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How to install the doors?

Every person in life has to deal with the need to install entrance or interior doors. Of course, there are many companies that can repair old structures or build new ones. However, why not think about how to install the door yourself, saving a large amount of money. Due to the presence of certain skills, it is possible to independently perform the installation, both in a private house (at the porch, in the steam room or in the bath) and in a city apartment. To install the door with your own hands, it is recommended to use the general rules that will always help to move in the right direction.

How to install the doors with your own hands?

Often, before you install a new one, you have to dismantle the old door. First, with the help of a crowbar, you need to remove the trim, and then the old canvas, carefully lifting it. It remains to withdraw from the opening of the old box: for this you have to file it in several places, then there is a chance that it will freely come out of the opening without damaging it.

If the old door was installed in a foam block or in a brick opening, the box is likely to be cemented. To remove it from the opening, it is necessary to use a hammer, breaking the cement base. When the canvas with the box is finally dismantled, you can trim the slopes and plaster especially the "affected" places. Now you need to remove from the doorway all the resulting garbage and you can begin to take measurements for the new door. Making measurements is not difficult. The main thing is to measure the parameters of width and height, given that with curved walls the edges of the opening will be uneven. It is necessary to take measurements in 3-4 places and choose the smallest of them for further orientation.

When ordering a door, you should not worry about having to wait long for its production. Usually, the order is executed quickly. When unpacking, always check the delivery note and what is included in the package. A good product must be guaranteed. In case he has a manufacturing defect, he can be returned to the store, or exchanged for another. It is possible to return the door before the installation of hinges, a lock or other fittings, so check whether the goods have a defect or shortage in the configuration should be before the installation.

Before assembling the box, you should mark with a milling machine the places of the future fastening of the hinges and the lock. In order to properly make the markup, the door must be put vertically, using devices in the form of supports, which are upholstered in fabric to avoid damage to the canvas.

After fixing the door structure, the first step is to mark with a pencil the place where the lock will be embedded. To do this, it must be attached to the door, remembering that its optimum height should be 900 mm from the floor covering. If you plan to install two locks next to each other, you should first be guided by what height the main lock will have, and then plan the tie-in of the second one.

The places where the loops will be located are outlined as follows: 200 mm from the top and 200 mm from the bottom of the web recede. These steps are also carried out by attaching the loops and basting by a milling device. After a preliminary marking all holes are drilled by a screwdriver. The rack, installed vertically, is applied to the doors with a mandatory gap, which must remain between the door itself and the crossbar of its box, laid horizontally. The size of the gap - 2-3 mm.

Now you can mark the place where the tongue of the lock and hinges will be mounted, attach the hinges themselves and make holes with a drill. After the fastening points of the lock and the buttonholes have been pre-selected, it is important not to forget to treat them with a construction varnish, which will protect the material from moisture penetration. If installation of entrance doors, or very heavy models is carried out, then their fastening should be carried out by means of 3 loops (sometimes in addition on a spring). If the interior doors, for example, from MDF with an ekoshpon - two loops will be quite enough.

The hinges just need to be screwed to the frame, or inserted into the corner opening and screwed to the door leaf. With the lock, the situation is more complicated. It is better to make preliminary basting of the holes for all its parts (for fastenings, the lock handle and its locking structure) according to the scheme or template. To do this, simply attach the lock to the canvas. The place for the installation of this part is also selected using a chisel or a small milling machine.

Collecting the box is best done on the floor, as it requires a lot of free space. Racks on a vertical are measured strictly according to height and are cut by a mousse. In order not to damage the door frame, you need to put a few wooden slats under its rack. The crossbar, which is planned to be attached horizontally, is applied to the rack construction, and the box is assembled using a drill and self-tapping screws. If there is an opportunity, it is better to immediately order the door with the finished box, as in this case a small adjustment is made to the size of the opening and then fixing it.

It often happens that the door width during assembly turns out to be narrower than the slope. In this case, if there is no possibility of acquiring a telescopic box, you will have to work with the workers. If the opening is larger, then the strips of the door panels are selected according to the color of the door, and their thickness can vary from 8 to 12 mm.

After it turned out to collect the box, you need to install it in the opening. To do this, the assembled structure is gently wound inside and fixed with wedges. After such a fixation, it is aligned in the vertical and horizontal direction. In conclusion, the box is fixed by drilling holes in the wall and the rack itself. It now remains to fasten the entire structure with nails and screw with screws. Wedges are recommended to be made of wood, the density of which is approximately the same with the base material.

Hanging the door begins with screwing hinges on the already prepared markup. These parts are often detachable and the basis for their manufacture are the plates, the rod of which is removed, or embedded in a hinge. The door is installed very easily - it just needs to be raised at the height of the rod. In order to put it faster and safer, it is better to do it with someone together.

An important note to consider when choosing hinges: if the doors are hinged, you need to immediately decide which way they will open and close.

After the box is finally installed, all the excess gaps should be closed with foam. Through it, you can also improve the soundproofing properties of the door and keep warm. Polyurethane foam has excellent knitting properties, due to which the door provides extra strength.

It is easy to apply, but in order to do everything correctly, you need to follow a few simple instructions:

  • The main thing, before applying the foam, glue the door frame with construction tape or scotch tape. Fresh foam on contact with the door surface is instantly cleaned with any solution that contains alcohol.
  • There is no need to allow drying: if the foam dries, it will have to be scraped off with a metal object, due to which scratches on the door cannot be avoided.
  • The foam is applied in two stages: the first one is dotted (it fills the largest gaps), and the second is better done in three hours to fill the remaining gaps.
  • Once the foam has hardened, its excess can simply be cut off.

The final stage of installation is fastening to the profile of the platbands and the remaining fittings. The platbands are trimmed in height and at an angle of 45 degrees. Trimming is done at both ends with the help of the can. Frames are fixed with ordinary small nails or building glue. To complete the whole process, door knobs, latches, ties and other accessories should be installed.

Features of mounting doors of different types

Depending on the material from which the door is made, there are certain subtleties in terms of its installation. Immediately it should be noted that with the installation of a cheap Chinese model consisting of shaky panels and accessories of dubious quality, you have to tinker pretty much, and many elements can be deformed already in the process. This is especially true of entrance structures made of any metal: steel, aluminum, and tambour - those that usually go to the landing or to a pre-street room.

In order to select and install in the corridor entrance metal doors of good quality, you need to understand this area and carefully look at the materials offered by the seller. If the product is of poor quality, during installation it will be impossible to comply with those installation standards that provide iron doors with a maximum degree of reliability. When installing doors made of iron or any other metal, the threshold should have a tight fit to the floor covering, and the location of the stand should be strictly vertical with minimal deviation. Fittings must also be durable and wear-resistant.

As you know, the standard length of the canvas is 2 m, and if you plan to install new doors to the bathroom and to the toilet, it is important to take into account the fact that the bathrooms already have thresholds. The approximate height of the threshold in the bathroom or in the toilet room is 1 cm, which means that there will fit a model that has a non-standard size - 1 m 90 cm, not 2 m. It is advisable to buy or order just such an option, otherwise you will need to shorten the standard canvas that can not always turn out without deforming its structure.

When installing plastic PVC doors, it should be borne in mind that the closer is not included in any delivery package. It is purchased separately, and it should be changed every 3-4 years. When installing plastic kits, you should always check the operation of the handles, locks, the tightness of the doors to the door frame and the threshold.

Mounting heavy webs may be useful technology hidden installation of door hinges. They are characterized by increased strength and are not deformed under heavy weight. Hidden hinges are the optimal solution when installing elite solid wood doors: they are absolutely invisible from the front side of the door, which enhances the aesthetics of an already beautifully designed structure.

Finnish double doors are often installed with hidden hinges for aesthetic purposes. In such situations, during installation it is important to take into account the tolerances of double doors, calculated on a wide opening - this is a feature characteristic of most double doors. Massive armored models with additional reinforcement inside are best installed with hidden hinges - they do not have to be changed for a long time. And, of course, if the installation is done for painting, it is better if the loops are not visible either: it will greatly facilitate the painting work and allow you to carry them out as accurately as possible, without the need to “draw” the loops with a brush.

If the entrance doors are installed in a frame house or in a small private dwelling, during the construction of which a hollow facing brick was used, it is not recommended to mount your choice on heavy metal structures to avoid distortions of walls and a doorway. However, with a great desire, you can redo the doorway itself, making it out of the bars. In the panel house is best to have entrance doors with good thermal insulation. If it is possible to install a double structure, you can stop there. It is known that the thickness of the walls in such houses is 30-35 cm, which does not contribute to the preservation of heat in the home.

As for the installation of interior doors in homes where there is a risk that the doorways will not withstand the weight of heavy construction, the prospect of glass models is better not to be considered due to the significant weight of the weight. In such cases, you can choose a lightweight version with a covering of the eco-sheath. The eco-sheath is safe, it is easy to care for it, and it looks very attractive from the outside.

For more convenience, in many modern homes it is often practiced to replace conventional swing doors with sliding models, the most important element of which is a special mechanism. With the help of hinged rollers, the doors move freely, which provides tremendous savings in space. Such models are often referred to as sliding, suspended or retractable. They are easy to install, but the cost of such a mechanism is usually quite high.

Installation of a folding door, despite the visual complexity of the design, is also simple. Separate lamellae "accordion" or "books" are connected to each other by movable hinges, and one of the extreme bands is fixed motionless. In addition to it, all the lamellae "go" on small rollers, which will just need to be placed in the hole of the guide during installation. Due to the sliding wheels, the blades can be folded and folded.

Installation of automatic doors is made in areas with high traffic. Ordinary swing options may simply not withstand a strong flow of people. The main part of such models is an automated sensor, which, when a person approaches, picks up his movement and signals that the doors need to be opened. An important point of the installation process is to conduct electricity closer to the door. The panels themselves are placed in the slots, then the sensor itself and the mechanical door stops are installed. The first time you need to adjust the sensor so that it reacts faster to movement.

When installing doors with a thermal break, it is important that their installation was carried out in a timely manner, that is, when the building will be completed construction work associated with the use of wet materials. Before mounting the frame, the wall is primed and cleaned, and when applying mounting foam, it is necessary to protect the surfaces with a special tape with the function of moisture and steam insulation. This will help prevent moisture from entering the inside of the door body towards surfaces that are insulated with foam.

When installing and replacing doors in terrariums should pay attention to the correct selection of glass and suitable fittings.

Mounting methods

Different door models are equipped with different fasteners:

  • Fasteners of conventional swing structures are made using hinges and do not require the use of more complex parts.
  • As for sliding (or suspended) models, you will have to explore several new ways in order to strengthen them yourself.
  • The most running way is the suspension mechanism with the top guide. This guide is made in the shape of the letter "P", the edges of which are gently bent inward. The canvas will move on rollers at the top, and this is called a hanging door, which is mounted on the upper rail. First of all, you need to attach the rail to the top, and then screw the rollers to it. Door leaf neatly placed in the finished guide, after which the installation of the locking mechanism, so that the design does not come out of the grooves. With the door open, the rollers are mounted below.

How can I adjust interior doors

Adjustment of interior doors can be carried out independently. A common reason for which they have to be regulated is sagging. This is due to the weakening of the fastening part of the loop. It does not require anything complicated: just tighten the screws more tightly. Sometimes there is a need to slightly adjust the axis. In order to tighten the hinges of plastic doors, you need to use the Allen key.

Also a frequent reason for adjustment is the loose clamping of the web against the box due to its skewing. To do this, you will need to remove the door from the hinges, find out by measuring with a tape measure where the place of the skew is located and additionally secure the box with bars and screws. In the end does not interfere with the application of foam.

If you have to deal with double-wing compartment doors, which are often installed in the kitchen, sometimes it becomes necessary to adjust the lock (or stopper). This is a small metal bracket, which is usually located in the upper guide door and, thanks to a special recess inside it, prevents the sash from rolling independently. It is necessary to fix the retainer, returning it to the correct position. To do this, just remember how it was installed initially.

Assembly kit for door installation

In order to install any doors as quickly and competently as possible, it is recommended to purchase a universal mounting kit. Благодаря этому набору, появляется возможность пошагово разобраться с тем, как правильно обращаться с коробкой, как установить конструкцию без порожка или с порогом, как нужно крепить навесы, подвесы и обналички.

К инструкции, в которой содержится базовая и ценная информация пошагового монтажа, прилагается и набор инструментов:

  • ключ-универсал для крепежа всех элементов фурнитуры,
  • специальная гайка и бурт для надежного крепежа полотна, как минимум, в 6 точках,
  • прессовые шайбы с винтами,
  • дюбеля из пластика,
  • гайки низкие,
  • 12 саморезов,
  • hex bolts,
  • brackets for fasteners.


In addition to the crowbar, screwdriver, hammer and standard screwdriver, you should think about what additional tools you may need. For accurate processing of edges, you can use a milling machine (it is often called a milling cutter or milling cutter). The miter saw can be useful for work with dobory in case the door frame does not close the opening completely and you have to cut out additional elements. The mounting pad is a wonderful retainer that secures the door securely in the opening, after which it can be leveled and fasten even if the master has to work alone.


Traditionally, the existing standardization of door dimensions according to GOST at the present stage is often irrelevant due to the fact that such strict standards as before are not observed during construction. All sizes should be prescribed and determined individually, and experienced manufacturers will always help you choose a set in accordance with the dimensions of the door opening.

How to put a new door in the old door frame

If the old door frame is still strong and looks decent, and the old door needs to be replaced, you can easily install a new canvas into the old box. It will only be necessary to remove the old door from the hinges, and to make dimensions for a new one based on the old parameters. Before installation, you need to inspect the box well, if there are any unnecessary gaps and cracks on it. It may be necessary to additionally fix the dobora, if any. If the old hinges are in good condition, you can fasten a new door on them. If it becomes necessary to put new loops, it is necessary to correct the old holes for them, having previously scored small wedges or “chops” on them with glue. Such a simple technique will help make the holes more dense, and the new hinges will hold tight in them.

What first: do the floor or install the door?

It is recommended to install the door after the floor has been laid. But if there is no floor covering yet, it is very important to take into account how high the flooring will be in the sizing and also to remove the size of the gap that always remains between the door and the floor. It is on the exact measurements of the level of the floor and it depends on whether the door will walk easily and freely, or it may touch the lower part when opening and closing. The standard distance between the door and the floor covering is 10 mm.

What first: glue wallpaper or install the door?

There is no exact answer to this question, because different technical situations arise during the repair process. Installing the door may be accompanied by an abundance of dust and dirt that may damage the new wallpaper, so it is recommended to think over the repair steps in advance. It is possible to paste over with wall-paper a large part of the room, and leave the area where the installation work will be done, unplaced and arrange it later. But it is best (especially when it is planned to install a massive entrance door, or several interior doors at once) to install the structures before pasting, and to finish after.


Those who are going to install the doors for the first time themselves should not be hesitant: in the numerous forums of amateur craftsmen you can find many stories and tips on how to properly install any model with your own hands. A lot of positive feedback is available about the installation kits for installing doors. Thanks to him, the opportunity to get a hint and help throughout the process. Experienced craftsmen recommend beginners not to rush to the installation and not to get rid of the previous door frames in rash, because quite often it is the presence of the previous box that makes installation easier and helps to navigate based on the previous dimensions of the door leaf and hinges.

Watch the video: How To Install Interior Doors (August 2019).

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