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Ceiling cornice for suspended ceilings

Ceiling cornice for stretch ceilings has long been a classic in interior design. Virtually no one chooses wall options due to the large number of requirements (wide gap between the ceiling and the window opening, the walls are certainly not plasterboard), while installing a ceiling cornice does not require anything special.

Special features

Ceiling cornices for suspended or suspended ceilings are in many ways different from the options that are attached to capital ceilings. The first and main difference is the restriction of choice. For a stretch ceiling, tire profiles are usually chosen, rarely equipped with a baguette. The remaining designs do not apply.

The second difference is in the installation features. There are two different methods to which you can resort to install a curtain rail.

The first method of attachment - over the canvas. It is quite simple, but you need to notify the company for the production and installation of ceilings in advance that you decided to mount the ceiling model.

The second method is more complicated than the first one and is suitable for rooms with high ceilings. In this case, a special niche behind the ceiling is equipped for the cornice, thereby obtaining the effect of a hidden cornice. The invisible profile can be equipped with a spectacular lighting, but even without it, the curtains flowing like from nowhere look pretty impressive. The company must be notified of the need to install a hidden cornice, and the design itself must be purchased in advance. The size of the niche itself depends on the width of the cornice.

Both types of curtain rods can be installed even in the middle of a room.. They are great for dividing partitions, such as filament curtains, which serve to zoning a space.

The ceiling model has several advantages:

  • Allows you to hang the curtains, if you can not install a wall cornice;
  • Maintain a large enough weight depending on the material from which they are made;
  • Visually pull the room up, making the ceiling higher.

In cases where it is not possible to install a ceiling cornice for a stretch ceiling, imitation options are used. The most common is the installation of inconspicuous string cornice on two opposite walls directly below the ceiling.

On the installation of each of the options should take care in advance. The best thing that can be done is to reassign the mount of the cornice of the same company that hung the ceilings. For a relatively small fee, you will receive a number of advantages:

  1. Save time and nerves. Professionals will install the profile quickly and correctly, and further problems with the operation will not arise.
  2. In case of damage to the ceiling all expenses for its repair and replacement will be borne by the company. Replacing the stretch ceiling costs much more than the money that you save when self-installation of the eaves.
  3. Professional offices offer wide range of materials for production of eaves and their color schemes. As a rule, the assortment is not inferior to the store, except that in the office you may not be able to offer options from elite wood.


Making ceiling cornices is a niche far from new. Manufacturers offer a lot of options not only for the structures themselves, but also for the materials from which they can be made.


Plastic models are popular today because of their low price and good strength. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the plastic tire can be strengthened so that it can withstand the greater weight of the curtains. Most often the color of the eaves is the same as the color of the ceiling.


Aluminum constructions are more durable than plastic and relatively inexpensive. The flexible aluminum profile withstands a lot of weight, and due to its plasticity it is suitable for the decoration of complex shaped windows: bay windows, French, arched.


Metal curtain rods are the most durable, but they require the work of a professional in installation. If plastic or aluminum curtain rods can be hung independently, then for the installation of steel necessarily need special training.

Steel structures are durable, but not flexible, therefore they are suitable for decoration only on straight lines. If aluminum or plastic can be laid with a "snake" on the surface of the ceiling or in a niche, then this will not work with metal cornices.


The most expensive and capricious material of all listed, it also requires the work of a professional. Wooden eaves are bulky and heavy by themselves, therefore it is necessary to carefully ceil the ceilings before proceeding to the installation.

Wooden models are immediately equipped with a figured plank - a baguette - which will serve as a role-setting in the interior. It is worth remembering this when choosing. In addition, wood products require a special climate: not very wet and not very dry, the temperature should not fluctuate more than 5-7 degrees. Not every room has such conditions, so a tree should be chosen only for rooms equipped with a split-system.

In addition to the eaves, they are offered and decorative items. In particular, one of the most popular is the strap with blends. It comes with a plastic cornice and is a small elongated protrusion covering the junction of curtains and the cornice.

For lovers of the classics fit baguettes made of polyurethane. They are much cheaper than wooden carved planks, but in no way inferior in their magnificence. Modest baguettes without decoration can be selected, and they can have patterns for stucco molding, gold decoration, and so on. In addition, polyurethane is much lighter than wood and less "capricious."


A sufficiently wide size range allows you to choose the options for any ceilings of any size, while he himself will remain without a joint.

The most popular plastic and aluminum models have similar dimensional characteristics. The length of a single profile reaches 4 m, the options are longer or figured are made of several elements. The width reaches 87 mm in relation to the number of rows-mounts. The slat covering the curtain fasteners is 50 or 90 mm, while it is extended under the blend-ups to reach 300 mm (rarely enough custom-made models).

Wooden models are made to order, and can be purchased and finished. The length of the finished eaves is 200 cm, custom - up to 400 cm. There are no standard sizes for baguettes.

Which is better to choose: species

To make the best choice, you need to focus on several factors. Important among them is the budget. Install a hidden option a bit more expensive than open.

It is necessary to focus on the style of the room. For example, a richly decorated wooden baguette will look good in a Baroque room or a classic style, but clearly does not fit into the style of Minimalism. For modern interiors, the choice in favor of hidden eaves is preferable. The interesting effect of curtains flowing from nowhere is fully consistent with the concept of functionality and high technology.

It is necessary to think about the room itself, its size and proportions. A cornice with a rounded edge is suitable, even if its length is from wall to wall. In addition, the round edge allows you to "hide" the unattractive appearance of the side trim, as well as harmoniously connect the cornice with the plinth.

Considering the options for the installation method itself and choosing which eaves will look better, secret or open, think about the height of the ceilings. A niche for installing a concealed ceiling is formed by “lowering” the level of the stretch ceiling canvas.

If your room has a ceiling height of 2.5 m or below, it is better not to install the recessed version.

When choosing an unusual design of the eaves (for example, French eaves), you should think about whether you plan to make it an accent or not. Installation in a niche will allow you to mount a model with a backlight that emphasizes the beauty of the curtains. Installing an open-type cornice will allow you to demonstrate the advantages of the structure itself, drawing attention to the top of the curtains.

Built-in cornice looks impressive, regardless of the room. It is appropriate and in a residential building, and in the office. Not so important, what it will be, secret or open. Much more important that it is in harmony with the environment. For example, choosing a wide effective baseboard, it makes no sense to hide the eaves: it is much better to buy a baguette made of polyurethane in the same shade and pattern as the baseboard, and simply decorate the structure.

If the option with a strap does not fit, you can use decorative tape. It is glued to the ledge of the plastic cornice. Tapes come in a variety of colors and textures, so it is possible to choose an interesting option for each interior.

Many companies supply plastic models with blends representing an embossed pattern or just gilded ornaments on a decorative ledge. If you buy an open cornice with rounded edges, complete with blends, you can add a bit of luxury to a room with low ceilings, without visually making them even lower. In addition, this option does not look flashy.

When installing the mortgage beam (this will be discussed later), it must be remembered that more preparation requires a beam for the usual cornice, and not hidden. In the case of a conventional cornice, the beam is in contact directly with the ceiling.

If you are going to hang a curtain separator in the middle of the room, it is preferable to use hidden structures. Fastening curtains - not the main thing in this case, and it would be best not to focus on it. Twisted cornice, dividing the space, does not look very impressive, but a niche - is another matter. It is unlikely that it will be possible to implement such a design without damaging the stretch ceiling, so it’s better to trust the professionals.

The important role played by the texture of the ceiling itself, and the choice of one or another option depends on it. Glossy surfaces reflect light better. Choosing a niche cornice, complemented by lighting, you create the effect of flowing light in the room. The overall smoothness and smoothness of the lines looks attractive and stylish.

The matt ceiling doesn’t distract attention and is chosen for fairly bright rooms. Both types of eaves will look good, but designers advise choosing a regular blend curtain rod. This will help make the ceiling space more interesting.

How to install?

Installation of built-in and open eaves is quite different. If you are not confident enough in your abilities, do not have suitable experience in the construction business and if you have the opportunity to hire professionals, we strongly recommend contacting the company. Installing a cornice is not a quick and rather painstaking job. However, doing everything yourself is possible if you follow the instructions.

Again, it should be repeated that the decision to install any type of ceiling cornice is made at the planning stage of the installation of a stretch ceiling.

To hang an open design, you must perform the following steps:

  • Mark the future position of the eaves on the ceiling.
  • Attach the fixing frame on the walls.
  • Fasten the wooden beam to the length of the cornice, and the thickness is such that it fits to the future ceiling fabric. Please note that the beam must be well treated from all irregularities and roughness. It is also necessary to treat it with an antiseptic solution in order to avoid the growth of fungi and mold.
  • Stretch the ceiling. Previously, it is necessary to glue the protective rings with the holes for the twisting scorched inside. It is better to burn holes, so you melt the edges.
  • To fasten eaves by means of self-tapping screws to a beam.

Carefully ensure that the screws pass exactly to the holes in the ceiling. Not having secured a rather fragile web, you risk tearing it and putting the “arrow” further across the surface.

To attach niche cornice, do the following:

  • Screw the eaves to the main road, where you conceived its location.
  • Almost close to the eaves attach the beam on the latches. It should help to hide the eaves, so choose the height correctly.
  • Attach the web mount to the beam and, based on the mount height, stretch the ceiling.

All precautions for the beam and for the blade are the same as for fastening the open structure.

When installing the mount on the bay window, try to choose solid bars before each fracture. So you will not avoid the lack of reliable fastening screws in the beams.

As beams, it is recommended to choose good quality solid wood bars. If the quality of the board is low, it is likely that it will crumble as a result and that the screws will not be held securely enough.

Be extremely careful when installing the hidden eaves. Its edges must first be wrapped with masking tape so that they do not spoil the material with sharp corners during the tensioning of the ceiling.

It is recommended to grind the edges a little, so that in the future they do not cause problems and complaints.

How to remove?

It is much easier to dismantle the ceiling cornice than to hang it. All that is required is to unscrew the screws and remove the eaves.

In case you dismantle the structure yourself alone, it is recommended to begin to unscrew from the sides, gradually moving to the middle. So you will avoid damage to the eaves.

When removing, you need to be extremely careful and make sure that the sharp edges of the profile do not scratch the ceiling. At the very least, it is fraught with ugly puffs, but you can even make a hole through the ceiling, and the replacement of the canvas will be quite expensive.

Remember that you can hang another cornice only in the same place where the previous one was hanging, and you will have to get into the same holes in the ceiling. If you plan to change the eaves in the future, it is recommended to install dowels for repeated use instead of self-tapping screws.

What does the interior look like?

Having examined the examples of the use of ceiling cornices, it will be much easier to choose the desired type of construction.

If you hide the cornice in a niche, you can focus on the complex multi-level stretch ceiling. Lack of illumination is not accidental. In this ensemble, the curtains are not at all important, and the designer skillfully emphasized this by choosing the right cornice.

In this eastern interior, the eaves seem to merge with the plinth; they are a single whole. A well-chosen polyurethane strip sets off the curtains, despite the contrasting color. Since the plinth and baguette are made in bright colors to the color of the ceiling, visually the room seems higher than it actually is.

Illumination plays an important role in creating a general mood in the interior. The designer started lighting the contour of the hidden cornice, thus showing that the room is a single whole. For tulle curtains, this type of placement fits perfectly, emphasizing their lightness and airiness.

Minimalism style is characterized by clear lines, simple colors, a combination of matte and glossy surfaces. The glossy stretch ceiling is complemented by a frosted simple cornice, which, due to its small width, “lifts” the ceiling. The length option from the wall to the wall is ideal for small spaces.

Designers often use non-trivial solutions. The niche was created due to differences in the ceiling levels, and the beam closing it creates the lower level of the structure. Thus, the designer achieved two goals at once: he hid the cornice and left the ceiling still high. Glossy coating in the middle of the ceiling creates the illusion of even greater height.

It often happens that the capital ceiling is made of fragile materials. Then come to the aid of string cornices, which allow you to create the illusion of ceiling mounts, although in fact the string of the cornice is stretched from wall to wall. This type of cornice is often replaced by classic ceiling profiles.

Due to the choice of light colors it seems that this pure light is flowing from somewhere behind the ceiling. A fairly narrow niche cornice looks no worse than wide. The most important thing is to install it in a high-quality and correct way to choose the colors and textures of the design, then it will not hide the height of the ceilings.

The most simple plastic cornice with a standard plate perfectly suited for the decoration of panoramic corner windows. You may notice that the profile cornice is assembled from several parts. Only this type is able to provide smooth even angular bends. Complete rejection of the decor was a good idea, which allowed to focus on the magnificent view from the window.

The complex baguette concealed eaves do not look shining in this bedroom due to the use of pure white color and the absence of any decorative elements. Однако заметьте, что подобная конструкция выглядит достаточно громоздко, так что в небольших комнатах похожее интерьерное решение следует использовать с аккуратностью.

Потолочные варианты подходят не только для оформления классических раздвижных занавесок, но и вертикальных штор. In this example, the cornice interestingly goes to the platband, which also serves as a guide for the curtain. The choice in favor of an open type of fastening made the appearance of the window more unusual and characteristic.

Using the built-in lighting allows you to completely change the overall look of the room, just by turning on or off the LEDs above the curtains. This option is great for decorating the eaves above the balcony door, diverting attention from the disproportionate window. Having hidden fastening, the designer enriched a general view of the room.

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