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Dora's doors

The company "Dera" has been manufacturing doors for over 20 years. Using years of experience and advanced technology in production, the company has established the production of high-quality products, deservedly enjoying popularity in the market and having excellent reviews.


The company's doors are widely used in hotels, educational and healthcare institutions, restaurants, offices and administrative buildings.

All thanks to their advantages, including:

  • strict quality control at all stages of production and compliance with state standards;
  • preliminary drying of the material in special chambers eliminates the deformation of products during operation;
  • a variety of finishing materials and design allows you to choose a product to place any style and color;
  • beautiful and aesthetic appearance of products, 10-year warranty and the availability of low-end models ;.


According to its technical characteristics and installation site, the doors are divided into several types, among which there are fire, construction, office, for schools and medical institutions.

Fire-prevention models have a fire resistance of 30 and 60 minutes, which allows to maintain the insulating properties of the product during this time and not to undergo deformation. The frame is made of high quality wood and filled with a refractory plate impregnated with a special composition. The thickness of the door leaf of the model EI30 is 4 cm, for the EI60 it is 5.6 cm. The door frames are equipped with smoke-proof and soundproof circuits, and in models -60 there is an additional foamed gasket.

Products are made with various types of decorative finishes., with one or two shutters, deaf or glazed, with a stationary or dropout threshold. Fire-prevention models "Dera" is a good alternative to steel doors, which allows to take into account the design of the room and harmoniously fit into the interior of hotels, offices and office buildings. Lamination, veneering and enamel coloring are used as finishing.

In the manufacture of glazed models using multilayer fireproof glass with gel layers. In the event of a fire, it does not crack and does not deform, but is installed in the canvas with a foaming sealant, which is covered with a decorative baguette from above.

Doors for medical institutions are distinguished by high strength, durability and aesthetic appearance. Resistant to the regular use of disinfectants, have ventilation grilles located in the lower part of the product. Cabinet options have enhanced sound insulation properties, and products for halls and corridors are equipped with double-glazed windows and have a double-wing design.

Doors for educational institutions have high strength and wear resistance, the door frame is reinforced, and the surface of the door leaf is resistant to mechanical stress. Taking into account the specifics of the design of children's rooms, doors are available in a wide range of colors. In the manufacture of glazed models used reinforced glass.

It is recommended to install models with lanyard thresholds, closers and equipped with the Antipanik system as fire doors to children's institutions.

Doors for administrative buildings are finished with natural wood veneer, which gives the products a noble and solid appearance; a system is installed that controls remote access. Products have high sound-proofing and fire-prevention properties.

Hotel doors are made in several versions: entrance for rooms, interior for use inside a two-room suite and models for bathrooms. Each of the three types meets certain requirements. For example, entrance license doors meet fire safety requirements and have high noise insulation properties.

Doors for bathrooms have high moisture resistancedo not swell and do not lose their original appearance. All products can be made in a single color scheme and decorated in the same style. In addition to veneering, lamination and painting with enamels, the doors can be decorated using baguette and voluminous panels, which allows the production of hotel doors for rooms decorated in classical styles.

Doors for the office are the face of the company and therefore should look aesthetically and seriously. The company "Dera" offers a wide selection of office models, made in a wide range of colors and a wide variety of finishing options. These are products with high sound insulation properties, taking into account the official style of the room and features of the layout.

Building models are used as interior doors in new buildings, handed over with "turnkey" finishing. They are characterized by low cost and high quality, which is very beneficial to developers.

The finish of the door leaf perfectly imitates bleached oak, walnut and wenge, which allows you to buy an inexpensive, but at the same time beautiful and high-quality product.

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