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Green floor tiles in interior design

As you know, the green color has a rather positive effect on the nervous system, contributes not only to calm, but also is able to relieve tension from the eyes and give inner harmony. Therefore, many people, choosing a floor covering for their home, prefer tile of these shades.


Green floor tiles are of two types.

  • Tile. This coating is quite durable. It is made of a mixture of clay, sand and special additives by firing, covered with a layer of glaze on top. Suitable for rooms where there is a large influx of people.
  • Porcelain stoneware. This coating has higher strength than the previous sample, and can be used even in large stores. It is made by pressing a mixture of clay, sand with the addition of special mineral additives and kaolin, and then firing the billet at very high temperatures.

Floor tiles of green, whatever type it may be, may have a glossy shine or be matte. In this case, glossy tiles usually have a brighter coating, it is easier to wash. But this type has a disadvantage - such a coating is more slippery than a material with a matte glaze. The matte tile perfectly protects you from falling on the wet floor, but washing it from dirt is quite problematic.

Note that wall samples of ceramic tiles for laying on the floor are not recommended, as they have a more slippery coating, which can be traumatic. Also, this coating will be quite fragile, it can not withstand the weight of a person and the load from the furniture installed on it.


Different manufacturers of green floor tiles produce samples of various parameters. Here you can find both rectangular, square, and elements of fantasy shape. The most common size of this cover is 33x33 cm. This is an average size that is suitable for stacking in small rooms such as a pantry or bathroom, or in larger rooms.

Also, to create an unusual coating on the floor, manufacturers offer tiles of a very small size, for example, 15x15 cm, or, conversely, large-sized porcelain tiles with a side length of more than one meter.

What to combine?

Green floor tiles are represented on the market of finishing materials with a wide range of colors. Here you can find completely different tones from light green, lime, olive, lime shade to rich tones of fresh grass, deep tones of malachite or emerald. When choosing a shade of green floor tile, it is very important that the floor in the room does not become a stain that will not be combined with the rest of the interior, as this can spoil the whole look. It is very easy to combine any shade of green with such tones as white, milky, cream and beige.

For the selection of tones, it is better to use the rules of color painting, where there are already several combinations that can be applied in your home.

It will look great green floor with furniture made of wood in warm brown shades. This combination is created by nature itself.

Noble shades of dark green will look great with plumbing and marbled walls. Here you can get a rather expensive glamorous interior.

Use in the interior

A green floor decorated with ceramic tiles can be used in many rooms. It is rather difficult to imagine a bathroom floor without laying this covering, and the green color is no exception. For this room is better to use a coating with a matte surface. This is due to the fact that according to statistics, most household injuries are people just when falling on a slippery tile in the bathroom.

The second most popular premise in a dwelling where ceramic tile is used as a floor covering is the kitchen. Here the facing material can be both glossy and matte, it all depends on your preferences, but remember that it is much easier to clean the glossy finish.

The next room, where green floor tiles are often used, is the hall. Often from the street we put sand and other garbage on our shoes, and removing tiles is much easier than, for example, parquet, especially since the ceramic coating is not afraid of moisture.


Green floor tiles can be used in many stylistic decisions of the interior, it all depends on the correct shade. So, in the classics it is better to give preference to noble dark tones, such as emerald, malachite. With the help of the floor of these shades you can add elegance to the room, add luxury.

In modern styles, however, you can use completely different shades. For the Scandinavian style is to give preference to the "dusty" shades of green. Here you can use geometric patterns, or lay out a mosaic on the floor using tiles of different shades.

In the Greek style, the floor should have a pleasant olive shade. It can also be combined with a white, black tone, or arrange the room monochrome. In the latter case, it is recommended to use different textures on the walls and floor.

Interesting samples

Some manufacturers use green color to create their collections:

  • Golden Tile Byzantium. Judging from the name, it becomes clear what era the designers tried to convey when creating this sample. Byzantine motifs in the form of curls on a tile will help to highlight the classic interior of your room. It is applicable not only in the bathroom, but also in the hall and in the kitchen. The sample is made in Ukraine, its cost is about 750 rubles per 1 square. m
  • Cotto Artistico Dtl Mugello from Franco Pecchioli, Italy. The aquamarine color will create an original and rich coating on the floor. Deep tone and aged texture (the surface seemed to sharpen water droplets for many years) will help to give your room an original look. Each element of the collection is created by hand, therefore unique. Sample cost of about 5,000 rubles per 1 square. m
  • Belani Symphony. Belorussian tile for high quality floor. Its design imitates mosaic, it looks quite original. The cost of this coverage is quite budget and amounts to only 560 rubles per 1 sq. M. m

Original ideas in the interior

Green tiles on the floor can often be found in quite bold and original ideas of interiors:

  • Green malachite is appropriate even on the floor in the living room, especially since in the middle of the room the tiles are laid out in the form of a carpet.
  • Porcelain stoneware green in combination with elements under the tree - the perfect solution for the kitchen in the Italian style.
  • The monochrome bathroom, where the olive color goes from the floor to the walls, looks pretty good, provided there is a difference in textures on the horizontal and vertical plane, and is also perfectly diluted with white-hot fixtures.

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