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Stylish design options for a large room

One large room can be found mainly in the "Khrushchev". Most often it is used as a living room or a hall. The interior of such a square room with a window must be carefully thought out. In the panel house you can also brightly show your creative abilities.


A large room or a living room in an apartment or house is no less important than all the others, because usually we receive guests and friends in it, spend a lot of free time, relax. Therefore, do not forget that its design is an important part of your home, as it characterizes the owners of the house and can tell guests a lot about your personality.

It is necessary to carefully consider its design to the smallest details. The main characteristics of a modern living room interior are style, comfort and your own taste.

So the first step in the interior of a large room is the choice of colors. This is one of the most important design elements. If you and your household spend most of your time in this room, then you need to choose a clear and calm color that affects a good mood. For this case it is better to use such colors as:

  • golden;
  • yellow green;
  • gray blue;
  • any warm and cold colors of low and medium intensity.

If you are a very hospitable person who has a large circle of acquaintances and friends, often like to invite them to your home, then choose brighter colors that positively influence the festive mood. For example, use colors such as:

  • red;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • Violet;
  • ocher color

They can also be diluted with other shades (for example, white, black, champagne and others).

Furniture selection rules

When choosing furniture, you should take into account the color scheme chosen by you for the general appearance of a large room and, of course, do not forget about the comfort of the furniture itself. If you have a spacious living room and a large family, then the best option would be a spacious corner sofa that can accommodate all family members and friends.

This sofa will be the perfect option for a large room. Large furniture is not necessary to put around the perimeter of the room. This is not the only correct solution. It can be grouped by the peninsula in the center in order to divide the recreation areas, the dining room or the place where the desk can stand.

Most suitable for the living room comfortable cabinet furniture. If you like to frequently change the permutation in your home, in this case it is better to choose modular furniture that moves around the room with ease. Such furniture will give you the opportunity to periodically change the overall look of the design of a large room.

Upholstered furniture should meet your notions of beauty and be comfortable. Today, it has become fashionable to buy leather furniture in modern interior design, but if you do not have such a financial opportunity, then stylish furniture made from high-quality and natural fabrics are no worse than leather, and sometimes even vice versa. If everything is harmoniously put together, it can look pretty nice.

As for accessories, everything is much easier. It may be:

  • a stylish picture that can be hung in the visual center of your room;
  • a collage of photos;
  • mirror in a beautiful frame;
  • original pillows or lamps.

Such accents will make your room unique, and guests will remember your stylish design for a long time. The interior of a large room, it is important to sustain in any one style. It does not matter what you chose: the main thing is that all undertakings from color and form and ending with furniture and carpets should be combined in one design style.

The main styles in the interior

People who make repairs, more than once thought about what kind of interior design they pick up. After all, not each of us understands the design, moreover, most people do not even know what are the types of interior design. And this is no less important part of the organization of construction, as well as the construction itself.


One of the most popular styles in design is the loft. Today this style is the personification of something old and rebuilt for housing. This style has its motto: "Fresh air and no partitions." This style is more like minimalism, but in him more space for fantasy and creative ideas.

From the English language "loft" translates as an attic. Once upon a time such premises were occupied by people of a creative character warehouse. In such places they could be left alone, plunge into their thoughts and dreams. Sometimes they invited like-minded guests and staged concerts and exhibitions. But subsequently, such premises began to rise sharply in the price of rent; serious and wealthy people suddenly became settled in them: politicians, businessmen, bankers.


The style - cozy and romantic, originates from the design of small private houses in the south of France. Provence reflects the beauty of nature, the desire for identity, harmony and simplicity. The main shades in the Provencal style are:

  • terracotta;
  • sunflower;
  • lavender color.

The main attributes are wooden beams on the ceiling, which are darkened by time. Time must be present in this interior. Wood mantels can also be used with clear traces of time.


Minimalism is different severity, which requires an impeccable sense of proportion and style. The smaller the walls in the house, the better. In this style should be present only the necessary things and no decorative elements, and even more no ornaments in the interior. In minimalism, it is important to properly distribute the space. For furniture in the style of minimalism materials are used that are considered modern:

  • strong steel;
  • glass, preferably frosted;
  • tree;
  • profiles.

In the minimalist interior is not enough furniture, details and decor. Especially it is necessary to highlight the fact that large windows are very important in minimalism. They will give the interior more space. The walls in the style of minimalism - light and solid.

Contrast colors in painting will look great.


This style is more than a hundred years old, but it is still called modern. In modernity everything is smooth and flows as if - as concerns both furniture and planning. The greatest attention in this style is given to the decor. It can be various ornaments of plant or animal origin, and can also be stucco and painting.

Furniture is selected wicker or wrought. This style is able to turn the ideas about design and completely change the basics of design. For the interior in the spirit of modernity, many different color solutions are used: all sorts of shades of light green, purple, gold, ocher or pearl gray. Windows can be of the most bizarre form, with the original bending of the binding. The floor is best covered with floorboard.


Nowadays, it has become very fashionable to use elements of different styles in the design of an interior, including one such as Hi-Tech. Advanced modern technologies have long been an integral part of our daily lives. We use them everywhere, but especially often - in our apartment or in a private house.

Therefore, it is necessary to think of ways of placing household things and household appliances in an apartment so that it does not fall out of the overall interior picture.

The main distinctive feature of interior design in the style of Hi-Tech, is that all appliances in it are not hidden. If before all the appliances were hidden in the kitchens, the emphasis in the modern high-tech style is to visually demonstrate the latest achievements of modern technology.

For example, if you install "European" doors in an apartment or house, the principles of high-tech style apartment interior will be fully observed. A walk-through room with two windows can look quite modern in a high-tech style.

There are other fashionable interior styles: some are based on the use of oriental elements in the interior design. In the Chinese style direction, it is customary to focus on the red color in the interior and the combination of asymmetry and simplicity.

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