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Night curtains

Every person is trying to create around himself the ideal space, which will always be comfortable and calm. An important role in the process of vital activity is played by the house - this is not just a place where a person seeks after work, but a room in which it is pleasant to rest and spend the rest of the day. It is important that everyone in their native lands cause pleasant emotions, please, bring pleasure. All this is possible only if the interior is made up correctly.

A special role in the design of the window space, or rather, its design. Today there is a huge assortment of curtains, each type of which can radically change the appearance of housing. Properly selected curtains will decorate the room, drawing all the attention of guests and residents of the house. Recently widespread night curtains. They became not only the protection of households from prying eyes, but also an obstacle to the direct penetration of daylight sunlight.

Special features

Curtains that are called night have a number of advantages. The first is the web material. At night curtains it is rather dense fabric, a certain barrier from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The second characteristic is massiveness. This attribute of the interior has a presentable expensive look, and this is not surprising, since night curtains should cover all window space.

Fabric that does not let through a single ray of sunlight is different:

  • high density;
  • large area;
  • multi-layered.

The list of advantages of thick curtains includes:

  • Durability. The curtain does not change the original color, does not shrink, does not deform and does not change its size even after a long period of operation.
  • No need for ironing.
  • High protective properties from sunlight. Thanks to the thick curtains, their owners have a great opportunity to sleep on the weekend as long as possible. Not a single ray of the sun passes through the thick curtains.
  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room.
  • Sound insulation properties.
  • A wide range of styles and mounting options.
  • Creating a unique and original design.
  • Resistance to pollution.
  • Flame retardant fabric.
  • The absence of components that cause allergic reactions.

Beautiful night-type curtains have a gorgeous look, so you can complement them with both modern and classic interiors.

Where is used?

Night curtains fit into the design of the room of any style. However, different rooms need their own special types of curtains.

The opinion that night curtains are only suitable for bedrooms is wrong. Most of the modern metropolitan apartments are located in such a way that they can be viewed through, especially if they are located on the first floor. Private buildings overlooking the road also attract the attention of people passing by.

Therefore, closing the thick curtains, you can not only help your household to sleep peacefully, but also to hide privacy from prying eyes.

Curtains for the bedroom will make the night rest as comfortable as possible. They should be as dense as possible, long to the floor. For the kitchen, it is better to buy materials of a lighter texture that will not get dirty much. A great option - the curtains of medium length.

Night "sleep advocates" can be used for the hall and other rooms. During the day, they will decorate the window opening, and in the evening they will create a pleasant intimate atmosphere, that is, they will transform any room, making it cozy and homely. Dark or light, classic or other type of curtains - no matter which curtains were chosen, the main thing is that their owners like them.

Material selection

When searching for perfect night curtains in the living room, children's bedroom or in the room where adults relax, you need to pay special attention to the material from which they are made. The material for night curtains is a very important point, the degree of darkening of the room directly depends on the density of the canvas. Deciding on the curtains, it is worth thinking about where the windows of the room “look”. On the southern side, curtains can quickly turn pale, so you need to buy fabric that is resistant to the effects of ultraviolet rays. It will last much longer, and better protect the interior from natural light.

In addition, you should pay attention to the practical side of the purchase. The fabric should be easy and quick to clean. Synthetic materials, for example, taffeta, microvelour, meet these requirements. As for natural fabrics (cotton, satin), it is better to clean them with a dry cleaning method.


Despite the fact that the main purpose of dense curtains is to protect the room at night and in the morning from light (moonlight, lanterns, the first rays of the sun), it is not necessary to buy dark-colored fabric. Color does not affect the density of the canvas. Of course, shading a room with the help of light curtains is more difficult than dark ones, but it is possible.

Moreover, light curtains do not heat up so much under the influence of solar streams as dark ones, so the choice depends only on the preferences of the buyer. Choosing the color of curtains, you need to focus on the color palette of the room in which they will be. After all, in the interior all the details should be in harmony with each other and perfectly combined.

Ideal curtains - one or two tones darker or lighter than the walls. It is very rare to choose curtains of a contrasting color, and as a rule, designers make this choice when it is necessary to select a window.

Peach, sand, red, beige, lime color bring to the atmosphere of the room warmth and comfort, energize those present, and white, blue, gray - on the contrary, visually cool.


After buying curtains you need to think about the cornice. This attribute must be strong and reliable, since it will have to hold not only heavy curtains, but also the weight of organza / tulle, and sometimes lambrequin.

Basic requirements for the bottom:

  • it is better to choose a two-row copy so that all elements of the window composition fit on it;
  • construction material - metal. Plastic will not be able to withstand heavy loads, which undoubtedly appear with night curtains.
  • usability. All components of the kit (hooks, rings) should be easy to move without obstructing the course of the curtain web.
  • The color of the eaves and its design should match the style of the room.

Tips for choosing

To make the curtains always evoke positive emotions with just one look at them, you should consider the following before buying such an important accessory. recommendations:

  1. It is important to understand on which side the window of the room, in which the night curtains will hang, goes. For the south, it is better to buy denser matter, since the sunlight in this place will linger much longer than in other rooms. Light shades are taboo.
  2. The material must be practical. All curtains need to be cleaned periodically, so the cloth must withstand washing, not shedding after water treatments. Portieres of light shades get dirty much faster, this moment should not be missed.
  3. Designers recommend changing curtains after each season. For the winter months it is better to take a thick fabric, and for the summer-spring period, choose silk or cotton. Such a change will help to diversify the inner filling of the living space, refresh it.
  4. The curtains should not differ much from the style and color of the wall and floor covering, furniture and other elements of the interior.
  5. To keep curtains longer, it is necessary to air them from time to time. Just open the window and let the curtains move in the draft. This simple manipulation will help get rid of unpleasant smells that could absorb the curtains and remove dust particles.

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