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Holcon in the mattress: what is it?

Today, a wide variety of materials are used to fill the mattresses, and one of the most versatile is holcon. It belongs to a number of nonwoven types, and polyester fibers are its basis. It is worth noting that this material is used not only for filling mattresses, but also for toys and even upholstered furniture. In comparison with other fillers, holcon has a number of significant advantages, which are worth a closer look.

Special features

To begin with, it should be said that holkon is an innovative material, which so far has no worthy analogues on the market. The unique technology, based on the vertical stacking of threads, provides high performance products. Using this method, manufacturers can significantly improve the recoverability of the volume of the mattress. It is worth noting that holcon has this quality exclusively.

Fibers used in the basis of the filler, are synthetic species. In the production process, polyester yarns can be heat treated, making the elements take the form of a spiral. Then the fibers are interconnected without the use of chemicals.

The material retains heat well, which is another of its distinctive features.



Holcon is a unique material that has many advantages. The advantages of the filler include:

  • environmentally friendly materials are used for production;
  • based on no toxic substances;
  • Mattresses with a filler do not absorb moisture and unpleasant odors.

Due to the presence of the porous structure, products with holcon have a small weight.

In addition, mattresses can be laid even on uneven surfaces. Products are the most convenient to use and do not create discomfort during sleep.

Unlike standard foam, which is often used for filling mattresses, holcon is more durable. Even with prolonged use, the material does not lose its shape.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that at the heart of the holcone there are synthetic fibers. It is an ideal choice for people suffering from allergies. An important point is the fact that holcon, unlike natural options, easily tolerates cleaning.

Another advantage of the filler is that it does not give in to burning. In addition, the density of the material is somewhat lower in comparison with the same foam rubber. But this does not affect the performance of the filler.

Holcone mattresses are in high demand among consumers, which also should not be overlooked. Every year, buyers are increasingly turning to such options ...



Particular attention should be paid to the properties possessed by holcon. As noted above, the filler is a number of environmentally friendly. In addition, holcon is an antistatic material, which distinguishes it from other options.

Many experts argue that this material has a higher wear resistance compared with other options.

Listing the main characteristics, it is worth noting that holcon is completely inert to bacteria infection. In the mattress does not develop harmful microorganisms, as often happens with other fillers.

It must be said that holcon has an attractive appearance. Mattresses with strutoplast (another name for the material) are presented in a rather wide range, which gives customers the opportunity to choose an option according to their own preferences. In addition, models with this filler have excellent orthopedic properties.

It should be noted that the appointment of products may differ among themselves. That is why manufacturers add filler and other fibers to the base. Often used for these purposes bamboo, cotton or wool. Through the use of these components increases the resistance of the base to the development of bacteria. In addition, additional fibers eliminate the appearance of static voltage.

How to choose?

Despite the fact that holcon has a lot of advantages, the choice of a mattress from it must be approached responsibly. First you need to decide on the size of the product. In general, the standard parameters for models with holkone are 150x200x8 cm. The width, length and height of the mattress are of no small importance when used. Basically, such options are ideal for one person. Also, manufacturers produce models with parameters 140x200 cm.

Pay special attention to the quality of the material. It should be pleasant to the touch, sustainable and safe for your health. Focus on the problems that bother you during sleep. For example, many people suffer from back and neck pain. If you have such problems, you should first consult with an orthopedist.

Consider the fact that holcone mattresses have orthopedic properties. Such options are ideal for children and adolescents.

The store is worth testing holcon mattress. To do this, lie down and not sit on the surface, as many buyers do.

Pay special attention to the cost of the model.

In general, products with holcon do not differ too high price.



As with any product, holcon mattress periodically needs care. Many experts recommend periodically turning the product over. In the first month of using the mattress to perform this action is recommended 2 times a week. Then you need to do this every 14 days. After prolonged use - 1 time in 3-4 months.

In addition, mattresses need to be ventilated, even if there are slats in the bed. To do this, it is necessary to remove it once a year, place it in a vertical position and leave it for 3-4 hours. But do not put the product in direct sunlight.

Even after the acquisition, holcon mattresses have a specific aroma.

Experts recommend ventilate the product before use. After unpacking, the mattress should be left for a few hours in the room, having previously opened a window or a window (it all depends on the time of year).

An important step in the process of care is cleaning the mattress. Particular attention should be paid to this item in the presence of additives in the basis of the filler. Most often used for cleaning steam treatment.

For cleaning you need to choose a special tool. Generally, manufacturers offer special formulations designed solely to remove dirt from the mattress. At the heart of these funds are no aggressive components and corrosive substances.



The reviews of those buyers who have already managed to purchase one of the models will help determine the appropriate holcon mattress. Most consumers noted that during sleep there is maximum comfort and convenience. Buyers paid special attention to the presence of a flat surface that compensates for defects in the bed.

Consumers have noted that even with prolonged use, the mattress does not rub out and retains its original shape. Many new parents purchase such products for the beds of babies. Buyers noted that during sleep, mattresses evenly distribute the load on the spine, which is a significant moment in the formation of posture.

Many people suffering from problems with the musculoskeletal system are also not afraid to purchase such products.

During sleep, there is no discomfort and pain, as is often the case when using standard models. Buyers have noted that mattresses have average hardness.

The small weight of the models allows them to move regularly from place to place. Compared with standard foam rubber, holcon is more convenient to transport, which has also been noted by many.

An important point is the cost of products. Consumers noted that even with additional fibers, the price for mattresses is not too high. Buyers are very satisfied with the ratio of good quality and affordable price.

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