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Editor'S Choice - 2019

LG refrigerator with flowers

A wide variety of modern refrigerators allows you to choose a model that can both provide a high level of comfort during use and create a designer addition to the kitchen interior. One such solution would be a LG fridge with flowers.

He will certainly become the universal favorite in the house and will attract the attention of friends and acquaintances who came to visit. Today, models with a glass door have gained wide popularity.

Fashion dictates its trends and this season is dominated by burgundy and red color palettes. The decision with a flower on the door will bring a special festive mood and spring freshness to the interior.

LG GA-B399TGAW Features

Ruler "Art Flower“Flower fridge design is a designer approach to making household appliances. Delicate flowers loudly declare the refined taste of the owners.

The series offers several color palettes, as well as a touchscreen display on the front of the door. Electronic control allows you to enjoy the operation of these refrigerators in the home.

Overall dimensions are 59.5x61.7x189.6 cm. The volume of the chamber is 217 liters, the freezer is 86 liters. The total weight of the unit does not exceed 82 kg. The doors are removable, which facilitates transportation and movement of the refrigerator in the doorways.

The shelves are made of thermally treated glass, which has high strength and reliability.

A multi-flow cooling system allows even air distribution and maintaining a stable temperature indicator in all directions of the chamber.. The versatile direction of the cooling streams will keep the products properly.

Antibacterial seal is installed on the doorsBioShield ".

Function "Moist Balance Crisper"serves as a reliable assistant in the preservation of nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables in the cooling process. The function is to optimally combine the required humidity and temperature required for perishable products.

This particular climate is provided by a stand-alone container that operates autonomously from the entire chamber. The container does not allow moisture to evaporate and dry vegetables or fruits.

"Vitamin Plus"- not less necessary function, allowing to keep nutrients in products, and also the natural content of vitamins.

Like any touchscreen model, LG GA-B399TGAW It has a digital temperature indicator not only in the refrigerator, but also in the freezer. This option is designed so that the owners can instantly react and take action when the temperature inside the unit decreases. The indicator serves as a notification of any unexpected temperature fluctuations, which allows you to save products for a long time. Convenient placement of the display at eye level is an important ergonomic indicator. The refrigerator control program allows you to control the temperature and independently change the cooling mode.

Function "super freeze"will be necessary when it is required to freeze a large volume of various food products in the shortest possible period of time.

Defrost the camera and freezer at the expense of the built-in system "No frost", which eliminates the need to periodically completely defrost the refrigerator.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a refrigerator is that LG guarantees high quality and compliance of household appliances to all European standards.

Terms of use

And do not forget to follow the rules for safe use of the refrigerator, which are listed below:

  • Avoid touching to the plug and cord with wet hands to avoid electric shock.
  • Prohibited from placing on top of the refrigerator heavy and bulky items.
  • Do not lean on the shelvesplaced on the inside of the open door of the refrigerator so as not to rip the hinges.
  • Do not place the unit near sources. water supply, as well as wet coating.
  • Combustible and flammable items as well as heaters should be located close to the unit.

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