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Flat hood for the kitchen

To date, an essential attribute of modern cuisine is the hood. Kitchen hoods vary in features of work, design variability and power.

The most powerful model of hoods is dome. This hood has access to the ventilation and is perfect for a large kitchen area due to its high performance and considerable size. Using a dome-type hood is acceptable in the summer kitchen and in the country. Beautiful design and finish with steel, glass, wood makes this option a stylish interior detail.

Island hoods are widely used for large kitchens with a stove in the middle. Insulated island structures to the ceiling in the middle of the room. Manufacturers offer a wide range of island hoods of various styles and designs, which allows you to harmoniously fit such a model into any interior.

T-shaped models well suited for the design of the kitchen in the style of minimalism with a predominance of furniture and clear geometric lines. These hoods are made of aluminum, glass - these options look stylish and unusual.

Built-in hoods models - ideal option for cabinet kitchen furniture, they are practically not visible. The built-in extractor will perfectly fit into any modern interior.

This article focuses on flat hoods for the kitchen. Let's try to figure out why this particular model, based on consumer reviews, won the most sympathy.

Features of the device

Flat hoods work on the principle of air recirculation. In the process of cooking, the air saturated with fats and steam is cleaned inside the equipment with the help of various filters and returns back to the room already clean and fresh. Due to this cleaning process, the duct is not required - all processes occur within the exhaust design.

Purification of air occurs due to the work of special filters. Depending on the number of these filters, a single-stage purification system is isolated, as a rule, due to the operation of simple acrylic filters. Today, more and more often produce models with a two-stage cleaning system. Consider this process in more detail.

At the first stage, polluted kitchen air is cleaned of grease with coarse filters. They are both coal, requiring replacement every 3-4 months, and reusable, represented by various alloys. Reusable soiled filter can be washed under running water or in the dishwasher. Such a filter is considered more profitable from an economic point of view.

After cleaning the grease, the air is processed by the fine filter in the second stage. Here, smaller particles that pass through the first filter are removed from the air. Carbon based filters act as cleaners.

After a two-stage cleaning system, fresh air returns to the kitchen.

What size to choose

When choosing a flat hood, you need to focus on the size of your plate. Hood dimensions are adjusted to the size of the hob. It is desirable that the hood was slightly larger than the size of the plate. On this basis, flat extracts of standard sizes of 50 cm and 60 cm are distinguished. If for some reason the size of the hood is not enough, you can consider retractable models with the possibility of increasing the length of the hood.

Another important condition when choosing a flat hood is its ability to be mounted in a kitchen set. Therefore, many manufacturers offer kitchen models already with a built-in hood. Also, you can easily purchase the hood of the desired size under the parameters of the kitchen cabinet on your own during the manufacture of your headset.

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For the hood is very important indicator such as its performance. The following generally accepted formula is used to calculate the power of flat hoods: the kitchen volume is multiplied by 12 and by a factor of 1.3. The result is the number of cubic meters per hour of the required capacity for your room. For example, with a standard ceiling height in the kitchen of 2.5 meters and its area of ​​10 square meters, we get 2.5x10x12x1.3 = 390 cubic meters per hour.

Such an indicator as the performance of the hood is very important for the kitchen-living room or kitchen without a door, where the likelihood of the rapid spread of odors is high. If you smoke in the kitchen, it is advisable to choose hoods with a capacity twice as high as the area calculated for a particular room.

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Design features

The compactness of flat hoods and their ability to fit into almost any interior make such hoods a good buy. Basically, these models do not differ in originality of design, representing a retractable surface, equipped with a light sensor.

The main colors of flat hoods are white, gray, black, shiny or matte models. Depending on the main color of household appliances, an extract of the desired shade is selected.

Manufacturers offer more modern models with elements of glass, wood, other metal in the decor, as well as flat hoods of curved, irregular shape. Thanks to the classic color scheme and variation of performance, you can choose an option for any style solution of the kitchen.

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Control type

According to the type of control, the flat hoods are subdivided into push-button, touch and remote-controlled ones. The type of control does not affect the performance of the hood, but on the usability completely.

If you have to cook for a large family and as a result of this, you often have to use the hood, give preference to touch models that work with the warmth of your hands and light touch. Push-button models can get dirty with hands or any other products that get dirty and fall as a result. The touch panel in this case, just wipe with a damp cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of flat hoods is their use without connection to the ventilation duct. It is very convenient for kitchens with low ceilings or rooms of a small area, where it is not possible to lay a duct. To attach such a hood does not require special skills, its installation is quite simple.

Flat hoods are ideal for a small kitchen - they do not imply the use of a large space for accommodation, quite enough mounting under the kitchen cabinet.

Modern concise and practical design solutions in the design of such extracts will be used in the interior of any kitchen.

Another important criterion to opt for this model is its value. The price of flat hoods is very democratic compared with dome models. Any family can afford this option. Finally, flat hoods work without using room ventilation, while maintaining a constant room temperature.

The disadvantages of flat hoods include their insufficient power to clean the air in large areas. Indeed, it is difficult to place a productive motor in a small construction. But for our typical kitchens up to 10 square meters, this power is enough.

The main disadvantage of using such hoods is the periodic replacement of filters, which makes their operation not very convenient.

The minus is considered to be the high noise level of such an exhaust. But still the high purchasing power of such a device indicates the popularity of flat hoods.

How to install?

If you opted for a flat hood for the kitchen, it will not be difficult to install it, and it will not take long.

The main rule is to install any hood at a distance not lower than 70 cm from the cooking surface; when installing the hood above the gas stove, this distance should be increased to 80 cm.

First of all, you need to decide on a place for mounting a flat hood - on the wall or under the kitchen cupboard.

Next, you should carefully evaluate the space above the hood - you will need holes for air to escape. Make sure that the appliances do not fit snugly against the furniture, otherwise the hood will make noise and vibrate, and the headset will quickly lose its appearance. In case you install a flat model with an air duct, hide it in the closet. The model without duct is installed using the supplied mounting mechanisms.

We make holes on the wall, insert dowels in them and fasten awnings. Screw the screws in the wall, install the hood. At the final stage, we check the reliability of fasteners. Installation is complete.

Thus, flat hoods today are a great economical version of a good model, distinguished by compactness, decent performance and ease of installation.

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