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Beds in the style of "Provence"

In the design of the bedroom style today is very popular ProvenceIt is not surprising that the inherent refinement and provincial charm will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs of beauty. The central element of the bedroom is the bed, and its choice should be approached especially carefully, in order to withstand all the canons of style and subsequently enjoy the result.

Style features

Provence got its name in honor of the eponymous region in the south-east of France, known for its unique atmosphere of the sea coast, lavender fields and the comfort of small villages. In the XVII century, representatives of the French elite in an effort to escape from the bustle of the city of Paris began to settle in the province, equipping their new homes in tune with local beauty - quite simple, but at the same time elegant.

Provence, which is an offshoot of Country style, differs from it in lightness and refinement and is ideal for people who appreciate comfort, tranquility and family holidays.

Basic forms

The main requirement that must be sustained by the shape of the bed in the style of Provence - to be impressive sizes. The classic design of the bed is replete with carved and elegantly curved details.

The central and most important element of the bed in Provence style is its back, it is decorated with applied elements, openwork and carved details, wooden mosaic or hand-painted artistic painting. The headboard itself is massive, maybe even a little bulky.

An impressive headboard is combined with a very low headboard in the legs, their difference is further emphasized by choosing high mattresses.

Another distinctive feature of Provence beds is the tall legs of elegant shape that balance the cumbersome design and support the special lightness of the style atmosphere.

Color solutions

Inspired by the landscapes of the south of France, Provence is distinguished by using only natural shades of pastel and watercolor tones. Allowing a combination of a large number of colors, but it is important not to allow too sharp contrasts - shades should flow from one to another and complement each other. Under strict prohibition are bright and catchy colors.

When choosing a bed in Provence style and decorating it with textiles, the following colors and shades are used:

  • the most popular are various shades of white, more often in warm colors - cream, ayvor, the color of baked milk;
  • beige, creme brulee, coffee with milk;
  • pale lemon, olive;
  • light blue, shade of a sea wave;
  • lavender, light lilac;
  • light gray;
  • pink powder color.

The age-old look of the bed fronts, typical of Provence, is created using the method of artificial aging - a special coating is applied to the surface (patina and craquelure), imitating scratches and other defects caused by time, after which everything is covered with dull wax or varnish.

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Suitable materials

For the manufacture of beds in Provence style, choose an array of wood of noble breeds or metal, products from which are distinguished by ease and refinement due to forged patterns.

Beds made of solid wood are quite popular because of the environmental friendliness of the material and lower weight compared to iron models. Provence furniture is made of noble wood and covered with paint, the color of which corresponds to the style.

Less often you can find offers to sell the bed, the frame of which is made entirely of metal. More often, manufacturers resort to a combination of wooden elements with metal, then the bed gives the impression of a more airy and light construction due to the weaving of details in the backs of the headboard and the foot. Iron beds are more compact than wooden, but the frame material gives them an additional considerable weight.

The designs of such beds may include openwork curls, round elements of the top ends of the racks or be simpler without additional decorations.

The undoubted advantages of iron beds include:

  • Increased strength and stability;
  • Durability;
  • Compactness in comparison with wooden models.

The head of the bed is made on the basis of the material of the frame, can be made in a soft version with the help of plating with fabric or leather. When choosing such a design, furniture designers often use the headboard carriage screed method, for which they use natural fabric or leather, and choose large beads, buttons, small flowers from textiles or other natural materials as decorations.

Friendly design directions

If when searching for a bed, the choice of Provence raises some doubts, then you can search for a solution in another similar direction - the style Country music.

Literally, "Country" is translated as "village", and everything in this style speaks of the home coziness of village life. Country music is characterized by simplicity, desire for everything natural and comfortable.

This style originated and developed in North America, but thanks to its democracy absorbed a lot of different directions. Country music is notable for simplicity and functionality, a lot of small details typical of a country setting, using natural colors and shades that convey the atmosphere of a forest and fields.

Under the ban in the country using plastic and chrome parts.

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As in Provence, the flower motif serves as the central motif in it, and from materials preference is given to natural wood with the effect of an unprocessed surface without coloring.

The main difference between these two styles lies in the national binding. Provence reflects the atmosphere of the south of France with its sophistication and grace, while the Country repeats the aesthetics and flavor of the countryside as such, which makes simplicity a key element.

When choosing beds in country style, preference is given to models made of unpainted solid wood with a massive headboard decorated with carvings. The bed is decorated with textiles from coarse fabrics (such as tapestry or linen) with floral patterns or stripes.

Other styles that are adjacent to Provence in atmosphere and character are Chebbi-chic and Rustic.

Chebbi chic, which means "worn luxury", largely repeats Provence, but in addition to floral ornaments, uses an image of angels, stucco and gilt. The bed in the style of Chebbi-chic is more suitable for the girl’s child’s room to create an image of a sleeping fairy-tale princess.

Style Rustikon the contrary, it is distinguished by the deliberate rudeness of forms and lines. Rustic literally repeats rustic interiors, furniture in this style is made exclusively from solid wood and metal (copper, brass, cast iron, imitation of blackened silver), the shapes of furniture are angular, warm colors. Rustic is perfect for decorating rooms in country houses.

Manufacturers Overview

Especially in demand are products of furniture factories in France, Italy, Spain, with representative offices in major cities of Russia. After all, who but the bearers of European culture themselves can make furniture that fully corresponds to the atmosphere of Provence. At the same time, many European manufacturers fundamentally do not work with Chinese factories, and when ordering furniture, they can be sure of the naturalness and environmental friendliness of the materials used, as well as the absence of toxic MDF and particleboard. When painting furniture is also used environmentally friendly and safe paint. Factories in such cases are located on the territory France, Sweden, Poland, Romania. Most stores are ready to offer delivery of furniture to the place of its future residence.

When ordering furniture in European stores, you need to be ready for a fairly long production time - from 2 to 6 months.

Domestic producers can be considered as a more budget option. - today there are a large number of online stores offering to purchase furniture at affordable prices. When choosing this option, you should not forget that the choice is better to do in favor of solid wood, and not its substitutes, or a metal frame. When ordering, you can also request the seller quality certificates for materials used in decorating the bed.

Designer Tips

Due to the impressive dimensions of the Provence-style bed, it should be chosen by the owners of a spacious living space. If the bedroom is rather small, the choice should be made in favor of a bed with a metal frame or a convertible convertible sofa. Other recommendations include:

  • Transforming sofa is practical and functionalToday, furniture manufacturers offer a large selection of such models. The main thing is not to forget the basic rules - the form should be soft, the upholstery should be made of light natural materials with a floral pattern, the legs of the sofa should be curved.

  • The main assistant in the design of the bed is a bedspread, when buying it, you need to be especially careful - choose strong natural fabrics with high-quality durable staining. Cotton, silk satin are excellent, and jacquard, wool and fleece made from denser and warmer fabrics.

  • Bedspread can be selected as with classic floral motifs., and monophonic (meeting the requirements for color matching), thin strips and a cell are also allowed. Knitted fabrics that enhance the feeling of homely warmth, as well as bedspreads made in patchwork, fit perfectly into the Provence.

An interesting detail that complements the appearance of the bed can serve as a bedspread with a valance - frill to the floor, falling on both sides of the bed and closing her legs.

  • In Provence, it is common to use bed linen made from natural eco-friendly fabrics.The use of embroidered monograms and other elements (lace, ribbons, frills) is welcomed, such as calico, linen, silk.
  • To give a special charm and emphasize the chosen style, designers advise lay out pillows at the head of the bed to match the main shade of the bedDecorated with ruffles or floral pattern. Pillows choose different sizes, usually rectangular in shape. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of proportion, too carried away by the process of decorating.

  • Some designers offer upon availability. install bed headboard to the window - Of course, if the views open there allow. Then the landscape outside the window turns into a part of the interior, which fully corresponds to the main features of Provence.

  • An interesting solution could be to decorate the bed with a canopy, made of draped weightless material. This element will enhance the feeling of warm comfort, to which they strive, choosing the style of Provence.

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