form of an accordion and a chair-bed.

Design architectural studio A Little Design

In the city of Taipei in Taiwan, according to the project of A Little Design Studio, a design was prepared for an apartment of 22 square meters. meters. Since not every young specialist can buy housing for themselves, the designers have thought over how to fit the maximum amount of furniture and objects necessary for a girl’s life on such a small area with a small budget. The main goal was to make housing modern and comfortable.

The advantage of the apartment was high ceilings, reaching more than 3 meters. Thanks to this detail, the builders have equipped an additional second floor for the sleeping area. Along the perimeter of the apartment are located functional areas.

The designers took into account the fact that the girl was often absent at home, she spent more time at work and traveling. Home hostess came only to relax, take a shower and change clothes. That is why experts have made several accents: thought out in detail the place to sleep and the bathroom.

The kitchen turned out to be quite compact, but modern, a washing machine moved to this part of the apartment, which used to be near the shower. There is a small sofa near the meager cooking corner. Furniture has two functions - this is a place for rest and lunch at the same time.

For the system placement of household items in the apartment open shelves are thought out. In order to make the space fresh and positive, the designers decided to leave the walls in white.

Remember that this design is a temporary solution designed for the life of two people. In the case of expansion of the family will have to think about buying a more spacious apartment or your own home.

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