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DeLonghi Coffee Makers

For many people, early morning or a working pause is unthinkable without a cup of invigorating aromatic coffee. Coffee makers from famous Italian brand Delonghi Over the years, enjoy the same popularity among fans of this drink, because the Italians no one knows better than making coffee.


Currently, the brand produces several key varieties of coffee makers:

  • Easy-to-maintain drip models with auto heating, in which the reservoir, which is located above, is filled with purified water and is heated to a temperature not higher than 90-95 degrees with the help of a thermostatic element. Then boiling water seeps through a sieve with ground coffee beans and, gathering in itself coffee taste, color and strength, is poured into a glass coffee pot. The big advantage of the models is the possibility of preparing a large amount of drink at once.
  • The most suitable for making the "right" coffee horn coffee machinesAlso called holders. The design of such devices provides for the supply of heated water to the optimum temperature of 95 degrees Celsius under pressure of up to 15 bar in a horn with a fixed sieve filled with compressed powdered coffee or an embedded tablet. The result of such cooking in just half a minute becomes a delicious concentrated drink. Such coffee makers are usually produced with a cappuccinator.

  • Traditional Italian geyser models that are easy to maintain. The housing of the capacious apparatus consists of a pair of tanks. Pure water is poured into the lower one, the heating system is also located there. From above there is a collection of finished coffee. The compartments are interconnected by a tube passed through a separating filter with ground coffee. The heated water, passing under pressure through the tube through the milled grains, quickly extracts them and forms in the upper chamber a fresh and as strong as possible coffee.
  • New designs of capsular devices, which with confidence can be defined as coffee machines. Such a machine with an automatic mechanism of operation provides for the supply of heated boiler water with steam through an innovative pod with a ready coffee, tea or milk drink. Capsules with your favorite drink are purchased separately. The undoubted advantages of the device are speed, intelligent cooking process and ease of care, which consists in an elementary rubbing of the case from splashes.

Compact narrow machine does not take up much space, it can easily fit even on a small kitchen table.

Selection features

The principle of operation of a coffee maker of any design is that it warms the water and passes it through a layer of ground coffee, carrying out the extraction process, forcing it to give its taste and aromatic properties to the aqueous extract. How this process will proceed depends on the choice of device design: some units spill boiling water through a capsule or a sieve with powder, others serve boiling water under high pressure.

Not only the efficiency of the cooking process, but also the concentration of the finished beverage will depend on such a parameter as the capacity of the unit. The more powerful the coffee unit, the less time will be spent on making a cup of coffee, so experts advise those who like very strong drink to choose a coffee maker with a capacity of 800 W and more. If the cooking speed is not a requirement, you can choose a machine with a capacity of 400-500 watts. The optimal power for the family model of the drip type is 700-750 watts.

It is with such power that the desired concentration of nutrients from ground coffee will flow into the drink flowing into the flask.

The magnitude of the working pressure is an important indicator for the holding apparatus. This parameter is directly responsible for the speed of preparation of the drink and its strength. You should not chase after expensive coffee machines from other manufacturers, whose passport contains pressures up to 17 bar.

Ideally selected by developers, the pressure of 9-15 bar, created by the pump of the DeLonghi coffee machine, is quite enough and guarantees a lover of strong espresso to promptly receive a portion of a drink of excellent quality.

When buying a holder, you need to pay attention to the presence of a tamping pestle in the package, because with a weak pressing or lack of it, the drink turns out to be unsaturated and tasteless.

The reason for the same result could be a plastic horn. Choosing a stainless steel horn that holds heat well will help get a much more delicious coffee.

Before purchasing a coffee maker, pay attention to the capacity of the water tank. In the office where large volumes of beverages will be prepared, it is better to put an electric geyser or drip apparatus with a tank of 1.3 to 2 liters and above.

A home with a water tank capacity of 400-500 ml, which will help to rationally use coffee beans and electricity, is perfect for home cooking. The volume of the reservoir is critical when choosing a geyser model, since it is impossible to pour less water into it than is necessary to exit the coffee. That is, if you plan to cook 500 ml of drink, the capacity of the tank should be 500 ml.

Real coffee lovers will appreciate the presence of such additional functions of coffee machines, such as:

  • complement with cappuccinator;
  • dropping protection;
  • the autoshutdown excluding continuous "runaway" of coffee;
  • automatic heating;
  • saturation control.

Buying a smart capsule-type coffee machine, programmed to recognize capsules, will allow you to prepare tonic herbal, tea, coffee and milk-containing drinks of the highest quality for the whole family without unnecessary trouble and time.

Advantages and disadvantages

The DeLonghi models presented in distribution networks are high-tech devices and have a number of advantages:

  • strict laconic design;
  • small dimensions, designed for 1-2 cups;
  • the design uses a powerful heating element and a high-pressure system, which reduces the coffee preparation time;
  • availability of light indicators of inclusion and readiness for work;
  • monitoring water level changes;
  • the presence of a built-in semi-automatic cappuccinator;
  • the possibility of varying the volume of portions;
  • use of a convenient support for cups of different height and a drip tray;
  • the use of modern materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum and high-quality plastic;
  • affordable price.

The disadvantages of some budget devices of this brand include plastic case, the absence of a special filter that regulates water hardness, and an anti-droplet system. Simple models that do not have an auto-off timer and require constant monitoring of the coffee brewing process are more suitable for use in a private kitchen than in the office, since their low autonomy can easily lead to overheating and automatic malfunction.

How to use?

Before you start brewing coffee, the manufacturer recommends that you carefully read the manual and observe the following rules of safe operation:

  • children can not use the coffee maker without adult supervision and people with physical or mental disabilities;
  • To prevent electric shock, do not immerse the device in water for cleaning;
  • replacement of damaged plugs and power cord, other repairs should be carried out only by technical support specialists.

Before the first and each subsequent switching on of the machine into the network, fill the tank with clean water and install it under the boiler for boiling. To flush the device, it is necessary to insert a holder with an empty filter into it and turn on the power supply. When the “Ok” indicator lights up, turn the knob to the “Coffee” position and drain the hot water from about half of the tank. Further, turning the steam supply handle, drain the water remaining in the cappuccino maker.

For making espresso choose a filter for one or two cups, put a pill or fill it with ground coffee using the built-in pressure device - tempera. The density of the tamping powder and the degree of grinding determine the strength of the finished drink. Place the filter in the horn holder. Install the horn into the device, turning it all the way. Turn on the machine in the network, press the "On / Off" switch and wait for the "OK" indicator to light up. Place pre-heated dishes. Turn the switch to the position "Coffee" to serve boiling water to get the right amount of drink.

For making coffee with milk crema You must first cook the espresso. Having set the switch to the "Cappuccino" position, wait for the "Ok" signal to light up, which will mean reaching the temperature required for steam supply. For one portion, pour about 100 ml of cold milk into a suitable vessel and place it under the cappuccinator, submerging the tip to a depth of 5 mm. After turning the handle, the milk will begin to increase in volume and foam will form. After the foam is poured into cups of coffee, the cappuccino will be ready. If desired, the surface of the foam can be sprinkled with a small amount of chocolate chips.

Experts of the company after making about 200 cups of coffee recommend descaling. To do this, it is necessary to fill the tank with an aqueous solution of the decalcification agent, prepared according to the recipe indicated on the package. Press the "On / Off" button, making sure that the horn is not installed, and substitute any container under the cappuccinator.

After the "Ok" fire, turn the switch towards the "Coffee" mark and drain about a fourth of the solution, turning the steam supply handle from time to time. Stop feeding, leaving the solution for about 5 minutes. Repeat manipulations until complete passage of the solution through the system. Next, you need to flush the unit from the residues of the decalcifier, as indicated above.

Rating models

Today, coffee makers of this manufacturer are represented on the shelves of large chain stores and online resources in a wide range. The cost of devices varies from about 3200 to 50,000 rubles. Consider the most popular models:

  • Budget model EC 5 capacity of 800 W and a pressure of 3.5 bar does not take up much space in a limited kitchen space. Prepare one or two cups of delicious espresso from ground coffee. The cappuccinator nozzle will beat the milk into the softest foam for a portion of the milk drink. Price - 3200 rubles.

  • Auto-ready system will allow coffee maker "Caffe Treviso" BAR14 Start making espresso, cappuccino or latte. Built-in thermostat for water and steam will keep the optimum temperature for the preparation of the drink. Splitter nozzle allows you to simultaneously cook two cups. High pump pressure will help rationally use ground coffee beans, giving the drink an excellent strength and taste. Removable drip tray after preparing the drink will leave the kitchen in order. The actual price of the model ranges from 3,900 to 4,600 rubles.
  • With smart device "Essenza" EN97. W capsular type from the range "Nespresso"With a high-performance pump and a unique working pressure of 19 bar, you can forget about going to a coffee shop. The easy-to-use coffee maker is equipped with a high-capacity heating unit, whereby not only traditional espresso, but also drinks based on it: lungo and ristretto, which are not inferior to beverages brewed by a qualified barista, quickly heat and brew. Allows varying amount of fluid per cup, compatible with all Nespresso pods. Removable water bowl and drip tray help maintain order. It costs an average of 5990 rubles.

  • New DeLonghi 311with a capacity of 1100 W and a maximum pressure of 15 bar with its presentable appearance will complement any kitchen set. In the semi-automatic mode, this model with heated cups and auto-shutdown can quickly cook and pour into one or two cups of espresso. Coffee can be used ground or in tablets. In manual mode, the machine will prepare cappuccino with a stable milk froth. To date, the model costs about 9,500 rubles.
  • Geyser electrical appliance EMK 9 with a 600 ml water container, make coffee at the rate of 9 cups. The 450 W model ensures, after boiling, an automatic shutdown and preservation of the temperature of the beverage for half an hour. The glass case will provide an opportunity to observe the cooking process. The stylish device will decorate any kitchen or office. The average cost is 9,900 rubles.

  • Drip "Distinta" ICMI 211equipped with a spacious 1.25 l jug, 10 people will be served coffee right away, so that it is perfectly suitable for use in public places. For this model, you do not need to buy filters, because the design has a metal strainer designed for long-term use. The heating element in the base will maintain a constant temperature for 40 minutes. Auto power off significantly saves energy. Price - from 7990 rubles.

  • Miniature Carob "Distinta" ECI 341. W with exquisite matte surface of black, olive or red colors, metal trim and chrome parts will not take up much space in the kitchen. Sophisticated vintage design is combined with excellent technical characteristics of the device: pump pressure of 15 bar, support for pressure and temperature, the possibility of heating dishes and the presence of an automatic shutdown system. Cappuccino nozzle allows you to quickly prepare your favorite milk-containing drinks. Product price - from 13,600 rubles.
  • "DeLonghi" 310 from the designer line "Icona Vintage" will professionally prepare a drink from ground or preformed coffee. The 1100 W model, with a working pressure of 15 bar and a 1.4 l water tank, is equipped with a stainless boiler system with thermostats for water and steam. Full disclosure of the taste of coffee contributes to bottling, preheated on the site, located on top. The cappuccino system mixes air, steam and milk to form a resilient foam. Machine control is available even for a beginner, the drip catcher will allow you to keep the machine and installation location in perfect order. The developers of the company, besides the classic black, have selected interesting colors for the coffee maker: olive, beige and blue. Price - from 15,000 rubles.
  • Compact coffee machine Magnifica ECAM 22.360. S With a simple ergonomic control and a cappuccinator, designed for home and office use, it quickly prepares several varieties of coffee beverage with various options for strength. The machine, equipped with a silent grinder mill and a container for a grain with a capacity of 250 grams, is able to regulate the water temperature and the portion volume with the display of information on a digital display. An optimum pressure of 15 bar and a power of 1450 W will ensure the best extraction of the coffee bean. The design is complemented by a water filter and decalcification system. The average cost of the device is 50,000 rubles.


Due to the combination of relatively low prices with the highest European quality, Italian coffee makers have only positive feedback from the owners. Buyers do justice to the compact size of the DeLonghi, the ability to fit the device into the narrowest space.

It is noted that all models look aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen, have a fashionable and bright appearance.

Consumers especially like the assortment, taste and aroma of ground coffee drinks, capsules and tablets, as well as the fact that coffee machines have simple settings and the ability to control the strength and volume of the serving. If necessary, you can quickly get a simple boiling water or brew tea. All those who purchased this brand of coffee makers are satisfied with the purchase and recommend them to their friends.

Watch the video: DeLonghi Combination Coffee and Espresso Machine. HSN (August 2019).

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