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Ideas for wall hangers in the hallway

Returning home, we hurry to take off our outerwear and put it away in the usual closet or hanging it on a wall hanger, which is an open, comfortable design that holds a large amount of clothing and often becomes a decorative element of the corridor. In addition, wall hangers in the hallway are not only attractive in appearance, but also as functional as possible.

Features and benefits

We are accustomed to a large closet in the hallway or the whole furniture wall where outerwear and headdresses are usually stored. However, large furniture does not always fit in a small corridor, it takes up too much free space and is not convenient for guests. The advantages of wall hangers over similar closed furniture:

  • Ideal for small hallways or apartments in general and is indispensable in the studio, because it does not take up much space and places bulk outerwear on itself;
  • Does not require square meters of the corridor for installation, but only a small part of its wall;
  • It can be different in functionality and design: wide or narrow, high or low, with or without shelves;
  • The wall hanger is suitable not only for the top, but also for ordinary clothes - cardigans, sweaters, which are worn in the warm season on cool or rainy days;
  • It can accommodate hats, bags, bags and accessories;
  • The design of the structure can emphasize the style of the corridor and even the belonging of the hanger itself: for adults or young guests (for children it hangs low and has the appropriate finish).

The wall hanger is a strap with a row of hooks on which clothes are hung. Designers have long gone beyond the usual framework and create original designs that transform the corridor and create additional storage space for clothes. You won't surprise anyone with the familiar wall panel with hooks, and the functionality in it is not enough.

Modern designs can have shelves at the top and bottom, built-in mini-boxes, housekeeper, accessories storage, reclining seat and other options.

Materials and fastening

The wall hanger or panel can be made of wood (solid wood or wood board), metal, plastic or a combination of materials. The use of a wooden panel with minimal processing and a series of hooks becomes an eco-friendly and unusual solution: simple in performance or original form: key, notes, animals, geometric figures, table items.

Hangers differ in type of fastening. If we talk about ordinary hooks or full panels, then it is better to choose the mount on the screws: it will withstand heavy outer clothing as well. Velcro fasteners, suction cups for storing outerwear will not work, as they do not support such a weight.

How to choose?


Wall hangers differ in their exterior design and form, decoration and materials used, which determines their interior direction. For the corridor in the classic design, choose concise hangers from natural materials: wood, metal, leather. Avoid plastic and motley colors in the finish. The classic interior accepts a brown-beige gamut and other muted shades, including light and pastel.

The modern design of the hallway gives free rein to the imagination: original forms and flashy shades (red, yellow) are acceptable in it. One of the popular destinations became industrialization and loft, where the metal hanger will fit in the form of a water pipe or wrench-hooks.

Accent in the minimalist corridor will be a hanger with drop-down hooks, which in ordinary life do not have a hint of functionality. Scandinavian style The interior is famous for its naturalness, so choose wooden structures for it with a minimum of decor. For Provence or Country, it is also appropriate to have a tree painted in a light pastel shade or unprocessed in general with a series of metal hooks.

The choice of wall panel depends on the dimensions of the corridor: for spacious, choose a wall panel with open compartments, for a modest in size - a narrow and long or wide shelf with hooks.

For a small space

Hallways are different, and among them there are so tiny rooms that you have to puzzle over their arrangement. Designers offer to use ready-made solutions or create them yourself.

The easiest to store clothes and accessories on the hooks-droplets. They do not occupy space and look especially original when not occupied.

Another solution is wooden wall of crossbars with hooks and shelvesinstalled in the niche of the corridor or in its passage. It will take a little space and fit on itself and shoes, and clothing, and a pair of hats. For a romantic interior, choose a metal floor hanger in the shape of a huge chair with a soft seat and openwork hooks.

For a spacious corridor

Instead of a closed cabinet, modern designers choose open wall hangers, complemented by shelves, drawers, and mandatory decor. The design can be either single or combined, that is, assembled separately from shelves, hooks, drawers and additional elements. A great idea - a combination of a metal panel with hooks and a hinged shelf, where hats and accessories will be stored. Expand the functionality of such a hallway wooden bench-seat. The wide wooden wall panel is the perfect complement to a large entrance hall.

Hooks allow you to hang clothes freely, and the panel itself is an excellent element of decor and carries a certain functionality - it holds the hooks and connects the seats to the niche for storing shoes.

Do it yourself

On sale you can find thousands of hangers, but none of them will not be so original than the one that is made with your own hands. A flat wooden panel and several hangers for clothes can be taken as a basis: they will function as hooks.

For home production the following will be required:

  • Drill or hammer drill;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Tool for cutting wood (if using natural raw materials).
  • Directly materials that will be the basis of the hanger.

A great idea would be to use a regular paddle: it will hold the hooks and noticeably transform the interior of the Scandinavian hallway. Instead of a paddle, you can use a hockey stick or a golf club, any other sports equipment, it will remain to securely attach it to the wall and nail hooks to it.

A few more ideas for self-production wall hangers:

  • Unusual hooks in the shape of hands, fingers, key, vegetables, fruits;
  • Old kitchen knives - they will be hooks;
  • Conventional birch slats - for wall panels;
  • Old spoons, pre-curved in the hook;
  • Animal figures of hard plastic;
  • Door handles;
  • Deer horns.

These elements can act as separate hooks and fasten to the wall or to a previously prepared wooden panel.

Plastic is also widely used, it is only necessary to choose high-quality dense PVC, which will withstand the weight of heavy top (and especially winter) clothing.

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