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Wenge color cabinets

The case occupies a significant place in any interior. Therefore, it is very important that it fits well into the overall style of the room and looks as beneficial as possible. Wenge cabinets are the most popular among buyers. Such pieces of furniture have a versatile, noble dark brown or light color. It combines with almost any design space. There are also models of the color of coffee with milk with a golden sheen, black glass and streaks, chocolate shades. For such a tone is also characterized by a unique color, giving the unique beauty of the surface.

This unusual name wenge color was due to the tropical tree of the same name, which is also called the African polysander. This material is characterized by extraordinary resistance to moisture, strength, durability. The tree is not exposed to fungal mold or exposure to any insects. However, the material is very expensive, and not everyone can afford a wenge cabinet. But modern manufacturers have found a way out of this situation. They produce beautiful and durable cabinets made of laminated chipboard, which apparently can hardly be distinguished from real ones.


As already mentioned, wenge is a different version of brown - most often dark, although there are also lighter models. Therefore, you need to rely on it. With such a shade white, beige, and black are perfectly combined. If you add a wenge interior to the interior in the listed colors, you will get a very stylish result. This interior will emphasize the good taste of the owner of the apartment, will look restrained and harmonious.

If you love nature and everything connected with it, then try a combination of a wardrobe with green or olive walls, furniture or textiles. Such an option would be the best way to create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Natural shades of the cabinet and interior will add comfort to the room, you will always have the desire to be there. For lovers of luxury, a perfect combination of wenge and gold color. So you highlight the nobility and sophistication of your interior. You can also dilute the space with your favorite bright shade. The main thing - to comply with the measure. You can use red or orange color.

Do not be afraid of the brightness of these shades. With proper treatment, they transform the space beyond recognition.

Here is a sample list of colors that, in combination with wenge, will give the most attractive result:

  • blue;
  • Gray;
  • cream;
  • green;
  • Violet;
  • pistachio;
  • lactic.

Tip: Do not use furniture made of other wood with wenge. It is better to focus on such an unusual and beautiful material.

Quality imitations

In the case when you really want to see a wenge tree cabinet in your apartment, but the budget does not allow you to make such a purchase, you should not despair. In modern stores you will find a huge selection of cabinets made from cheaper materials that look almost indistinguishable from real wenge wood. It can be options from LDSP, plastic or any other, cheaper material. You can also buy a special film for furniture that will resemble wenge in color.

In different rooms

Wenge-colored furniture will decorate any room in the house. You can purchase a large wardrobe in the living room or bedroom or a spacious wardrobe in the hallway. For the kitchen, you can choose several small cabinets, as well as for the bathroom. Ideally, if your house has a staircase, floor, or window sills, they are also made of wenge wood. Then you will achieve maximum harmony in the interior design.

So, on the basis of all the above, it is worth highlighting a few specific recommendations that will help you. to fit the wenge cabinet in the style of your interior:

  • Be careful with color. The wenge cabinet will look advantageous only when the room is not overloaded with too bright tones. Try to use the previously proposed win-win shades. Rely on the ratio of dark and light. Avoid variegation, but you should not get carried away with monochrome.
  • Follow the overall style. If you plan to put an expensive luxurious wenge cabinet in the room, you should not also buy cheap plastic furniture there. It is very important that the style is one. Any detail in it should not be superfluous or accidental. Upholstered furniture, textiles and decor should only emphasize the unique natural material, and not enter into discord with it.
  • Choose haze. Designers recommend purchasing wenge cabinets with a matte finish. Handles and other accessories can be glossy. This option looks the most advantageous.

On the basis of all this information, you will be able to easily purchase a wenge cabinet for your apartment. However, if you are still not sure that you can make the right choice, we advise you to seek help from professionals.

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