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Tulle to the kitchen for a balcony door

Early morning with hot French croissants, a tablecloth casually draped over the table, a hoarse radio with the legendary songs of Edith Piaf, smoothly moving tulle to the whiff of the May wind - this is it, a happy start to the day. Not the last role in creating warmth and comfort is played by an ordinary tulle cloth for a balcony door. You can not make too obvious accents on it - the look of your kitchen with it will be so concise, stylish, authentic.

Selection rules

Selection of curtains for the balcony should take place, taking into account the special wishes of the owners of the house. The product should not block access, as well as cling to the corners of the furniture, other interior items. Tulle with curtains, curtains, pelmets should look like a single ensemble. For the kitchen, it is best to choose a fireproof material.

Tulle is suitable if the owners of cottages, apartments will not need to hide from prying eyes. Such a curtain on the balcony will create a feeling of lightness, airiness, and special warmth. In the upcoming season you should not pay attention to short products, as well as models with a hem carelessly thrown on the floor.

Style experts recommend to look at tulle, consisting of 2 parts. It can be decorated as desired, combined with curtains, curtains, curtains. Such a model does not exactly block access to the window. Any balcony door looks boring in the "bare" form. Be sure to decorate this element of the interior with a stylish canvas in your favorite color scheme.

When choosing quality tulle for the kitchen, the specifics of the room itself are taken into account. Such a product should be functional, practical, perfectly laundered, cleaned, to cause aesthetic pleasure. It is best to use linen dense fabric, cotton or cotton fabric. All of them demonstrate high resistance to dust settling, and also do not fade under the influence of direct sunlight.

For those who are engaged in hand-made, it is better to resort to linen models. Despite their high density, they are hypoallergenic, better prevent the penetration of sunlight. Linen curtains for the balcony can be decorated in any way: embroider patterns, apply prints, appliqués, decorate with decorative threads, fabric pompoms, sew flowers, etc. They will not only create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, but also give an unobtrusive charm to the room.

For lovers of light morning haze, barely seeping through the window, it is better to look at silk or tulle curtains. So, the presence of an early spring, a sunny morning or a melancholic romantic day will not leave you, as it would have happened behind a screen of blinds, roller shutters, etc.


Making out the balcony door, special attention is paid to the length of tulle. It is important that it ends a little higher than the baseboard. In any specialized salon or store you can order an option that fits exactly the size of the opening itself.

If you stopped at the maximum length, it is worthwhile to correctly approach the choice of accessories, scenery. Any volumetric curtain can be decorated with various pendants, "straps", chains, etc.

Color palette

In the upcoming season, pay attention to chocolate shades, models, executed in soft brown, dark green shades. Trendy styles are eco, ethno, all natural colors and nude palette. Elegance and charm will add solid tulle with openwork design. For Provence or Chebbi-chic style, it is better to choose products in a small graphic print, cell, polka dot, floral pattern.

Combination with curtains

Silk, cotton tulle from organza, muslin and other materials is excellently combined with heavy, volume curtains. In this combination, it will obscure the brilliance of window glass, as well as diffuse sunlight. Tulle, covering the balcony, should be hung on the bar and the cornice with metal or wooden rings, grommets. This will allow the curtains to move easily and not to create a "barrier" before entering the balcony.

Next to the tulle any curtains and curtains will look organically. The snow-white background contrasts well with any color palette: from pastel to rich blue, green, orange, brown, black, etc. Velvet, satin, linen curtains are wonderfully combined with any prints, patterns, ornaments on tulle. It depends on what style of interior you choose, the model and texture of the curtains will depend.

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Tulle is absolutely not compatible with roller, Roman curtains, bamboo designs. These are two independent elements, the choice of which will depend entirely on the individual preferences of the customer.

The atmosphere in the house will be diluted by tulle in the kitchen of a pale matte color. Immediately give up bulk draperies, long curtains of multi-layer type. A perfect solution would be a weightless chintz, light cotton, transparent organza. In the interior of the kitchen-studio with a balcony door, Austrian curtains of tulle fabric will do, bringing additional comfort and calm elegance to the room.

Design and idea

Original design solutions are often associated with the asymmetry of the doorway. This may be a side, central pickup, closing the window sash, the door itself. It is possible to model curtains and tulle with the help of lambrequins, for example, absolutely straight, classical, “scarf” variant, swag.

The design can be used a variety of textures and accessories. Apply photo printing on tulle - and you will achieve the design of a modern interior style: loft, kitsch, pop art. Slightly embroidered flowers on the material - a perfect complement to the provençal, rustic, boho-chic, chebbi-chic, romantic. Try to select not only a practical thing that successfully closes the balcony door, but also a stylish one that fits well with the kitchen interior.

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