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Elektra coffee machines

Real coffee cannot be made in 1 minute by dissolving the powder. Coffee connoisseurs trust preparation of the drink to coffee machines, as the result is worth it. The recognized leader among competitors is the Elektra coffee machine.

Special features

For many years of its existence, Elektra has been able to create devices that provide stable operation, ease of use and maintenance. Elektra coffee machines are characterized by high pressure accuracy, accurate temperature of the prepared beverage. A special feature of Elektra coffee machines is the manual version of the assembly, a long procedure for testing equipment and an exclusive design.

Why coffee machine?

Preference for coffee machines is not given by chance. The advantage of the technique is that she prepares the coffee herself, and the owner only lays the necessary ingredients. Modern devices are able to create several variants of coffee: espresso, latte, americano. This feature allows you to develop your love of coffee and experiment with its types.


There are several types of coffee machines:

  • carob;
  • chaldovaya;
  • capsular type;
  • espresso machines;
  • automatic models.

The first type is intended for the preparation of espresso, by passing steam through coffee pressed in a horn, in the second variant instead of a horn - pod. Capsular coffee machine does not use "coffee pills", they were replaced by capsules. Espresso combines prepare coffee as pre-crushed, and grain, for this they are equipped with millstones. Automatic models are versions that independently prepare different types of coffee and have the functions of controlling the strength and volume.

Elektra maxi

The Elektra Modern Maxi coffee machine intends for coffee houses, cafe and restaurants. Boiler volume - up to 9 liters, power - 3200 watts. The dimensions of the car are very impressive: 760x485x430, weight 54 kg. Large size is compensated by excellent quality and reliability. The model is assembled by hand and impresses with its stylish design and professional capabilities.

Elektra Gold T-G

This model has a golden color and immediately catches the eye. Such a device will decorate a coffee shop or cafe. The technical characteristics (boiler volume, dimensions, weight, power) are similar to Maxi. Of the features:

  • the presence of a filter;
  • built-in pump that absorbs vibration and noise;
  • control system in 2 levels;
  • heat exchanger with patent;
  • protection from excess moisture and overheating.

Tips for choosing

Planning a purchase of coffee machines should consider a few points: the appointment of the device, the budget of the purchase. Under the appointment means professional or for use at home or in the office. Prices for them are significantly different, as a professional should provide a few dozen people with coffee, and mini-devices will be able to serve a family or a small team.

The difference between the models is that each uses its own principle of cooking (using a horn, pods or other). If you like purely grain coffee, it makes no sense to buy such devices, and even better to pay attention to the universal coffee machines Elektra.

It is important to determine whether the principle of automatic mode. If everything is automated in the model, there is a wide range of services available for preparing various types of coffee by yourself, be prepared to pay for it.

Be prepared that in parallel with the coffee machine accessories are purchased: capsules, grains, filters and gentle cleaners. These little things will help to brew coffee and make it as useful as possible.

Thus, as reviews say, coffee lovers should consider the option of acquiring a coffee machine, since this device prepares a delicious aromatic drink and at the same time saves the time of its owner. Numerous types and variations of models extend the capabilities of consumers.

Watch the video: Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica unboxing & startup (August 2019).

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