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Purple sofa

Violet color has to do with magic and mystery. It is this color that personifies the mysterious luxury that rich people prefer. Purple sofa will help to bring a special color, energy and unique atmosphere to your room.

Designer Tips

If you decide to supplement the interior with a purple sofa, you will need to think about the main background. This shade is considered the most difficult and "expensive" tone. Following the recommendations of designers, you can turn your home into cozy chambers, where wealth and mystery intertwine.

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How to combine colors in the interior of the room?

Before buying purple furniture should understand how to correctly combine shades. The sofa will be the main subject, which is easy to beat with a purple rug, unusual paintings. Well-chosen curtains will fit. Do not forget that purple can be found in different colors, so you will need to choose the most suitable option.

Dark violet the sofa can be used as a background composition. If you want to get a "puppet" and a bright interior, start "playing" with contrast. Playing with pink and yellow objects, as well as lilac contrast will help you achieve your goals.

Light purple - This is a purple pigment. He personifies femininity, violets and dark flowers of lilac. You can achieve an interesting combination by combining with white, gray and black tones.

Purple blue shade would be a great option, as this combination creates a very interesting atmosphere in the room. Lilac colors go well with pink, white, blue, lemon, silver hues. But lilac-pink and lavender will look especially harmonious in your interior, if you risk creating a combination of such colors.

Beige and purple The shade will perfectly harmonize with black objects.

A gamma of violet tones will delight your eyes if you place them near neutral and warm hues. They will affect purple, lightening it and creating an effect of elegance and sophistication.


The choice of upholstery for a sofa depends on the room in which the furniture will be used. If you are looking for a dining or kitchen option, consider the practicality of the material. It must resist intensive use, as well as withstand constant wet cleaning. Choose upholstery with water-repellent properties, as well as with high resistance to detergents. Previously, dermantine was used for these purposes.

At the moment there are several options for upholstery, which are quite suitable for use in the kitchen. These include:

  • microfiber;
  • teflon flock;
  • arpatek;
  • eco-leather

For other rooms, you can choose a velvet version, eco-leather has also proved itself to be equally well. With the help of textile upholstery, you can make your purple sofa more homely, cozy. If you choose light shades of textured fabrics (on velvet, velvet, fleece), you can get additional warmth and volume.

The matting is suitable for a rustic style, as it is associated with solid wood furniture.

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When choosing a material for upholstery, consider the interior of the room itself.


Large furniture and small structures are considered an integral part of the interior of houses and apartments. Such furniture can be placed not only in the hall, but also in the kitchen, even in the bedroom. It should be understood that the sofas can be of different sizes, so it is important to choose furniture that fits the available space.

Pay attention to a variety of criteria. These include the appearance, price, material, as well as the size of the furniture. The last criterion is considered the most important, since it depends on it, what kind of sofa you can put in your room.

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If you are planning to buy a sofa in the kitchen, its dimensions can be 130 cm, 150 cm. Some families can afford to extend the length of 160 cm. These designs fall into the category of small furniture, which is ideal for meals. If the family is large, you can look at the product with dimensions of 170-200 cm. For large living rooms, sofas 3 meters long are produced.

Width is also considered an important criterion. The best option is 90 cm. However, products with a width of 70 cm are often bought.

Do not forget about the depth. Most often they buy sofas with a depth of 80 cm, because they are considered the most comfortable for constant use.

How to create an interior in the purple range of Feng Shui?

Purple color is ideal for a bedroom, because it is this which contributes to creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you are a fan of feng shui, use the tips to help you create the perfect bedroom in a purple tone:

  • You can paint the walls in a delicate white and purple color. This option is especially relevant if you equip the bedroom of a young girl.
  • Using dark purple hues, do not forget about creating contrasts.
  • Dark purple wallpapers that are combined with dark wood furniture will look stylish. Adding a white bed with pillows will create a special atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

  • True pleasure can be obtained from the rest in a room in the center of which there is a dark lilac bed. It is important that the bedroom itself is made in bright colors.
  • With the help of purple you can emphasize any part of the room. Use panels, carpet, drapes or pillows.
  • With the help of artistic painting you can add originality and beauty to the room. It is great with green leaves and purple flowers, which are located on a white background.

Creating a purple atmosphere, we must not forget about the rules of Feng Shui:

  • Pictures, as well as art paintings that will decorate your bedroom, should embody your aspirations and desires. If you want to find your personal happiness, choose the image of "doves in love". Pictures with children will be relevant for those who dream of their own baby. Flowers are suitable for the couple, which is at the peak of passion. It is not allowed to place images with water in the bedroom, as well as to install aquariums.
  • Feng shui is strictly prohibited to use mirrors in the bedroom. It is believed that they destroy love and family life. Therefore, eliminate this attribute of the interior of the room in which you sleep. If the mirror is located on the dressing table, close it with light curtains.

  • Sleeping space is given special attention. Install a bed or purple sofa so that negative energy bypasses you. No need to put the bed so that the person’s feet point to the door.
  • Sleeping bed should not be reflected in the mirror.
  • Make sure that your head or legs do not look in the direction of the toilet room.
  • If you are unable to put the bed correctly, use a screen or a curtain. This solution will help to hide the problem and eliminate its negative impact. You can use a purple curtain.

Examples of effective use of purple sofa in the design

Purple sofas contribute to the fact that in your interior is fully manifested a sense of sophistication and luxury. Similar pieces of furniture can be combined with any styles, ranging from classic to modern creative design.

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Classic interior

Take a closer look at the lilac sofas. Such a solution will give your room sophistication, make it more luxurious. A very good option - a combination with beige wallpaper and lavender door curtains. When creating such a design, pay attention to the velvet upholstery.


In the creativity of minimalism violet sofa feels great. You can place it near the white wall and see how the look of the room has changed.


In such an interior, a soft lilac sofa, as well as lavender products, look amazing. With the help of such furniture you will achieve refinement.


For such a solution in the interior should look at the color of fuchsia. This color scheme will give ethnic design freshness. To balance the colorful elements, place a purple sofa in the center of the room. When making a room, remember that this shade provides a powerful flow of energy, so use it with caution. The main thing - do not overdo it and make a choice in favor of the right combinations. Then the interior will be perfect.

Watch the video: Interior design concept purple sofa set for living room (August 2019).

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