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Transparent silicone pads on the table

A table is an attribute that is almost never bought for a year or two. This type of furniture is chosen taking into account the requirements of the interior, carefully evaluating the appearance of the creation of carpentry art. A large number of people gather at the dinner table (households and guests at home), therefore, to preserve its original appearance is not an easy task, and a written version is needed to perform certain works. Scuffing and other mechanical damage are unlikely to add color to the gray working days, which is why, like any other frequently used furniture, the table, whatever functional load it performs, needs protection. In this case, to maintain the appearance and beauty of the tabletop will help transparent silicone lining on the table.

What is the name of?

For many years, the inhabitants of different countries have been using a protective film for tables, called a boulevard. An unusual and mysterious word personifies a rug that is placed on the tabletop to protect it from all sorts of mechanical and thermal damage.

At the moment, such products can be seen both in residential buildings and in many industrial premises.

The bouvars give a special style, charm and sophistication to the table surface, decorate the workplace, and complement the interior in an original way.

Leather pouches, models from eco-leather, from polyurethane, from imitation leather were originally used as a substrate for the table.

Most often they have been used and are still used in offices.

But the production of protective panels for furniture does not stand still. Modern manufacturers have achieved amazing results through the use of innovative technologies and materials previously unknown to mankind (polycarbonate, silicone and the like).

The new trend in the interior design steel transparent silicone lining on the table. Such tablecloths fit perfectly into absolutely any interior, give it uniqueness, originality and chic. Moreover, such items are chosen for their practicality.

If white tablecloths need timely and special care, colored models are not relevant in all rooms, then transparent oilcloth is exactly what you need.

Silicone tablecloth is a good alternative to textiles and goods for the decoration of the table from other materials. Such a product is the best purchase for those consumers who want to keep their furniture in perfect condition, but are not ready to use for this purpose any flashy and sometimes even ridiculous accessories - desktop tracks, not always fashionable napkins, various coasters and so on.

Special features

Transparent overlay for the table is designed for connoisseurs of tidy furniture, without visible flaws and defects. The product made of silicone will help to extend the life of the tables, and you can choose this accessory with all the features and requirements of the interior.

The protective substrate not only does not violate the integrity of the picture of the internal filling of the room, but also adds a certain innovation with its presence.

There are not only transparent models that have a stylish appearance, but also variants that are decorated with an original design that is ideal for the selected table.

If a table was bought that looks quite attractive and without additional decorations, a transparent silicone pad on the table is exactly the option that does not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the product. Its main advantage is transparency, thanks to which a beautiful tabletop can be seen without much difficulty.

Particularly relevant silicone substrate in families where there are children. Accidental paints, traces of a ballpoint pen and felt-tip pens can ruin a tabletop, and even the use of tablecloths is unlikely to save furniture.

Various oilcloths are impractical and inconvenient to use, as are fabric coatings. Often they get wet, in addition, slide on the table.

All these negative aspects are absent from the silicone substrate.

Manufacturers have taken care of other elements of the table besides the table top. To protect the corners were proposed special silicone nozzles that also prevent damage to property.

They are especially important when there is a possibility that a small household may be injured on an unprotected sharp corner of the table.

Also transparent overlays perform an informational function. Under their body, you can put your favorite photos, important phone numbers and other useful papers or notes that you want to be visible. Everything else, they provide a softer letter.

Transparent silicone tablecloths can be used to protect tables for different purposes:

  • dinner;
  • kitchen;
  • standing on the street;
  • bedside;
  • magazine;
  • written.

The advantages of silicone over other materials

Modern brandy different variety of materials performance. There are models of polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate, but the most expensive substrate is leather.

The latter are made by hand, so the cost of such products is very high.

Table coverings of average price policy are made from various leather substitutes. They are considered to be quite acceptable options, provide convenience in work, but do not always suit buyers with an external design.

The skin is too soft, and working at such a table is not always convenient, in addition, such a substrate can not be used, for example, in the kitchen.

Transparent tablecloths on a table made of silicone always delight customers. Their use does not affect the appearance of the furniture. They are environmentally friendly, resistant to mechanical damage. That is why silicone in its operational capabilities surpasses all other types of coatings.

Transparent silicone coatings have many advantages over other materials.

  • Practicality. Any contamination can be quickly removed from the surface of the silicone substrate without the use of special chemicals for cleaning.
  • Do not need special care.. It is enough to periodically wipe with a damp cloth, thereby removing the dust, and then wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Acid resistance, alkalis, solutions of salts and alcohols.
  • Elasticity (silicone lining fits perfectly on the table surface, does not stretch, does not bristle and does not “bubble”).
  • Noiselessness (the substrate does not rustle and does not emit any extraneous sounds when touching it).
  • Long service life.
  • It has no odor, silicone is non-toxic.
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • Ease of use (the pad does not slip and does not slip from the table top).
  • Fits into any interior style without changing it.


Silicone substrates of various dimensions are on the market today. There are large, medium, small models, you can choose an overlay on any table size. Only the thickness of the product remains replaceable. As a rule, it ranges from 1 mm to 2 mm.

It is quite enough for the furniture surface to be reliably protected from accidental mechanical damage and pollution.

Most often there are lining in the amount of 45x65 cm, but manufacturers have made life easier for buyers: in most cases, their customers have tables with standard sizes:

  • 90x90 cm or 75x120 cm - coffee tables;
  • 120x150 cm - kitchen;
  • 135x180 cm - dining.

Under such dimensions, you can also buy a suitable substrate. If the table has non-standard dimensions or was made to order, you can easily buy the bravado and on the author's product.

Color solutions

The main feature of the transparent silicone lining is that through it you can see the entire surface of the table. This is a particularly valuable criterion for bespoke joinery, when the owner wants the original furniture element to see everything. But sometimes the tables do not represent any aesthetic value and their owners, on the contrary, dream to somehow embellish their property. In this case, the ideal solution is a colored silicone substrate.

There is also a completely black model, a white or bright lining of all colors of the rainbow. Silicone tablecloths are produced without a pattern, which makes it possible to use them in strict interiors and at the same time in modern details saturated with details.

The lack of a pattern can also be successfully beaten in the interior. These paintings emphasize the elegant form of furniture.

Prints and patterns in patchwork style will be a good addition to the children's room. On such overlays summer motifs in the form of ripe fruits, berries and vegetables can please the eye. The drawings symbolizing wealth and abundance in the house will suit the rustic interior.

Fashionable holographic "3D" prints will distract attention from a nondescript surface and create a fantastic atmosphere in the room, and nobody can understand that the room has changed so much thanks to the transparent cover.

A soft base with a beautiful embossing and a bright picture will make any room luxurious, you just need to choose the right picture.

In the cold autumn evenings, the summer pattern will lift your spirits, create a cozy atmosphere that will remind you of warm sunny days. And vice versa, in the summer, when every living creature languishes from the heat, a pad in cool colors with patterns, as if from a winter garden, will bring the coveted coolness and a drop of freshness into the house.

Manufacturers Overview

The leading global manufacturer of silicone lining is a Japanese company Meiwa. The range of the manufacturer a huge selection of models of transparent, colored, matte, with or without a pattern, in finished sizes, and in rolls.

Do not lag behind the sales leader and domestic manufacturers: Decosave, Modern. The products of the companies are not very different in quality from the products of the main importer of silicone products, as many buyers were able to ascertain. On the account of Russian trademarks dozens of different names of overlays, there is something to choose from for any interior and the wishes of customers.

The best producer of Belarus is the company "Ofiston". The company's products are sold out well, which indicates the excellent qualities of the brand's silicone linings.

The Swiss company Ikea, out of competition. The quality of trademark goods is known all over the world, as evidenced by rave reviews. Especially popular are the models "Preis", "Scrutt". The latter looks particularly advantageous on glass tables.

Successfully sell their products in the form of silicone linings and brands such as Durable, Esselte, Leitz, Panta Plast.

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