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Feng Shui Bedroom

Our world is more than all the material objects that we see around us every day. The entire Universe is permeated with streams of energy that are in continuous motion. Any creature, whether human or animal, as well as inanimate objects have their own energy. The bottom line is to direct it to the desired flow and move with it in the same direction, then the life path will be easy, luck and success will be accompanied in all things and undertakings. If the own energy comes into conflict with the energies circulating in its living space, failures, lack of money, and problems in personal life begin.

The ancient oriental Feng Shui teaching reveals a veil of secrecy in front of us and gives knowledge of what needs to be done in order to get "into the stream", how to improve your earthly luck and how to find harmony with the world around us.

The rules of the ancient eastern teachings

In short, Feng Shui is the harmonization of the surrounding space and the direction of positive energy flows in the right direction to improve living conditions.. Energy circulation occurs continuously and everywhere, it is able to penetrate into any place, since it is not something material, tangible. In the places of its stagnation, negative centers are formed that can worsen the situation of people living within these centers. That is why it is very important to study the science of feng shui, because with the help of properly arranged furniture, the successful arrangement of doors and windows, the placement of special talisman activators in the right places, you can neutralize the negative and launch positive energy that brings good luck.

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This is not magic at all. The fact is that Feng Shui appeals with such two concepts as space and time. Space is measured using a compass, time - calendar and hours. Each compass direction corresponds to one of the natural elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Fire and Tree. Each time interval - an animal of the eastern calendar (12 in total). Proper combination of these two coordinates and competent arrangement of the surrounding space helps to attract success, good luck, love, health, wealth.

Room layout

Almost one third of his life a person spends in a dream. That is why the location of the bedroom and its design is very important. After all, the bedroom is designed not only for a night's sleep, but also for a day siesta, an intimate pastime, etc. There should not even be a hint of negative, otherwise it will affect the married and personal life of the people there. So, what are the distinguishing features of an ideal bedroom:

  • It should be in the most quiet and peaceful area of ‚Äč‚Äčapartments.You are by no means opposite the toilet, not near the kitchen and away from the entrance door;
  • Optimal shape for the bedroom - square or rectangle;
  • Passable rooms are not suitable. for arrangement in them a sleeping room;
  • There should not be any bulky structures on the ceiling.: ceiling beams, sloping oblique planes; To achieve a perfectly flat surface, you can install a suspended or stretch ceiling.

A huge role is played by the compass arrangement of the bedroom. If you do not have a real compass on hand, you can download the corresponding application to your smartphone and use it to determine the location of your bedroom. To activate a particular sphere of life, you need to position it:

  • In the northif you want to sleep well and spend time in a calm and relaxed state. However, for single people, this can do a disservice by strengthening and strengthening their loneliness. It is optimal to be in the northern bedroom for young couples whose intimate life is in full swing, since after a stormy night they can have a good rest;
  • In the north-east It is better not to have a bedroom at all, since the energy of this area is very active, which does not contribute to normal rest. Such a bedroom is categorically contraindicated for people suffering from sleep disorders, since this is fraught with nightmares and worsening of general well-being;
  • In North-west You can only sleep with mature couples whose relationships have been tested over the years. It is forbidden to arrange a nursery in this sector - the child will suffer from increased excitability;
  • In the east well equip bedroom for newlyweds spouses. Eastern energy is very positive, seductive, strong, it will help the young couple to strengthen their feelings and realize all their intentions and dreams;

  • Southeast It is best to sleep for those who wish to excel in business and business relationships. The energy here contributes to the manifestation of creative abilities and helps to gain self-confidence;
  • On South need to sleep if you crave for sharp emotions and violent passions, because the southern energy is very strong and active. However, it will not allow you to relax, sleep and rest, which can lead to lack of sleep and nervous breakdowns;
  • In the West people who want to bring romantic relationships and pleasant moments into their lives can sleep, but the western location of the bedroom is contraindicated for businessmen and careerists;
  • And finally southwest bedroom - bad choice. The fact is that the energy of the southwest is unstable, unbalanced, it can increase anxiety and even lower self-esteem.

People familiar with feng shui know that any energy carries either the feminine (yin) or masculine (yang). With regards to the predominance of one or another energy in the bedroom, we can say that the Yin carries more peace and tranquility, while the Yansky can inflame passions and help the spouses in the intimate sphere.

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No less important in the design of the bedroom is the right choice of color palette for walls, furniture, bedding, curtains. What colors will be optimal, you will also be prompted by a compass:

  • Southeast and East Bedroom suitable wallpaper green shades: mint, pistachio, lime. To create color spots and accents can be included in the interior lemon, mustard, brown;
  • Northeast and southwest bedroom the room will be in harmony with positive energy if the walls are designed in shades such as black, chocolate, golden, light brown. The addition of white is not forbidden;
  • Bedroom in the south It is best to arrange in rich colors: Bordeaux, terracotta, cherry. For lovers of bright colors suitable orange and red. And it is not at all necessary to decorate the wall completely in such pretentious tones; it is enough just to purchase wallpaper with a large pattern of the desired shade;
  • If the sleeping room is located in the north or northwest sectorYour choice should be on the color range from azure blue to dark indigo. Silver, snow white and gray shades are excluded;
  • West, on the contrary, it dominates to gray and silvery tones. Also favorable lilac, purple, lemon.

The best color of the ceiling for Feng Shui is snow white or light beige; floor coverings are all shades of brown and black. For people suffering from sleep disorders, a sleeping room in burgundy, chocolate and dark green tones will help to relax and sleep. If there is no problem with this, you can decorate the walls in any light color, be it coffee with milk, peach, pink or cream.

Now let's talk about the colors of bed linen, curtains and interior. According to the rules of feng shui, the bed should be light - white, beige, champagne or vanilla, peach or lemon. Dark tones are not allowed, a very fashionable black color is contraindicated today.

Curtains are some kind of barriers to sunlight and unwanted attention, so they must be thick and dark. At night, they must be pulled back so that not a single glare of light could penetrate the dwelling. As for the colors, your choice is all the dark range of shades.

Furniture and decor should contrast with the walls and at the same time not enter into discord. Pick them up so that they complement each other. Arrange color accents in accordance with the permissible colors of the compass direction.


Finishing materials are also very important. Feng shui does not welcome artificial fabrics, plastics, rubber. The best choice would be natural components: wood, stone, flax, cotton, silk, clay. If it is impossible not to use synthetics at all, reduce it to the minimum possible. Purchase a bed made of solid wood, a mattress stuffed with bamboo or coconut; choose silk or cotton bed linen, decorate the room with a beautiful panel of bamboo sprigs or hang a picture painted with oil on canvas on the wall. As you can see, it is not at all difficult to design a bedroom using the most natural materials. Yes, it may be more expensive, but you can be sure that your health and your sleep will be strong and good.


Feng Shui very strictly declares what kind of furniture can be in the bedroom, and what should not be there in principle. If you strive for harmony - listen to these tips:

  • Whenever possible minimize the amount of furniture;
  • Hide or round all corners, aimed at the bed. Try to pick up lockers, bedside tables, dressers, padded stools with smooth lines;
  • The bedroom is a lounge. it is impossible to work here! Remove from there all your business papers, computer, laptop. Otherwise, your active working energy will interfere with sound and healthy sleep;
  • Do not leave a mobile phone near the bed.;
  • Place your order on the dressing table: clean cosmetics, bottles, bottles, household appliances, newspapers. All this creates unnecessary stagnation of negative energy;
  • Do not scatter things on chairs and poufs, put it in the closet;
  • Such feng shui activators like fountain or aquarium in the bedroom are not installed;
  • If there is a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that sleeping people are not reflected in it. You can put a screen or a large plant between the bed and the mirror.

Now let's talk about the bed. The optimal parameters for it are 220x220 cm, the shape is square. Narrow beds are not welcome, the minimum width should be not less than one and a half meters. It is necessary to put a whole mattress on the matrimonial bed, in no case do not combine the two and not move the two narrow beds - this can lead to discord and separation.

It is best to place a bed with a headboard against the wall, making sure that it is not in the gap between the window and the doorway, so that the feet of sleeping people are not turned towards the door or in the corner of the room. Unfavorable bed placement in the center. Also, do not install it between the doors, columns, beams.

If your bedroom has a panoramic window, this is not very good, but you can try to smooth out its negative impact by placing one of the talisman symbols: Green Dragon, Red Phoenix, Black Turtle or White Tiger.

Sleeping is best, with your head resting in a westerly direction - this will help you find new ideas and succeed in life.


Plants in the house are definitely needed. They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, as well as delight the eye with its beauty. However, not all plants are equally useful.

In the vegetable kingdom there are energetically dangerous representatives, the so-called "vampires." We will talk about them below. In the meantime, let's see what kind of flowers can and should be placed in the bedroom.

Since the bedroom is a place for relaxation, therefore, the plants that are in it should have a calm positive energy. These flowers are called donors and they are able to help people recuperate and even cope with some ailments.

So, in the bedroom can accommodate the following plants:

  • Spathiphyllum;
  • Geranium;
  • Aloe;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • Violet;
  • Golden mustache;
  • Ficus;
  • Fat woman;
  • Begonia.

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Note that all these plants (with the exception of aloe) have soft rounded leaves. This is a very important point. As we remember, in the bedroom should not be anything sharp, with sharp features and corners. This also applies to flowers. Aloe with its prickles will look great on a windowsill - in this way it will not let in negative energy through a window.

In general, if possible, minimize the number of plants in the bedroom - there can be a maximum of 2. Images of flowers in paintings, wallpaper, and bed linen are also not welcome.

What swings bouquets of cut flowers, there are recommendations for them. If an unmarried girl lives in the house, she can put a bouquet of red peonies at the entrance to her bedroom - he will help her to draw love into her life and get married. The couple is well placed in the bedroom a branch of sakura - it symbolizes love and loyalty, helps strengthen the marriage. Bouquets of daisies, tulips, snowdrops and carnations are also good for the bedroom. But lilies of the valley, pansies, jasmine, lilac and poppies should not be put here.

Is it possible to keep dieffenbachia?

Dieffenbachia, of course, is one of the most favorite indoor flowers. She is unpretentious, easy to clean and very beautiful. However, as for its usefulness in terms of feng shui, everything is far from smooth here. The fact is that dieffenbachia is a muzhegon, that is, a plant that is able to "survive" a man from home. A lonely lady is categorically contraindicated. In addition, according to beliefs, a couple holding dieffenbachia in the house will not be able to have children. The family will be scandals and squabbles, which will inevitably lead to divorce. And still dieffenbachia is poisonous. And if there are animals in the house, then its presence there may be dangerous.

In general, answering the question whether it is possible to keep dieffenbachia in the bedroom, we can definitely answer - no, not. Harm from it is much more than good.

What flowers can not?

Energetically dangerous plants for the bedroom: monstera, orchid, fern, lily, spurge, cactus, all kinds of vines. They can weaken a person, cause a headache and even more serious diseases. Such flowers interfere with healthy sleep, create a feeling of fatigue, depression, irritability.

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No one wants his bedroom to be faceless, therefore, various decorative elements are often used to give an identity to the interior. Feng Shui teaching will tell you how to furnish a bedroom in order not only to decorate it, but also to attract love, happiness and good luck into your life:

  • Mirror. In general, it is best not to place it in a bedroom, but practice shows that most people neglect this recommendation. Therefore, you can try to reduce its negative impact to a minimum. To do this, place the mirror in the corner so that it does not reflect the bed and the front door. Discard the mirrored ceiling and huge mirror paintings. It will be optimal to purchase a dressing table with a small mirror. Mosaic mirrors and generally any that are collected from fragments are strictly prohibited.
  • Photos, paintings. In principle, it is not prohibited to hang them in the bedroom, but the main condition must be met - the image should be sympathetic and generate pleasant associations. For example, if spouses dream of posterity, it is advisable to hang a picture in the bedroom (but not a photo!) Depicting a cute, contented child.

The best choice for the bedroom - calm landscapes, beautiful kind pets, bright butterflies. It is not recommended to decorate the bedroom with images of wild animals - they have a very heavy energy. Also give up paintings with water, autumn landscapes, with various natural disasters; depicting sadness, negative, or, conversely, too dynamic.

In no case do not keep in this room photos of relatives and friends who have gone to another world. Yes, and deceased celebrities will not add you good luck. Do not hang pictures at the head of the bed, it is better to place them on the side or opposite.

The most recommended decorative items for the bedroom are paired statues that attract love and happiness.. This may be mandarin ducks, dogs Fu, Maneki Neko. You can also hang a Chinese fan on the wall - it will help the positive energy to circulate better and, as a result, bring good luck to the house.

The bedroom looks very organically candles, sconces, floor lamps. And you need to remove books, electrical appliances, deposits of unnecessary things.

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Perfect design

Now let's summarize all of the above and try to derive the ideal bedroom formula according to the Feng Shui teaching:

  • Lighting should be a natural day and soft, muffled in the evening. Curtains for the night you need to pull back, but do not hide from the bright sun in the morning - the lighter the room, the better. Let the beautiful plant stand on the windowsill;
  • The bedroom should always be in order. Do not store old things in the lockers and cabinets; get rid of them as much as possible. Do not clutter the room with furniture.If it so happens that you live in a small-sized Khrushchev, where it is difficult to equip a separate office, place a screen between the table and the bed, as if dividing the room into zones;
  • Do not forget about the correct color range. The best choice is calm pastel colors and some bright accents;
  • Set the bed near the wall, diagonally from the doorway and not next to the window;
  • Decorate the room with paired elements of decor. It can be figurines, vases, bollards, ottomans. Red lamps at the head of the bed carry excellent energy;
  • In the bedroom should not be sharp corners. Choose furniture with rounded corners or neutralize their negative effect by installing a screen or a floor vase between the corner and the bed.


Knowledge of the teachings of feng shui is not one hundred years. The Chinese brought this science to perfection and constantly use its principles and postulates in everyday life. Modern people who are interested in feng shui professionally or as lovers notice positive changes in their lives.

The fact is that by activating this or that zone in our dwelling, we thereby force the energy flow to circulate in this direction and increase the activity of this area. Accordingly, the sphere of life to which we devote such increased attention begins to change.

The sleeping room is a zone of rest, meditation, and love. When the positive energy of Shen-Qi circulates freely there, all conditions are created for finding harmonious relationships, a happy marriage, love and respect within the family. Many lonely people found their soul mate using the principles of feng shui.

However, before you start moving furniture and placing the figurines make sure that you have done all the calculations correctly, several times checked the compass to determine the best direction.

Here it is important not only to launch the mechanism of activation of energies, but also not to harm. If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to invite a specialist.

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Watch the video: How to Feng Shui your bedroom - basic tips and rules (August 2019).

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