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Features and characteristics of portland cement brand 400

It is a well-known fact that the work done in the field of construction and repair does not do without cement mixtures, ranging from pouring the foundation and ending with the preparation of walls for the application of a finishing coating.

Portland cement is a type of cement with a wide range of uses. M400 is one of the most popular on the modern market, as its composition and basic properties are appreciated by a large number of consumers, and at the same time the product has an affordable price.

Properties and Benefits


Portland cement is a type of cement. It contains additives such as gypsum, crushed clinker, calcium oxide, iron oxide, aluminum oxide and other special impurities. Currently, all stages of the production of Portland cement M400 are carefully monitored, specialists are constantly working on the study and improvement of additives.

The compositions have their own division in scope and additives. There are such types as Portland cement (PC), plasticized mixture (PL), fast-curing portland cement (BTC), slag portland cement (BPC), white and colored compositions (BC), expanding mixtures and other.

Portland cement brand 400 has a significant number of advantages: it is very durable, well tolerates moisture and temperature changes, and is resistant to the effects of aggressive environment. Besides M400 can withstand both extremely low and very high temperatures.that allows you to use it without fear for the safety of external walls of buildings.

Its use is possible in any climatic zones, regardless of the presence in the composition of special anti-frost additives. Manufacturers guarantee durability and long life of the material.

Solutions that are made on the basis of Portland cement of this brand have a high setting speed. This is due to the addition of gypsum in the ratio of 3-5 percent of the total volume. And also the type of grinding plays an important role: the less grinding, the faster the foundation will gain maximum strength. It should be borne in mind that in dry form, the composition is subject to change in density due to tamping of small elements.

The proportion of Portland cement M400 depends on the stage of work. Immediately after preparation, it ranges from 1000 to 1200 m³. If such a composition was stored for a long time before selling, it will weigh already 1500-1700 m³, as the elements of the material come together, and, accordingly, the distance between them will decrease.

The product is packaged in packages of 25 kg and 50 kg, which allows you to choose the optimal amount for work. In this case, the compositions have a rather low cost.

Main settings

Portland cement M400 is used in a wide range of construction and repair works. The mixture is universal, its parameters are optimal for operation, and the flow rate is quite small.

The composition is able to withstand severe loads due to the strength level of about 400 kilograms per 1 square meter. Gypsum content is not more than 5 percent, active additives can take up to 20 percent. The need for water for mixtures of this brand varies from 21 to 25 percent. The hardening time of the composition is about 11 hours..

Marking and scope

The main characteristic of the M400 mixture is the brand of this material itself. It indicates the level of compressive strength equal to 400 kilograms per square meter. This allows you to use the product in a variety of jobs. It is the marking that shows whether there are plasticizing components in the mixture, due to which there is an increase in resistance to moisture and corrosive processes. Also, these properties affect the rate at which the solution will dry.

The marking notes the presence of impurities, which are responsible for the scope of the composition. These are such designations as D0, D5, D20 and D20B. In GOST it is written that the amount of gypsum in the cement mortar should not be more than 5 percent, and additives can take up to 20 percent, which is marked in the marking from D0 to D20.

On this basis, the consumer must take into account that marking D0 speaks of pure Portland cement, which does not contain additional impurities.

It is used in most structures based on concrete, which must withstand moisture or contact with liquids of various types.

D5 marking says that Portland cement is very durable and resistant to corrosive processes. is he used when working with structural elements, for example, in tiled floors.

D20 is a compound with excellent characteristics. It can be used for coatings that are directly affected by the environment. It is optimum during the work with borders or paving slabs. Used in the manufacture of individual blocks for various parts of the structure. Portland cement D20 helps the concrete to grasp in a fairly short time, equal to about 11 hours, and also gain strength very quickly.

Mix D20B - universal, suitable for any application. It freezes faster than all other compositions and is distinguished by quality and reliability. This is because its composition includes additional special additives. Due to impurities, Portland cement M400 becomes moisture-resistant and does not undergo corrosion processes.

New marking


Most of the domestic manufacturers of portland cement M400 use the marking indicated above. But there is another option for additional labeling, which is currently used in the European Union and which can be more and more often found on the Russian market.

Marking of TsM is applied on the pure production which is not having additional impurity. CEMII says slag added to Portland cement, while adding the letter "A" indicates its amount from 6 to 20 percent, and "B" - from 20 to 35 percent.

According to GOST 31108-2003, the main indicator of the composition at present is the level of its strength. Due to this, Portland cement M400 has additional B30 symbols. If we are talking about fast-forming composition D20, the letter “B” is added to the marking, which means that Portland cement is able to gain more than 60 percent of the strength in 3 days.

Recommendations for buyers

The storage conditions of the composition are very important to preserve its features and properties. It should be borne in mind that upon contact with a moist environment, the mixture turns into a mineral crumb, and it is no longer possible to apply it. Therefore, it is very important that the bags of Portland cement are stored in a dry place.

Also, when buying, you need to check the date of manufacture of the material, because during storage its quality deteriorates, and, accordingly, the grade decreases.

If you comply with these conditions, the consumer will receive portland cement brand 400, which has a complete set of inherent properties, technical characteristics and excellent quality.

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