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Fridge magnet

Beautiful and original fridge magnet is considered a decoration of the kitchen. Today, souvenirs for tourists and travelers are very popular. They are purchased as an inexpensive presentation in the country or city that the person visited. A huge selection of fridge magnets becomes the reason for collecting these items. They can really become a full-fledged decoration of kitchen appliances, and also tell a lot about the owner.

What is the name of

A fridge magnet is a souvenir, a decorative element on a magnetic base, which is easily attached to kitchen appliances. Due to the special design, called the Halbach magnetic assembly, the magnetic field on the face of the product is practically absent and doubles from the opposite. Due to the fact that the fridge magnets have become quite popular, they are subject to collection. Currently, there is no official name for such collectibles, but recently the word "memomagnets" has been introduced to collectors. So the hobby is designated to collect magnets on the refrigerator.

Features and benefits

There is such a tradition - to decorate the surface of the refrigerator with various small magnets. The tradition is good, if you do not use tasteless souvenirs for tourists and products with logos of famous brands, then it is no doubt able to add variety and decorate any kitchen. According to statistics, more than 80.58% of household refrigerators are decorated with magnets.

They are used for fastening home correspondence, to create small collections and simply as decoration.

Today, for the production of souvenirs, manufacturers use innovative technologies and high-quality raw materials. The basis is the use of durable magnetic film or solid magnets, which are tightly attached to the metal surface of refrigerators and other household appliances.. The main advantages include:

  1. A wide range of choices.
  2. Long term of use.
  3. Aesthetic appearance.
  4. Big scope of application.

Plus the fact that today you can buy magnets everywhere. Such products are easy to find on the shelves of stationery stores, in souvenir shops, in shopping centers, in online stores.

In fact, the scope of their application is not limited to just decorating their homes. Products are fairly common among business owners, as it can be used to develop their business.

Magnets are becoming irreplaceable reminders of any important event. For example, if this is a wedding, then you can decorate the refrigerator with a photo of the newlyweds. Also, magnets can be reminded of the journey, which were recently. You can buy a set of fridge magnets that will become a symbol of some pleasant event. Remember that any image is applied to the surface of such products. So, the advantages of this souvenir products include:

  1. Decorating your own home. With the help of magnets, you can add new creative colors to the kitchen.
  2. If you have your own businessthen the products will provide an opportunity to more effectively develop the business.
  3. They can be a wonderful gift. for any person, if you put a photo on them.
  4. You can choose not only the shape and material of the magnet, but also the image that will be on its surface.
  5. Possibility to buy or order individually several magnets, as well as large wholesale batches of products.

Do work harms

There is a myth that magnets affect the operation of a refrigeration device.. Manufacturers of souvenirs in most cases imply that their products are intended to be placed on the surface of the refrigerator. Of course, these magnets will not cause any harm (for example, electromagnetic radiation) to the internal elements of the household appliance, and repair of refrigerators is not needed, but they can spoil the appearance of it. Visible damage from the use of these products are scratches and paint damage, as well as prints, especially on the white surfaces of household appliances.

Such defects will then need to be constantly covered with something, inflicting an even greater amount of damage.

If you refuse to place the magnets on the refrigerator hard (after all, they really decorate the space and make it brighter and more saturated), and you do not want to spoil the appearance of the device, it is better to purchase a metal board and fix it on one of the walls. Such boards today without problems can be bought in the store, while choosing the optimal color and size. Thus, the house will be provided with a place for magnets, which they will remind you of the most pleasant moments in life, and at the same time the surface of the refrigerator will remain intact.

However, a fridge magnet can still harm human health.

The only real reason that flutters the myth, whether these products are harmful or not, exists and is justified. Souvenirs, which include an alloy of neodymium, boron and iron, are unsafe for people with pacemakers. They can disrupt his work, which is deadly. But here, too, danger arises only if the distance between the person and the magnet is less than three centimeters.


The souvenir industry boasts a huge variety of fridge magnets. Today you can buy souvenir stickers, magnetic panels, advertising, original and unusual images, collectible images, 3D volumetric magnets.

  • Vinyl souvenirs - The most common type of products on the refrigerator. The main advantage of this original presentation is the price. Compared with acrylic, resin and PVC magnets - vinyl is the most affordable.

But this is not the only advantage of vinyl products over all other types. This material is very convenient and easy to process. Advertising vinyl magnet can always be made to order according to individual parameters. At its production the offset printing is used. This is the highest quality method of applying images on paper materials.

Often the vinyl souvenir is a laminated image (photographs or a picture) with a magnet attached. This product is very popular in a corporate environment. If representatives of companies are often interested in advertising magnets for large-scale campaigns or organizing campaigns to attract new customers, then individuals are most of all interested in exclusive magnets with a non-standard design.

  • One of the most popular types of products on the refrigerator are photomagnets. This is not surprising, because everyone wants to leave in his memory the most pleasant moments of life. Photomagnets every day uplifting warm memories. As a rule, the refrigerator is decorated with a colorful magnet with a landscape or a panoramic view of the famous city. Magnets with demotivators and other cool inscriptions have become very popular among young people.
  • Business card magnets are strong and original reminders. which will last a very long time. The surface of the product can be glossy, matte, as well as textured. The sizes of souvenirs are also different. Magnetic calendars and souvenir can be used as a business gift, a gift to friends and relatives. Such magnets are easy to make with the company's logo and landmarks or views of their hometown.
  • Promotional magnets (lottery) - very promising type of advertising. It is unlikely that a potential client will have a desire to discard the original reminder, unlike a huge number of leaflets and brochures. A magnet on the refrigerator, system unit, microwave and even on the battery for a long time will remind about the company or product. Magnets-postcards - the perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, any special event. This magnetic card will not leave anyone indifferent. It can be made in the style of Russian cities, drawn pictures, butterflies, monkeys, with text description and much more.
  • Original fridge magnets such as the castle, the letters of the alphabet, monkeys, food plates and other unusual items are gaining popularity. Remains relevant souvenirs in the form of a notebook with blank sheets of paper and a pen on which you can leave your notes and take notes.


The production of fridge magnets is a responsible and complex process. Specialists should use special equipment, as well as connect their basic skills. Only in this case, you can get the highest quality products that will perform their basic functions. In the course of work, only those materials that are ideally suited for such purposes are used. Today wooden, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, metal, ceramic magnets are popular, as well as from unusual materials (knitted, from caprone, tapes, polymer clay, coal, coffee beans, polyresin).

Popular in the manufacture of souvenirs with their own hands technique "dry felting", creating magnets from disks and other materials that can be found in any home. For example, a magnet with a thermometer is not just a nice souvenir, but also functional. It shows the air temperature in the apartment. Technique of production of products on the refrigerator meets all standards, including environmental.

How to choose

The magnet is considered an inexpensive souvenir that can be given as an inexpensive gift to friends, acquaintances and relatives. Magnets are especially popular among tourists. The choice of such a souvenir is limited by the place of travel, for example, if it is France, choose a souvenir in the form of the Eiffel Tower and on the same principle in other cities and countries. When choosing a decoration on the refrigerator, consider the design of the room and personal preferences. Magnets can be thematic, large, small, voluminous, flat, with humor, or more like works of art. The choice here is strictly individual.


Magnets on the fridge - a souvenir, a decoration that will not leave anyone indifferent. Modern products become exactly the decorations of the refrigeration device, if they are selected with the mind, in a certain chronology or in connection with any idea. Judging by the opinions of people who use magnets as decoration for the surface of the refrigerator, most agree that magnets can tell a lot about the owner of the apartment, they keep memories of trips, look funny, decorate the interior, are inexpensive, improve mood, bright, positive, may hide damage on the surface. Among the shortcomings: heavy products can eventually damage the coating, scratch, leave black dots.

Interesting ideas for design

Perhaps a little house in which today is a refrigerator without a single magnet. Usually such items are souvenirs donated by friends who come from overseas countries or brought by their owners. In addition, photo frames are made in the form of magnets, as well as small tear-off notepads for recordings, pens, and many other small things needed in everyday life. They are placed on the refrigerator, because it is the only one that is an unoccupied metal surface. It is a common misconception that magnets can only be mounted on the refrigerator.

These beautiful and creative souvenirs make it easy to decorate the wall in the living room or nursery, choosing a metal color panel as the basis. In this case, photomagnets will be a great solution. If you want to come up with interesting wedding invitations or find small and inexpensive wedding gifts for all guests, then fridge magnets will help. All you need is to choose a photo or a picture on a wedding theme and find your favorite shape. Such souvenirs are presented before the wedding in the form of invitation reminders. Such wedding favors are perfect for various competitions and sweepstakes at the wedding. Souvenirs can be hung on the fridge as a mini trophy.

Fridge magnets can be bought while traveling, or you can do it yourself. This product will be a great decoration for the kitchen. It is easy to make it with a piece of plywood by placing a small photo in the center. For such a simple job you will need the following materials: a piece of old plywood or board, varnish for wood, a brush, a photograph, a flat magnet, glue. The scheme for creating a magnet with your hands is simple:

  • Prepare a piece of wood any form of small size.
  • Glue the photo in the center. Handle the edges of the wooden frame with a file so that they become slightly rounded.
  • Top varnish the product for wood and let it dry well. The tree will darken a little and get a beautiful shade.
  • Glue a flat magnet on the back of the center.. It will surely become a wonderful handmade gift that will delight the eyes of friends and loved ones, as well as decorate the kitchen.

Attaching flat magnets to different objects, you can make a variety of decorations for the refrigerator, which will be exclusive.

Watch the video: How to make a fridge magnet? DIY - do it yourself (August 2019).

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