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Bedside tables for the bedroom

Bedside table is a very stylish and comfortable thing, which is an integral part of the interior of any bedroom. This is not only a fashionable piece of furniture, but also a functional element that can serve you well. After all, on the bedside table you can put anything you like, whether it be bedding or other things.

Features and benefits

Bedside table may look stylish. Glass models are very popular, which are great for any modern bedroom interior design. Also, the bedside table can have a different shape: it can be a round, square, diamond-shaped object or an abstract model.

The most useful and versatile is the bedside table on wheels, because it can be moved to any part of the room. Such a model can be used to put breakfast on it, and after that it can be easily moved away.

Such a piece of furniture can make the bedroom harmonious, for this you need to install on both sides of the bed one such type of furniture But if you want to make the bedroom asymmetric, you can leave only one such piece of furniture, thus diversifying the design of the room.

Bedside table of unusual shape and design can be the highlight of any bedroom. In the modern world it is an integral part of the interior of any room with a bed, because it is very convenient.

Bedside tables came into vogue thanks to the traditions of the British and French - in the mornings they read magazines, which they kept on a small table near the bed. These coffee tables have become an excellent substitute for large dressers and side tables, since these massive pieces of furniture, starting from the twentieth century, were no longer used for the bedroom interior. Now, bedside tables are also a very useful thing and they are in almost every bedroom.

Fashionable small table can be interesting to decorate any interior and change the look of the bedroom. It can act as a stylish accessory, and may be an integral functional part of the interior. Some use bedside tables to store magazines, newspapers, books. For some, they serve as a tray or delivery for food. Also, often these pieces of furniture are used to store sleep masks, creams, and also some sleeping accessories.

Often, a bedside lamp or lamp is installed on the bedside pouf or cabinet, which is perfect for reading books on the bed in the evening.


Forged bedside tables are very high quality and durable. These interior items look very stylish and are distinguished by their durability. Typically, the worktop for such a piece of furniture is made of wood, glass or steel. The specific option is selected depending on the style of the bedroom.

Bedside models in the form of cabinets are also very diverse. This is a type of furniture that resembles a nightstand and has drawers. As a rule, such models are made of wood, but often they are made of chipboard, and also upholstered in leather. The latest version of the table-side table is very stylish and is perfect for a retro bedroom or a Loft-style room.

Folding bedside table - this is another kind of furniture that is perfect for those who like to have breakfast in bed. This piece of furniture is very functional, because it can change its shape and appearance. There are also bedside tables with a sliding top. The usual use for writing or for other purposes, if a small surface area of ​​such an item of interior is not enough.

Nowadays, small bedside tables are most often purchased, as they beautifully complement the bedroom and look great in a single ensemble with a bed. Bedside table for women often has a round or square shape and small size. Bedside tables with mirrors are also very popular among women. This is a very comfortable and stylish piece of furniture; it is convenient to do makeup in front of such a mirror.

Also, bedside tables can be floor and hanging. The outdoor version usually resembles a bedside table and is the most simplified, while the hanging version is a stylish design solution that is perfect for modern room interiors. Hanging table can have shelves and can also be used to store the necessary gizmos. It is perfect for books and magazines.

Designers also offer very small narrow pedestal tables that are used for figurines, clocks or photo frames. This is a very small and unobtrusive piece of furniture that can make the design of a room more elegant. There are also larger and larger models that are more suitable for spacious bedrooms.

There are also tables, puffs and tables, stools. For those who very often use the technique, the table is perfect - stand for laptops and tablets. This option is the ideal solution for those who like to work while lying in bed. Also, the bedside table can look like a shelf. This is a narrow and rather high version with shelves on which you can also install frames with photos and interesting things that complement the interior of the bedroom.

How to choose?

If you choose tables, the base of which is made of metal, it is not necessary that their tabletop be similar. The most beautiful look wooden glass countertops on a metal frame. Also, choosing a bedside table keep in mind that it should not be too easy, because you can easily touch it by dropping all things from it.

If you have small children at home or violent pets, it is better to purchase such furniture with fixtures, usually bedside tables can be fixed to the wall or to the bed itself.

If you want this piece of furniture to be functional, choose wooden models, if style is important for you, then glass nightstands are what you need. They look very elegant and harmonious, they are usually used for various figurines, table clocks and other stylish things. Wooden models are usually chosen for storage of books, glasses, medicines and other necessary things in everyday life.

If you cannot choose a bedside table or its price seems too high, you can make it yourself at home. You can even make a small table from an old bed. Also, some make bedside tables of ottomans, stools, chairs and even suitcases. The old suitcase will look very stylish and is perfect for a bedroom interior in retro style. It will not even need to transform, but only to adapt near the bed and it will serve as a bedside table.

For women, it is best to select the bedside tables with the most sophisticated design. They must be decorated with beautiful elements, such as carving, stones, rhinestones or patterns.

How to fit under the interior?

Usually bedside tables are selected depending on the style of the bedroom interior. If you have a room in the style of Country, it is best to give preference to furniture made from natural materials such as stone, wood, vine. And in this case, such interior items should be quite large and clearly stand out, because this style does not support the presence of small details, each piece of furniture should be in its own way stand out in such an interior.

The complete opposite is the minimalist style, which is distinguished by the presence of small and unsightly details. Such a bedside table should be quite simple and stylish. For such a piece of furniture as the material for the manufacture of metal is perfect as well as high-quality plastic. Most often in these bedrooms are installed bedside tables in bright colors.

Also light and light colors are typical for bedside tables in bedrooms in the style of Provence. All furniture will be different natural and light colors, a bedroom will permeate lightness and elegance. Bedside table should be small and neat. Very often for such bedrooms used aged furniture.

A modern-style bedroom will wonderfully complement a small table with a wrought-iron frame on beautiful metal legs. It is very important that such a piece of furniture exactly follows the design of the head of the bed. Such an ensemble will correspond to the modern style.

Bedroom in ethnic style is characterized by the presence of small and stylish details, usually these are leather-upholstered tables. It is also possible to install this metal furniture with a pattern into such a room. And the table can be painted manually.

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