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Round Carpet Variations

Round carpets came to us from the southern countries. These products have become particularly popular in Turkey, India and China. This floor textile attracts people to this day, so many are wondering how to choose the perfect round carpet.

Special features

In fact, round carpets, like oval, have some features that are particularly noticeable when compared with rectangular ones. So, for example, for square carpets or elongated carpets, it is enough to fix the corners by interweaving the thread at the last stage of production. For rounds, this is not enough, since each knot on round products is located at a different level - due to the directly rounded shape - and requires a rounding of the rim. Therefore, round-shaped mats need more professionalism of the master, and, accordingly, cost a little more.

Round carpets are usually tufted or woven from knitted yarn. It is also impossible not to mention patterns - since these carpets have a directly eastern history, the medallion is the dominant ornament, plant motifs and scenes from life are much less common.


Directly shaped, they produce round carpets, oval and semicircular. The first ones have the shape of a regular perfect circle with equal diameters, the second ones are a circle stretched in length, and the third ones, in fact, are half a circle.

Also not to mention the so-called combination carpets. This is either the rugs fastened together at the factory, or simply round, oval or semicircular carpets located nearby. This is a great option for large living rooms in a geometric style - it will look especially beautiful if the sizes and colors of the carpets are slightly different or a couple of them have any patterns that also match the surrounding space.

Color solutions

When choosing a carpet also do not forget that its color should be combined with the color scheme of the interior. There is one very simple scheme for choosing colored textiles - take a close look at the textile objects surrounding you (towels, tablecloths, rugs, curtains, curtains, other carpets in the room). All of them should be about the same color gamut - for example, match in temperature, but differ in saturation and brightness. A good example is this living room.

Immediately striking is the fact that the temperature of all textiles, and the room as a whole is cold, which can be determined by the basic colors. Blue, green, as well as blue are the colors of a typically cold range. It can also be attributed to purple, lilac and lilac (with more pronounced blue notes) and light green (with a predominance of green rather than yellow). In contrast, cold colors emit warm - these are different variations of colors such as yellow, red, orange. These include pink and purple with a predominance of red.

Neutral shades are designed to unload the interior. and, as a rule, they can be combined both with each other and with colors of any temperature, depending directly on the saturation and brightness. It is beige, white, black and gray.


To a large extent, the quality of textiles determines the material from which it is made. In the case of carpets, it should be noted that the materials for their manufacture are divided into synthetic and natural.

From natural special importance wool carpets. The classic version is sheep wool. It is soft enough to walk on it barefoot, and quite durable. Sheep wool carpets perfectly retain heat, help with diseases of the joints, are virtually indispensable in homes with cold floors, poor heating or damp air. It is also easy to care for this wool, it does not shrink, does not fade, except it dries a little longer than usual and is prone to moths, which, however, is completely solvable due to the treatment with anti-moly agents.

In addition to sheep's wool, it is impossible not to highlight camel, cashmere and alpaca wool.

Cotton Carpets They have the ability to breathe, which is especially important in the case of allergies, asthma or other lung diseases. They do not abrade, do not fade, do not wash up, light in weight, but quickly get wet. This perfect combination of lightness and practicality will perfectly fit into the design in the style of Provence.

Silk carpets have long been considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. They have a chic appearance, shine with a unique gloss and shine, and, besides all this, they are extraordinarily durable. As a rule, silk carpets are striking in their designs, since silk threads can be easily dyed due to their texture, flexibility and elasticity, and often it is silk round carpets that are made to order or in single copies, which justifies their cost.

From artificial materials I want to highlight the increasingly popular hit set. It is similar to wool as part of the characteristics - mainly because it is a mixture of polypropylene and this wool itself. It is not static, will perfectly keep heat, is strong and durable.

A good synthetic analogue of silk is considered viscose - carpets on the floor in the hallway of her perfect, because, in addition to the stunning appearance, have high wear resistance, easy to clean, do not wipe and are not crushed.

If you are concerned about the issue of strength, you can purchase jute carpet - This is a herbaceous plant whose fibers are combined with wool fibers. This material has a high resistance, close to the resistance of the tree, as it is composed of lignin - bonding polymer. Such carpets absorb moisture, but do not let it through, that is, they remain dry to the touch.


The standard size of a round carpet is 1.2 meters in diameter, but you can also find narrow, elongated oval sizes of 0.8 by 1.5 m or fairly wide semicircular 2 by 3. There are many options, the size is selected for each room individually.

In fact, the size of a round carpet is also its feature. If with square products everything is clear - all sides of the same length, - with rectangular ones, is also completely understandable, then in order to calculate the area of ​​a round carpet, you need to know its diameter and square it. The diameter is the distance from one side to the other. For example, if the diameter of an oval carpet is 2 m, then its area (size) is 4 m.

Regarding the size, there is also one more important detail. A carpet, as a rule, delimits the space - it separates some zone, for example, a dining or recreation area. In this case, it should be of such a size that all the pieces of furniture on it fit or even gently enter its surface. It is better to choose a larger rug, so that later on its edges arrange the furniture so that everyone sitting on it is comfortable and spacious.

Manufacturers Overview

Since these round rugs came to us directly from eastern countries, Iran and Turkey are considered the best manufacturers. Products of these countries are of high quality, high level of strength and durability. You can easily find carpets with original non-repeating patterns, which have no analogues, since it is in the East that manual production flourishes.

If you select manufacturers, then, of course, two companies are very popular - Turkish Atlantik carpets and Persian Mashad. Iranian carpets are often called Persian because of the history of this country.

The carpet of the first manufacturer includes acryl (60%), viscose (20%) and wool (respectively, 20%). The price varies depending on the size - an oval rug 0.8 by 1.5 m can be purchased for 6000 rubles, but the largest option - 3 by 5, - already for 75000 rubles. Directly round rugs are presented in the collections "Patara", "Mirada" and "Flora".

The composition of Mashad carpets includes silk - 70% and wool - 30%. The price of these products is slightly lower than that of the Turkish competitor - for a diameter of 1.1 m you will give from 3.5 thousand rubles to 4.

Where to lay?

In fact, round carpets are a universal option, they are suitable for any room, but you can place them in different ways.

For example, a large round carpet can become the center of a living room or bedroom, combine furniture. It can accommodate both a bed and a sofa with adjoining armchairs and a coffee table. In the latter case, it will visually appear that these furnishings are connected, that is, merged into a zone.

The same applies to the location of such a carpet in the kitchen or directly in the dining room. This is a carpet in the dining area - by analogy with the living room, it will combine the table and chairs or chairs into a single space, the most easily perceived by the eye. In the kitchen, it is generally very important to divide into zones because of the large terrain - so, by the way, the carpet should be easy to clean.

The question of practicality also applies to the carpet for the hallway, corridor or balcony. They must have a high wear resistance, a clear durable border, easy to wash.

Special mention deserve the carpets in the children's bedroom. They are able to drastically change the situation, for example, to help arrange a room in a cartoon style. Floor covering in the nursery should be soft enough, made of hypoallergenic material, admire its beauty. Namely, round rugs will allow to differentiate space favorably - they will allocate a zone for sleep, study and rest, thus they will accustom the child to the distribution of their time and leisure.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Very well the round carpet will look under the dining table in the dining room or in the kitchen or under the coffee table in the living room. This is especially true of round tables. Like, for example, here.

If you want to create a contrast effect, choose a round carpet and a table, as an option - square or rectangular. Of course, such a decision should be supported by any details in the interior - for example, a round vase on the table or paintings in square frames on the walls, an oval mirror or a long rectangular cabinet. A single-color carpet can be shaded by throwing a patterned tablecloth or a plaid of similar shades on a table or sofa standing on it.

Not to mention the combination of round rugs. For example, in this room, the seating area is quite large, and one could, of course, simply buy one large carpet to cover all the space, but the designers decided otherwise. This detail immediately makes the interior more expensive visually, modern, clearer and more elegant.

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