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Atlant Fridge

Atlant brand fridge is one of the most popular and sold models in the post-Soviet space. The refrigeration unit of the Belarusian brand has long managed to win the hearts of customers due to the budget price and high quality. Beautiful and original design, good technical characteristics, a large selection of models and colors - not one criterion is inferior to well-known foreign brands. If you want to buy a reliable refrigerator at the best price - pay attention to the Atlant.

Features and benefits

ATLANT Inc. is a Belarusian manufacturer of household appliances, widely known in Russia. The products of the Minsk refrigerator factory, which is part of the company, won the recognition of customers by a large model range of refrigeration devices, an inexpensive price and high quality of the offered equipment. The company is constantly expanding the range of equipment using only innovative technologies.

One of the advantages of Atlant refrigerators is low power consumption.

The products of the Belarusian company have energy class "A", which makes them economical to use. This is achieved through compressors produced by the company, together with the European "Danfoss". Atlant models have protection against voltage drops and low noise. Belarusian refrigerators are quality, reliability and reasonable price.

The inner walls are made of durable and environmentally friendly plastic, which does not emit odor. The cooling system works on the principle of natural air movement, which creates different temperatures at different levels of the refrigerating chamber and allows you to store food in optimal conditions. For more intensive cooling, a fan is installed in the models.

Refrigeration units are equipped with adjustable shelves of tempered glass and glass containers that are designed for products with a strong smell.

Many stores offer a wide range of Atlant models:

  • Single chamber. Devices without a freezer or with a small freezer placed at the top of the chamber.

  • Two-compartment. Models from 70 to 393 l. The freezer compartment in these devices can be located above or below. They are equipped with an electronic control and display unit, an audible alarm for an open door, fast freezing modes. Description of models in the attached manufacturer's instructions.

  • Freezers. To ensure high quality, refrigerators are tested at all stages of production. This ensures uninterrupted operation throughout the entire life cycle.

The production of Atlant refrigerators is located in Belarus. This country is famous not only for its high-quality equipment, but also for the release of high-quality cosmetics. It produces various brands of refrigeration devices that meet all the requirements of the modern buyer.


One of the options for exterior design of Atlant refrigerators is the soft line style that meets the latest fashion trends.

The original design of the end handles in the form of plates allows to reduce the overall size of the model in depth, which is important when installing it in a small-sized kitchen. The image of a wave with its smoothness and softness determines the exterior design of a whole range of refrigerators. The waveform is repeated rhythmically in the design elements, creating the effect of plastic movement.

Two models of refrigerators have a mirror on the door of the refrigerator. The mirror allows you to visually expand the space of the room. Handles in the form of a vertical bracket on the side surface of the doors emphasize the shape of the forms and the verticality of the lines of the design. Simplicity, rigor, conciseness - the distinctive features of the new exterior design, embodied in the latest models of Atlant refrigerators.

In the appearance of these models there are no unnecessary details. The side panels and the door of the refrigerator compartment have a height up to the roof of the refrigerator, and the control panel is hidden behind the door of the refrigerator compartment. The convex shape of the door adds elegance to the seemingly simple look.

Atlant refrigerators come in a variety of colors. Gray matte metallic is the color of the metal-based laminate from which most models are made. Metal-colored white marble used in the manufacture of doors of refrigerators. Thanks to the use of this material, models not only decorate any kitchen, but also retain their spectacular appearance in conditions of high humidity. With metal-based laminate, you can forget about dark spots on the surface. Atlant refrigerators come in different colors. Gray matte metallic is the color of the metal-based laminate from which most models are made. Metal-colored white marble used in the manufacture of doors of refrigerators.

Thanks to the use of this material, models not only decorate any kitchen, but also retain their spectacular appearance in conditions of high humidity. With metal-based laminate, you can forget about dark spots on the surface.

Which is better: Atlant or Biryusa

A comparative analysis of similar models of two well-known manufacturers showed that models that are similar in options are in the same price segment. Compare the characteristics and choose between Atlant or Biryusa using the table:

IndicatorsPrice, thousand rubles.Volume useful, lFreezer volume, lHeight cmCompressors, pcs.
Biryusa 149 KLEA20-233801352071
Atlant XM 602522-273541292052


According to its technical parameters, the Atlant refrigerator is not inferior to the best world analogues. Models have low power consumption and are classified as high energy efficiency classes "A +", "A" or "B", as well as built-in refrigeration mxm. Corrected sound power level depending on the model - no more than 42 decibels. The compressor and the control system of refrigerators are adapted to voltage drops in electrical networks. The company uses its own production of compressors.

New models of compressors can reduce power consumption and reduce the corrected sound power level of the refrigerator.

Refrigeration systems use the most economical and environmentally friendly refrigerant - isobutane.

Its thermodynamic properties make it possible to reduce energy consumption and noise of refrigerators. Atlant models are located in any convenient place in the kitchen, as their doors can be moved to the opposite side. The evaporator is located outside the refrigerator compartment and filled with foam. The use of such an appliance of the refrigerating chamber allows not only to increase the volume of the food storage chamber and improve its appearance, but also to prevent damage to it and to facilitate cleaning of the chamber.

Cooling systemused in Atlant refrigerators is based on the natural movement of air: the air cooled by the evaporator is lowered and the warm air rises. With such a system, different temperature zones are created in the refrigerating chamber, optimal for storing different products, and all the moisture that is stored there remains inside the chamber.

The automatic defrosting system of the evaporator of the refrigerator compartment helps to keep the humidity at a constant level.

The frost formed on the back wall of the chamber periodically turns into water droplets. Water partially evaporates, maintaining the required level of humidity, and its residues flow down the tube into a vessel on the compressor. There they evaporate under the action of heat generated during the operation of the compressor. Ceiling cover improves the illumination of the refrigerating chamber, taking up minimal space.

The fan turns on for more intensive cooling of products and uniform distribution of temperature in the chamber.

The operation of the included fan is controlled by an electronic control unit. Different sizes of refrigerators in centimeters (cm) allow you to find the optimal solution for the kitchen. Small models are available to buyers, as well as overall ones.

How to setup

After purchasing refrigeration equipment you need to set it up correctly. From how correctly set the mode will depend on the operation of the refrigerator, the duration of service life and the safety of products.

Optimum adjustment of the cooling mode will save energy.

  • Temperature determination. This parameter depends on many factors, which include the workload of the equipment, as well as environmental conditions. The divisions on the indicator show only approximate values. You can adjust the temperature in an unusual way. A container of water (about half a liter) is placed on the middle shelf. Twenty-four hours later, a thermometer is lowered into the water, it is desirable that it be specifically designed for water. The resulting value will be the average temperature of the entire refrigerator.

Many models are equipped with an indicator that displays the temperature. In order to display the value, you must simultaneously press two buttons, holding for three seconds. After that, the screen will display the real value, while the signs - and + will flash.

  • Optimal temperature. A specific product needs its own temperature. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to equipment with conventional cooling. On the shelves of refrigerators, zones with different temperatures are created with its decrease when going from top to bottom. This can be found in many models of Atlant.
  • Temperature regulator. The regulator, which is usually located inside the device on its back wall, allows you to change the cooling mode as needed. The greater the value set, the colder it will be inside. Adjust the necessary mode will help the instruction manual of the equipment. Some Atlant models have one regulator with which they simultaneously change the freezing conditions in the fridge and freezer.

Model range and rating

The Belarusian company Atlant produces single-chamber and two-chamber refrigerators, with an upper and lower position of the freezer; with one and two compressors; single compressor with valve; with electronic control and display unit; built in; small thermoelectric. A variety of models allows you to choose a refrigerator height from 1250 to 2050 mm, width from 600 to 545 mm.

Five models of Atlant single chamber refrigerators are designed to store fresh produce.

Inside the refrigerator compartment of such models there is a small compartment where you can store frozen food. Single-chamber refrigerator with freezer - the standard option for a small kitchen. Seven models of two-chamber refrigerators with a top location of the freezer are suitable for those who freeze products infrequently: the volume of the freezer is from 53 to 80 liters. These models do not differ impressive size, although the total is quite sufficient for a family of four.

Refrigerators with a lower location of the freezer (about thirty models) will be a good choice for those who like to harvest products for the future: the most capacious ones, more than two meters high, have a total volume of almost four hundred liters. In such models, you can freeze fresh food and store frozen semi-finished products in large quantities: the freezer has up to four compartments.

Refrigerators with a lower location of the freezer can be two-compressor - combined (eighteen models). Two compressors in the refrigerator provide separate operation of the chambers.

This allows you to turn off, if necessary, one of the chambers and reduce power consumption. Atlant combined refrigerators can have an electronic control and display unit (ten models). The unit provides the choice of temperature in the chambers and its display on digital indicators, turning the chambers on and off, automatically switching off the refrigerator from the electrical network.

Single-compressor refrigerators with a valve (six models) are close to functional refrigerators in functionality. Thanks to the valve, the chambers of the refrigerator are cooled independently of each other, which allows, if necessary, to turn off the refrigerating chamber when the freezer is in operation. Among refrigerators with a lower location of the freezer there is a model with a width smaller than 60 cm - XM 4214. This one-compressor device with a new exterior and interior design allows you to solve the problem of small kitchens in a modern way.

New elements of the internal design of the refrigerator - deep barriers-shelves on the entire width of the door panel, elastic stopper on the lower barrier to fix and prevent tipping over tall bottles, a large vessel for vegetables or fruits - are effectively highlighted by the use of transparent plastic with a blue tint.

The built-in Atlant refrigerator has the same internal design as the XM 4214. This two-chamber model is operated only by the built-in one, therefore the set of assembly parts with the help of which the refrigerator is installed in furniture is included in the delivery set.

The brand produces small-sized refrigerators for the storage of beverages - thermoelectric. They automatically set the best temperature for them. Light and small thermoelectric refrigerators occupy a minimum of space and can be installed in furniture.

They can be operated in sleeping rooms, offices, children's rooms, hotel rooms, as they are virtually silent.

The model range of Atlant refrigerating devices is constantly updated, the functionality of new products is expanding. The quality and reliability of Minsk refrigerators, which are produced in accordance with international standards, remain unchanged. At the moment, seven models are being prepared for release. These are two-compressor refrigerators of energy efficiency classes "A" and "A +". In the new models, an electronic control and display unit and modes of operation “Supercooling of the refrigerating chamber” and “Rest” are provided. Six models of new single-compressor refrigerators with a new internal and external design also belong to the energy efficiency classes "A" and "A +".

These models, ranging in height from 1450 to 1750 mm, have a freezing chamber in two or three compartments.

In addition, in the stores you can find a pharmaceutical range of models, premium-class refrigerators, with a large freezer, with a freshness zone (new function), with a mirror, household, narrow or wide. New models of 2017 have additional features, improved design. Buyers have access to not only white classic color, but also granite gray, juicy green. Such models are made in the Belarusian company for a long time.

The best classic Atlant refrigerator has a built-in freezer, which is characterized by fast freezing of products.


The Atlant refrigerator is endowed with many useful features by the manufacturer.

  • Sound alarm when the door of the refrigerating chamber is open for more than a minute and the light indication of the operation modes of the refrigerator facilitates control over the operation of the device and warns of deviations in the storage conditions of products.
  • Refrigerator protection with a decrease or increase in the voltage in the electrical network beyond the limits of permissible values, it is provided in models with an electronic control and indication unit.
  • Mode "Freezing" allows you to freeze at the same time a large number of fresh products quickly, efficiently, with the preservation of all the nutritional and taste properties.
  • Mode "Supercooling of the refrigerator" It is recommended to include, if necessary, rapid cooling of beverages or large amounts of fresh food. When the mode is turned on, the temperature in the chamber drops to the minimum acceptable value.
  • Holiday Mode used when leaving for a long time. When it is turned on in the refrigerator, the temperature is set to + 15 ° C, which prevents the formation of an unpleasant odor in the empty closed chamber.
  • Display current time it is provided in refrigerators with the electronic control and indication block. On the digital indicators of the temperature of the refrigerating and freezing chambers, you can set the time and use the unit as a clock.

Components and accessories

Height-adjustable shelves and barrier-shelves on the door of the Atlant refrigerator make it possible to compactly and conveniently place products in the refrigerator compartment. The use of transparent materials in the refrigeration device creates not only visual lightness, but also ease of use: transparent plastic or glass provides a better overview of the products.

The shelves of impact-resistant glass not only withstand a load of up to twenty kilograms, but also are convenient to use. If you accidentally spill liquid on such a shelf, it will not spill over the entire refrigerating chamber. Any bottle, jar will always stand steadily and will not tip over. In sliding baskets or freezer containers, it is convenient to place frozen food for storage. Plastic baskets can be easily removed from the freezer using the front and side handles.

Shelf-balcony, located on top, easily adjustable in height. В наличие отсеки для бутылок, яиц, удобное расположение дверцы, возможность ее перевесить. В комплектацию к холодильнику идет крышка, с помощью которой можно накрывать открытые продукты, а также другие аксессуары.

How to choose

При выборе холодильника старайтесь учитывать следующие параметры:

  • Размеры и объём. Существует пять видов моделей.Small (height from 80 to 160 centimeters, width about 50 centimeters, depth 60 centimeters, volume from 50 to 60 liters). Such refrigerators are best taken for summer cottage, hotel or office. Mini-bar models (about 80 centimeters high, 50 centimeters wide and 50 to 60 centimeters deep, also 50 to 60 liters in volume) are used to store drinks and fruits.

Models of the European standard (height from 170 to 205 centimeters, width and depth - standard: 60x60, volume from 50 to 140 liters) - are ideally suited for the house and the small apartment. Models of medium size are low, but wide (width more than 80 centimeters, height about 170 centimeters, volume 200-260 liters). They are used for houses or apartments of small or medium size, but they usually store blanks for winter. Large refrigerators (standard width about 60 centimeters, height from 195 to 210 centimeters, volume from 350 to 850 liters).

These refrigerators buy for large apartments or mansions.

  • Refrigerators. There are four types of chambers: for short-term storage, long-term storage, freezing and cooling.
  • Freezers. According to the temperature mode, the freezers are divided into four types, which are designated by asterisks: one star (*) - the temperature of the freezer compartment is -6 degrees. Products are stored for one week. Two stars - the temperature of the freezer -12 degrees, the products are stored for one month. Three stars - the temperature of the freezer -18 degrees, in it the products are stored for three months. Four stars - the temperature of the freezer is below -18 degrees and reaches -24. Products in such a cell are stored for up to one year.
  • Additional features, options and features. Additional features in the Atlant refrigerator include: autonomous cold preservation, antibacterial coating, built-in TV (this function is used only in large devices and significantly increases their price), ice generator, noise level (less than 40 decibels), child protection (possibility lock the door or control panel), freshness zone (presence of a separate chamber with a temperature of 0 degrees), open door indication, mode "Leave", "left loop" (an additional option for left-handed users), built-in clock.

When choosing a refrigerator, pay attention to the compressors, the power consumption level, the design and color, and also the cost of the model.

Where can one buy

You can buy an Atlant refrigerator today at major appliance stores, such as the Foxtrot, Rosette, Eldorado, and also order online. The prices for refrigerators of this Belarusian brand are democratic - from 16 thousand rubles, depending on the model.


Judging by the customer reviews, the Atlant refrigerator is an excellent choice. Many say that it is roomy, inexpensive, looks beautiful, serves for a long time, is reliable, practical, works quietly, freezes well, and is made from quality material. In addition, many models are endowed with convenient functions, you can rearrange the shelves and adjust them in height, there are compartments for bottles, a large selection of designs and colors.

Among the shortcomings - over time, plastic can change color (white - turn yellow), a loud alarm system, a small number of accessories, functional flaws, poorly designed instructions, high noise levels.

Watch the video: MADE in BELARUS. REFRIGERATORS ATLANT (August 2019).

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