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Blender Gastrorag

Blender is an indispensable thing in the modern kitchen. With it, you can easily and in a matter of minutes to prepare a cocktail, smoothie, soup, mashed potatoes, pâté, an interesting and healthy dessert. Choosing a model for yourself, you should decide on the model, type, power, material. Blender Gastrorag will help you to switch to the correct and healthy food.


Gastrorag B-010 has a power of 1500 watts. This is a stationary blender with mechanical control. The body and jug are made of plastic. 6 blades with barbs will allow to grind any product, including ice. Care is quite simple: the tank is easily removed and washed. This model has two thermal fuses.

For those who need a compact device, the Gastrorag SB-118 model will do. This is an immersion blender with a power of 550 watts. Plastic housing, mechanical control. Despite its small size, this device is quite powerful and has a smooth speed control. If you need to turn on the blender immediately at full strength, then this is provided by the “turbo” mode.

Perfect for cooking baby food. The price will only please. Washing, disassembling and assembling will not cause any problems.

Gastrorag B-2A - this stationary blender model has a power much lower than Gastrorag B-010, only 400 watts. Unlike B-010, the jug here is glass, which is an advantage. The lid is tight enough, so you can not be afraid that the spray will fly or something will leak out.

With this model you can easily make a cream soup, grind bread crumbs, make a milkshake or berry jam.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a blender, decide how often you will use it and what to prepare. Based on this, it is necessary to determine the model. For a large family, striving for a proper, balanced and healthy diet, fit Gastrorag B-012A. Its capacity is 1400 W, enough for a large number of people.

He will be able to quickly and efficiently prepare various sauces, smoothies using dried fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. The mixture will be light, without grains and pieces. To wash the blender, you just need to pour water into the jug and set the speed to maximum. The case and capacity are made of plastic. There is a smooth speed control function.

In terms of price and quality of the immersion blender, it is better to choose the model Gastrorag SB-118SET. It will consume a little electric power, as its power is only 550 watts. The kit also includes a measuring cup and a shredder. Therefore, the purchase of one such blender can help save on the purchase of other appliances for the kitchen.

All parts are easy to disassemble, wash and reassemble. This machine will help you quickly and effortlessly chop up potato pancakes and chop the meat into chops.


As the main advantages of Gastrorag blenders, buyers note the power, the ability to change the mode of operation, a large bowl volume, protection from switching on without the bowl. Compared to other brands of household appliances, the price is very affordable, and the quality is not inferior. In the reviews, consumers say that Gastrorag kitchen appliances are quite durable and can last for many years. We should also note the power of these blenders. He instantly grinds, grinds and whips absolutely everything, does it with enviable ease.

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