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Retractable beds

Most modern apartments are small, each square meter counts in them. Bail out in conditions of lack of space can pull-out beds, which are easily transformed into a full bed for the night, and are removed during the day, freeing up a lot of free space.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of such models is to save space. They do not clutter the room, because for most of the day they move into special niches.

At the same time, they provide high quality sleep, in no way inferior to ordinary beds. You can buy an orthopedic mattress and choose a comfortable frame, then the night rest will be unforgettable. Such options are good if another bed is required not permanently, but seasonally, for example, when guests arrive.

You do not have to buy another sofa or chair, you just need to push out an extra bed from a niche, and then remove it.

Very often, retractable beds are part of a modular headset. They are equipped with pull-out linen drawers, table tops and ladders with shelves in which it is extremely convenient to put books, clothes or children's toys.

The price for retractable beds is much lower than for two separate beds or for bunk beds with stairs.

Among the shortcomings can be called the fact that the design may breakdowns. For example, if an extra bed is attached to runners, with daily use, it can leave them. Then it will become much more difficult or impossible to use this piece of furniture.

Because of the large number of parts such beds are not always safe for the child. It is better to purchase these models for teenagers and adults, or to make sure that the chosen model does not cause injury to children.

In addition, the bed on wheels can ruin the carpet with frequent rolling out. It is necessary either to neglect the carpet, or to acquire wide soft wheels, which have a less negative impact on the appearance of the floor covering.

Who are recommended?

It is often not so easy to arrange an extra bed, so the heads of large families are forced to break their heads, how to accommodate everyone with convenience.

Retractable beds are an excellent option. They can offer two or even three beds that fold during the day. Therefore, they can be put even in small rooms, they still leave a lot of space for outdoor games.

Their advantage is that all the sleeping places are low, so the child will not be able to fall from the top shelf and get injured. This option is also suitable if children are afraid of heights. In addition, many models are equipped with protective bumpers.

Retractable beds can be put in the living room, if it is not possible to allocate an extra room for the bedroom. So during the day she plays the role of a sofa, and at night turns into a place to sleep.

Also, these pieces of furniture will become indispensable in homes where they like to receive guests. Another bed can be arranged in a matter of moments.


Beds with a pull-out bed can have different designs.


These pieces of furniture have an extra bed hidden under the main one. It is equipped with rollers or wheels, thanks to which it is easy to decompose even to a child.

Also sleeping places can roll out from under the podium. This is a convenient option for a children's room for two, especially if children of different sexes. A workplace can be organized on the podium, shelves for books can be placed. In order to compensate for the place used, niches can be arranged inside the podium, which will partially replace the wardrobe.

Such a solution will maximally free up space in the room for games and physical activity.

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Plain with extra bed

Sometimes another bed is located in a drawer in a regular bed. The second bed with a flat mattress is usually less comfortable than the main one.


The bed hidden in the closet is another option for those who need to save space in the room. In addition, he will love those who do not like to make the bed.

Lifting beds are mounted in niches in the wall. They can be double and single. The first, as a rule, recline vertically, and single beds can be lowered sideways. Such options are particularly relevant in children.

Niche coating can be different: from chipboard, plastic or mirror. Glass or mirror can be decorated with stained glass, sandblasted printing.

A wide selection of design options leaves a wide scope for creativity.


To choose the right bed length, you need to add 30 cm to your height. If two people sleep on a bed, then add centimeters to the height of the one who is taller.

To determine the desired width for one, lie on the bed on your back and, bending your elbows, join your index fingers. If the elbows do not hang down, then the size fits.

Retractable beds come in the following sizes:

  • A double bed for adults has dimensions of approximately 200x170. Manufacturers from different countries produce products that vary in width, but in general, the parameters range from 150 to 170 cm. This bed is ideal for two.
  • There are also "royal" beds, almost the same in length and width. It is believed that they guarantee the greatest comfort. It all depends on preference - these beds will be loved by those who love space. But for two people to have a good sleep, a modest 160 cm is enough that will easily fit in any apartment.
  • The dimensions of a half bed are approximately 190x140. These beds are suitable for large people or those who are accustomed to sleep, sprawled on the bed. They are also relevant for a pair of not too large build.

  • Single bed for one adult has dimensions 190x90. This is enough not to feel cramped during night rest. But together on such a bed is no longer fit.
  • Children's beds vary in length and width. Usually they are from one and a half to two meters in length and up to a meter in width. For example, 160x80 - the dimensions of a children's bed for a preschooler are a bit taller. Such models are often purchased because children's models have an attractive thematic design. But it should be borne in mind that in a couple of years such a bed will need to be replaced.

Design features

Select the main ones:

  • Retractable bed can go on rails or rails guide. Such models are attached to the main array and are not always convenient.
  • Roll-out furniture on rollers or wheels can be placed in any part of the room. This gives more freedom in planning.
  • Folding beds allow you to free up the maximum amount of space. But they do not provide a niche for storing things, as in other models, which can cause inconvenience.

In addition, children of preschool and primary school age will not be easy to cope with the folding of the bed alone.

Varieties of models

Retractable beds come in a variety of models. Their distinctive feature is multi-functionality.

So, bunk beds have extra space for linen niches or pull-out tables. Folding workplace is very convenient in the nursery, where two or three children live. If necessary, it is easy to organize and then remove, making room for outdoor games. Drawers in the bottom of the bed or in the ladder to the second level can be replaced by a cabinet. Many refuse the wardrobe in the room, because it is easily replaced by a multifunctional bed.

The presence of additional functions makes such models very economical, because they allow you to save on the purchase of not only extra beds, but also tables or dressers.

For teenage rooms and living rooms a sofa bed is perfect. The bedroom of a teenager is a kind of salon for receiving guests, because socialization and communication with peers are unusually important at this age. Therefore, you can purchase a 2 in 1 model, which combines both seating for guests and a single bed. She easily hides under a sofa on rollers or skids.

Retractable beds are not only two-level, but also three-level. They are indispensable for large families, since placing more than two beds in one bedroom is a big problem.

Roll-out sleeping places for three - an excellent choice if you do not want to overload the bedroom and give it a resemblance to a hostel or hospital ward.

What to look for when choosing?

When purchasing a pull-out bed, you should pay attention to the fact that each roll-out berth is 10-15 cm less than the previous one. If the bed is purchased for children or teenagers, it is better to immediately take on an adult-sized model so that you do not have to change furniture after a few years.

The bed must be well polished. Choose a model is better from wood or metal, they are the most environmentally friendly. You need to pay attention to the quality of paint and varnish and do not hesitate to demand a quality certificate in case of any doubt.

Models for the nursery should have rounded edges. Speakers or jagged edges - a sign that such a bed is better to refuse.

You should familiarize yourself with the list of possible modifications in the bed design: whether it is possible to arrange additional niches for linen, tabletops, drawers. All of this affects the final purchase decision.

The mattress should be of good quality. First of all, you should abandon the old-fashioned spring models, especially for the nursery. It is better to choose options from bamboo or horsehair or purchase models with orthopedic effects separately.

If the lower berth is close to the floor, the mattress must be thick enough so that the person sleeping below will not catch a cold. You may have to purchase it separately.

The frame should be with slats, not monolithic. This ensures good air circulation and comfortable sleep.

A variety of models of retractable beds is such that you can choose an element of the interior, suitable for any design. It is important that the bed matches the color and style of the rest of the furniture and the design of the room, as well as its inhabitants.

Examples in the interior

Below are a dozen ideas of how a retractable bed can be used in the interior of a modern house or apartment. Ready-made style solutions will help not to get lost in a variety of models and make the right choice.

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A successful addition to the bedroom in shades of brown was a sofa with a sleeping place located in a drawer. It does not occupy much space in a miniature bedroom, but when unfolded it provides a full-sized king-size bed. Rest on this bed will be calm and enjoyable. If necessary, the sofa seat can be used as an extra bed. The sofa is installed in a niche and the side racks can be used as bedside tables.

The podium is still rare in modern city apartments. But those who install it, do not regret their choice. Due to its multi-level surface, it significantly expands the possibilities of a small space. In this interior, it is used to zoning a room into a bedroom and a place for daytime rest and reception of guests. A small sofa is arranged right on the podium. And the beds are easily moved out from under the podium for the night, the rest of the time they are almost not visible.

The mattresses roll out on large high wheels, which are easy to use and do not damage the laminate coating. This is an excellent solution for a room where two children live. The advantage of this construction is that both berths are on the same level, which means that children will not quarrel over who should choose which place.

Three children are not easy to place in one bedroom. But a retractable bed easily solves this problem. This model is extremely convenient, since each retractable bed is a separate design. They are easy to move around the room. It is easy to get up with any of the beds at night, without disturbing the other occupants of the room, since there are passages between the beds. Bright cheerful design allows you to put them in the nursery or teen room.

A retractable bed can be a piece of furniture not only for a modern interior, but also for a more elegant one, for example, in the Provence style. A white bed-sofa, made of wood with openwork inserts very well complements the living room. She stands on high legs. In the drawer there is a cozy sleeping place, which is ready to shelter guests at any time. Stylish bed complement the white pillows. This option will have to taste sophisticated person.

In the room of teenagers who like traveling, a retractable bed is a necessary detail. An interesting design of this subject design. A berth drives along a wall on fortified rails, where one of the runners is located above the other. This model looks very stylish. Patterns on wood repeat the steering wheel, which perfectly matches the marine theme of the room. A textile mattresses and pillows fits the color of curtains.

However, from a security point of view, this is not a perfect option. It has no sides to protect against falling, as well as fasteners that would prevent the bed from moving along the rails.

Double folding bed-wardrobe successfully fit into a small room. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary piece of furniture. This effect contributes to the decoration on the wall. A large number of pillows, matched to the interior, gives the bed a cozy look. They are easy to clean and hide the bed in the closet. This function is useful, for example, in a one-room apartment or a studio upon the arrival of guests.

A horizontal reclining bed in the interior of a teenage boy's room looks very organic. If you need to free up more space, you can remove it. The color scheme of the bed perfectly matches the dark gray color scheme. The adjacent wall is made soft for a more comfortable sleep. She allows the bed to play the role of the sofa.

The extra niche in the pull-out bed makes it ideal for a child’s room. One movement can access convenient storage boxes for toys and things. Extra bed leaves on small wheels. It is low, due to this, the stability of the structure is ensured. The bed is an element of the modular headset. It is surrounded by convenient lockers, which also serve as bedside tables.

This is a great place for sleeping, reading and day games.

A podium in a small room makes the space play with new colors. It has a workplace and a lot of free space remains. You can sit on the floor. A king-size double bed leaves the catwalk that would otherwise occupy most of the space in the bedroom. This design solution allows you to clearly distinguish between areas of the office, a place to sleep and rest. In addition, this solution looks very stylish and emphasizes the personality of the owner.

A retractable bed became a bright accent in a bright nursery. It allows you to comfortably accommodate two children in the room. Built-in cells for capacity can replace not only the dresser, but also a wardrobe. The model is made from environmentally friendly materials. Rounded edges protect children from possible injury. Each of the beds is equipped with bumpers that protect against falling.

This is a convenient and functional model that children will surely like.

Originally, the interior of the children's bedroom looks like a lilac bunk bed with a pull-out bed and a built-in table. The model is easily transformed into a workplace thanks to the arranged shelves and a stable retractable tabletop. Behind her comfortably fit both children. This attribute of the interior is a very economical option. It is not required to purchase several tables, shelves and beds separately - all this is combined in one piece of furniture. A wide, comfortable ladder and high protective bumpers ensure the safety of the child sleeping above. Another integral plus model is built-in underwear niches below. In addition to the sliding table, it also has small drawers for storing stationery and a side cabinet-case.

Modular furniture is the perfect solution for small spaces and an economical environment. They allow you to purchase everything you need in one element of the situation. In the next video you will see a review of pull-out beds for two or three children.

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