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Espresso maker

Modern man has long been adapted to the world of smart gadgets. Probably for this reason, when organizing their life, more and more people prefer technical innovations. That is why the task of kitchen equipment for many today seems extremely relevant. In its interior, one of the central places is deservedly occupied by a coffee maker.

Nowadays, buying a coffee maker is not a big deal: in stores, their assortment is very diverse in terms of both the lineup and the price.

However, despite the richness of the range of coffee makers, choosing a model that would suit you in all respects is often quite difficult. In order not to be disappointed later, before buying an attractive gadget, you should understand the types and models of coffee makers and find out what the espresso coffee maker differs from, for example, geyser coffee, and what kind of coffee you can make yourself by buying a certain model.

Features of models

The variety of types and models of coffee makers typical for today is due to the fact that, on the one hand, they differ significantly from each other in the technological solution that provides coffee extraction, and, secondly, in the breadth of their functional set.

Among the main types of coffee makers traditionally distinguished:

  • plunger;
  • geyser;
  • drip;
  • espresso.

Espresso coffee maker or compression coffee maker today is in high demand, which is explained by a number of its advantages. They are due to a successful technologically verified solution: in it, aromatic coffee is obtained by heating water by increasing the pressure and then passing it through ground coffee. It is interesting that when water passes through coffee, it is superintensely saturated with its coffee substance. Espresso coffee maker outperforms other types of similar devices by an average of 7-10%. For this reason, coffee made in an espresso machine is distinguished by its incomparable aroma, exquisite taste and delicious foam.

Espresso coffee makers are divided into 2 types:

  • steam, in which the steam injection in the process of boiling water provides the necessary pressure;
  • pump in which the desired pressure is provided by a special pump.

Depending on the method of coffee brewing used in the coffee machine, espresso coffee makers can be divided into such varieties as:

  • carob;
  • combined;
  • automatic.

Rozhkovaya coffee maker differs in that for its preparation for work it is necessary to pour the calculated amount of coffee into a special horn. Next you need to pour coffee poured. At this stage, high-quality manual work is required, because in this case coffee needs medium density compaction, and not weak or super dense. It should be remembered that the degree of density of coffee tamping directly affects the taste of the prepared beverage. The combined coffee maker is good, first of all, because it allows you to make coffee either by drip or espresso. This kind of coffee makers for the house are often chosen by coffee gourmets, who are always ready to spend extra time for the preparation of their favorite drink.

Insofar as combination coffee maker combines two different devices, each of them requires special care. In addition, the preparation of coffee also requires additional efforts: for the drip device, one grinding of coffee is needed, and for espresso - quite different. At the same time, it should be noted that the time spent on preparatory and service work pays off with the result: in a combination coffee maker with certain skills, it is quite realistic to prepare exactly the drink that gives you real pleasure.

Automatic coffee maker - This is a homemade wand in almost all situations. An automatic espresso model makes all operations on its own: coffee beans are ground, the required number of servings is formed, the coffee is brewed, unwanted residues are dumped into a special container, and if necessary, the entire device is rinsed. On the preparation of 1 cup of drink takes no more than 40 minutes, which is an indicator of a coffee maker is far from an express type.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many people believe that an automatic espresso coffee maker has indisputable advantages compared with the combination of gadgets and horn coffee makers. Indeed, among the obvious advantages of automatic espresso coffee machines, users usually include:

  • impressive set of various functions;
  • quality characteristics of the coffee;
  • convenience in operation.

Among the functions characteristic of espresso coffee makers, especially demanded are the adjustment of the number of cups to be prepared in 1 work cycle, the function of selecting coffee strength, changing the mode of grinding coffee beans, adjusting the mode of preparation of the drink, taking into account the indicator of hardness of water used, flushing pipes that supply device water.

The high quality of the beverage prepared in the espresso device is ensured by the fact that the grinding of coffee is carried out directly on the eve of drinking the beverage, as a result of which caffeine and all essential oils are completely preserved.

As a result, the prepared beverage preserves the wealth of a unique bouquet of aromas for a long time.

The convenience of operation characteristic of automatic espresso coffee makers is due to the fact that at all stages the process of making coffee is carried out in a fully automated mode, which eliminates the need for tireless monitoring or intervention on the part of the person. In addition, the control device does not require the development of any special skills. However, it must be admitted that in the presence of obvious advantages automatic espresso coffee makers have some drawbacks. Among their drawbacks, the most often noted is the requirement of the manufacturer to regularly carry out preventive cleansing with specially designated means for such operations, as well as a rather high cost.

The most reliable and high-quality models should be chosen, taking into account not only the ratings of manufacturers and their products, but also the advice of practicing craftsmen and experienced coffee-lovers. Based on the price-quality ratio when comparing the models in question, attention should be paid to such specific functions as the presence of a multi-stage adjustment of the beverage strength in the device, the possibility of changing the temperature regimes of brewed coffee and the number of espresso cups for 1 grinding, as well as taking into account the characteristics of the model, related to its dimensions - standard in size, mini or ultra-compact.

Principle of operation

Espresso coffee maker is a fairly complex technical device, equipped with an electromagnetic pump and a thermoblock. The pump works in the set mode, providing increase in pressure to indicators defined by the producer. Coffee in this coffee maker is prepared at the optimum temperature, therefore, both useful substances and flavors are stored in the drink. It is not difficult to learn how to use the pump-type model: it has a built-in coffee grinder and an automatic cleaning system, which greatly facilitates both the process of operating the device and caring for it.

In an automatic coffee maker you can usually brew not only espresso, but also other coffee drinks: cappuccino, latte, mocha.

If you are a lover of cappuccino, then you should pay attention to the presence in the model of special cappuccino coffee nozzles and tubes that take away steam. Espresso coffee maker allows you to prepare cappuccino with excellent milk froth. An espresso coffee maker will be an indispensable assistant in making classic mocha, which includes espresso, hot chocolate, hot milk and milk foam.

How to choose: reviews about models

Among espresso models, pumper models are considered more modern, but it should be borne in mind that they may differ significantly from each other. When buying a pump coffee maker, experts often advise you to pay special attention to such characteristics as

  • the material from which the horn is made (caring for the quality of coffee, you need to choose not a plastic, but a metal horn);
  • the presence of valves that provide pressure relief (this ensures the safety of the user during operation);
  • automatic shutdown function at overheating;
  • availability of automatic cleaning coffee makers.

Since in the modern market, espresso coffee makers are fairly widely represented, it’s only the one who has the necessary information that can decide which one is the best. If you want to make the right choice in technology, you need to study the characteristics of specific coffee machines and find out what rating the models you like have in the top lists. However, we should not forget that the quality of coffee makers, like other products, largely depends on the manufacturer. For example, Italian products are characterized by amazing polyfunctionality, and German products are of the highest quality, which is manifested even in trifles.

Before buying the device, it will be completely useful to get acquainted with user reviews. In general, there are no complaints in the work and brands such as Rowenta, Polaris, Diva, Ikea, Vitesse. Undoubtedly, for coffee lovers, the purchase of espresso coffee makers is always a nice gift. Meanwhile, in order not to spoil your holiday, you should first assess the basic capabilities of the device and, first of all, how much coffee can make a device in a certain amount of time and how much energy costs will turn out.

As for the selection of basic and additional functions of the coffee maker, then this task must be solved by everyone, based on their own preferences. The best espresso machine for you will be the one that fully satisfies your needs.

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