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Bunk Metal Beds

There is a type of furniture, the choice of which depends almost the entire interior. In the case of a bedroom, such is the bed. From it, as a central element, depends on the atmosphere, the resulting, and last but not least, the overall ergonomics and functionality of the bedroom.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to place several beds in one room, but it is not always possible, for example, by virtue of the small space of the room. Then you should choose from bunk beds, a variety of which is able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Special features

Among the variety of models and materials we can highlight the main types of bunk beds:

  • Metallic (iron, steel, aluminum, prefabricated, welded). The weight of the structure depends on the choice of steel or aluminum, while aluminum products are more resistant to corrosion and do not require periodic surface treatment. Both welded and prefabricated structures belong to reinforced strength characteristics, but welded ones should be chosen only with a small product size, otherwise there is a risk that the bed simply cannot be moved to the room. It should be remembered that if the upper protective coating is damaged, there is a risk of metal corrosion. Another feature is the susceptibility of the metal to temperature extremes of the air and heat from the sun's rays, so the installation location of such models should be determined carefully.
  • Combined options (combination of metal with wood) combine the advantages of each material - the metal frame of the bed is durable and stable, and the wooden elements make it possible to diversify the forms and add functional elements.


The advantages of metal bunk beds are larger, we list the main ones:

  • Ergonomic - the possibility of placing two beds or combining a bed and a workplace in the area of ​​one piece of furniture allows you to effectively use the space of the room, in contrast to the single-tier bed.
  • Metal resistance to impacts of various kinds - in case of violation of the humidity regime in the room, the product is not deformed, remains resistant to the formation of fungus, rot, other microorganisms.
  • Hygienic - the surface will provide ease of cleaning, the product will not lose appearance if something is spilled on it or painted with a marker (which often happens in children's rooms).
  • Durable coating provides resistance to scratches, chips and other damage.
  • Due to weight construction gains additional stabilityadding security.
  • The design of the metal beds is such that there are no sharp corners and sharp edgesthat will protect an adult or child from being hurt by accidental bumps.
  • Reusability of assembly - unlike wooden constructions, the joints allow assembling many times without risk of damage.
  • Long service life - this bed will last at least 30 years and will always be like new.
  • Price policy much cheaper than similar products from solid wood.

Current models and their applications

The type of bed depends on the purpose for which the purchase is made:

  • For a nursery in a family with two or more children. The design provides storage boxes, more comfortable and safe stairs, decorative items, curtains, shelves for storing toys, sports complexes with slides and horizontal bars are built in. There are models of beds, attics, in which the first tier takes a sofa for daytime or a place to play, and the second - a full bed for sleeping.

  • For arrangement of the teenage room of one child bunk beds are suitable, where the first floor is equipped with a study desk and a chest of drawers for storage, and the second floor is a place to sleep.

  • Another option for one-bedroom apartments - triple bed in two floors. The lower one takes a full bed for adults or a folding sofa, and the upper one is a sleeping place for a child. So the vacated area of ​​the room can be used more efficiently.

  • Collapsible models bunk beds are acquired when they plan to increase the living space in the future - the upper floor of such models is being dismantled and it can exist as a separate bed.
  • Two-story models Also opt for student dormitories or hostels. Then the main factor is the durability of the structure, its price and resistance to damage. Such models are decorated modestly but stylishly.

  • Corner models beds, when one tier is perpendicular to another, solves the problem of saving space only partially, but it allows to provide the lower floor with natural light, which is good when equipping it with a desk.

  • Roll-out beds suitable for those who use this piece of furniture only as two beds - a small height will allow you to do without stairs and protective bumpers, and when assembled during the day, they occupy a minimum of space.

For arranging the working dormitories, construction trailers, soldiers' barracks and other state-owned institutions choose simple metal models without a mattress, the frame of which is able to withstand considerable loads, durable and unpretentious in operation.

Examples in a modern interior

Due to the qualities of the material used, metal beds fit into the main current areas of interiors today:

  • Classic interior - simple shapes and calm tones match the overall character of the room. Such models are perfect for hostels and hotels.

  • Provence - curved shapes and elegant lines of the metal frame as well as possible correspond to the air atmosphere of the French country.

  • Art Nouveau style - Such models are distinguished by smooth lines and muted tones.

  • Interiors in the style of minimalism and loft will be perfectly complemented by metal bunk beds, which will add the necessary angularity.

  • Children's room interior - beds of bright, rich colors of warm tones that will create a good mood for a child every day are perfect here.


Conditionally bunk beds can be divided depending on the size of the following groups:

  • The simplest models, each tier which has a single place - the width varies from 0.7 to 0.9 m, length 2 m, height 1760 mm.
  • Beds of complex configurations, in which one of the tiers takes one and a half or double beds - the width is from 1.4 to 1.6 m, the height is from 1.6 to 1.8 m.
  • The dimensions of the cots vary greatly depending on the child's age, equipment, and other characteristics. The height, as a rule, does not exceed 1.7 m, for roll-out models - 1.2 m.

Popular manufacturers

Manufacturers of metal bed models for dormitories and departmental enterprises are Russian factories for the production of metal products, located mainly in the Moscow region.

The world-famous furniture sales network Ikea also has in its range a range of models of metal bunk beds, which can be purchased both in the store and on the company's website.

More sophisticated models are made both in Russian furniture factories and in foreign countries. Russian manufacturers distribute their products through online stores with the ability to arrange delivery to any region of Russia. Products of foreign manufacturing countries, such as Malaysia and Turkey, are more common in furniture hypermarkets, which also sell their range through the resources of the world wide web.

How to choose

The main criterion when choosing furniture is its practicality and functionality. It is necessary to define a clear purpose for the purchase - its equipment, material, form, and ultimately, cost depend on it.

We define the main nuances to which you need to pay attention when choosing any bunk metal bed:

  • The dimensions of the product depend on the size of the room where the bed will be installed. For comfortable accommodation, the free space should be at least 1 meter from the stationary parts of the bed and at least 0.5 m for its sliding elements. It is worth paying attention to the presence of a carpet in the room, which can create problems for the retractable parts of some models.
  • It is necessary to carefully inspect the structure - the protective coating of metal elements should be integral, evenly distributed, without streaks and scratches - this result is achieved during factory metal processing and careful transport and storage of the product. Be sure to check the joints of parts, mounting holes must be the same correct form, carefully processed, which also indicates factory production.
  • Check the stability of the structure, pay attention to the reliability of the legs, their height should be adjusted to align with the level of the floor in the room. A great advantage would be to complete the product with fasteners, with which you can fix the bed to the wall, which will provide additional security.
  • Check certificates for used decorative elements, upholstery and other details. The poor quality of the dyes used in dyeing can cause severe allergic reactions.

  • When choosing the type of bed, preference should be given to rounded shapes with smooth corners.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the stairs - it should be securely fastened to the bed, have wide steps of flat shape to ensure a stable comfortable lift, the advantage is the presence of strong handrails.
  • The distance between the tiers must be at least one meter.

If a bed is chosen for the decor of a child’s or teenage room, additional attention should be paid to:

  • The second floor should be equipped with a high durable side with a number of transverse elements to prevent the child from falling from a height.
  • The staircase to the second floor must be equipped with a railing, the steps should not be slippery.
  • Dimensions of a children's bed should be chosen, given the rapid growth of the child.
  • For children of school age, it is better to choose models equipped with a sports complex, shelves for books and toys.
  • When choosing a color scheme, you should also rely on the child's age - for schoolchildren, you can choose bright, colorful models, designed in the form of a fire engine or bus, for older children - neutral, calm colors. If you need to choose furniture for two children of different sexes, it is better to opt for the classic design of the bed itself, and to choose the bed linen and decorative textiles for it, which will suit each of the children.
  • Preference should be given to models equipped with numerous cabinets and shelves - additional storage space will always come in handy.

If there are a lot of requirements and the budget allows, you can make the bed to order - but it’s worth remembering that such a product will be a piece, which means that the risk of some defects increases.

Assembly instructions

A good way to save the budget when buying will be self-assembled crib. The main thing is to take this issue seriously enough, because a high-quality assembly will ensure safe operation.

When buying a bed, ask the store for detailed instructions, prepare the necessary tools and have patience. Prepare the room before starting the assembly - use a protective film from the product to protect the floor and walls from damage. Furniture assemblers advise in advance to prepare the necessary tools (screwdriver, screwdriver), a small capacity for small fasteners and accessories.

If you bring to the assembly of all family members, by distributing responsibilities by opportunity, you can turn it into an exciting game and have a good time with your loved ones. After installation, make sure that the bed is stable and secure.

Cost of

The price of this bed depends on its type:

  • The simplest armor-clad models for dormitories (for example, KM-2 Ekonom and KMP-2) cost about 3000–4000 rubles for retail purchases.
  • Ordinary models for adults with stairs and fencing will cost around 6000-9000 rubles, more interesting options are around 8000-13000 rubles, depending on the equipment and manufacturer.
  • Children's metal beds of the usual configuration cost between 12,000 and 18,000 rubles.
  • More sophisticated in the design and configuration of the model of cots, roll-out models will require more significant investments in the amount of 20,000 to 40,000, and products made to order can cost up to 60,000 rubles.


The majority of the reviews on bunk metal beds are positive and do not contain consumer grievances.

Buyers of children's and teen models mark their practicality, significant space savings, enthusiastic reaction of children to such an unusual piece of furniture. Of the shortcomings in rare cases, there is a creaking or incorrect position of the mounting holes in the frame, which refers to the factory marriage and can be prevented by a closer inspection of the product before buying.

Buyers of simpler products for hostels of various kinds, first of all, note the cheapness and durability of metal beds, their resistance to damage and unpretentiousness to external environmental influences.

Watch the video: twin over full bunk bed assembly full instructions (August 2019).

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