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Sofa in an office: subtleties of the choice

If the house has space for a study, it is necessary to put a sofa in it. This piece of furniture brings a certain amount of comfort in the working atmosphere and is a good solution when you need to endear the interlocutor. However, not every model is worth buying: you need to choose the product carefully, taking into account every nuance of choice.

Features and requirements

A home office in a modern apartment or private house is in most cases a small room with proper organization. A working atmosphere is created in this room, which is a prerequisite.

In addition to the desk, ergonomic chair and a rack for books or documents on the rules of arrangement, you can include a sofa in the interior.

It allows you to remove the load on the spine, to arrange a short break or to settle down more comfortably while reading documents or working on a laptop.

A number of requirements are presented to such a model, otherwise its placement will be inappropriate, and the working atmosphere will be disturbed.

Consider the main aspects:

  • Regardless of the size of the room itself, the sofa should not take up much space, because it is an addition, and not the main component of the interior. Large dimensions are able to imbalance the working environment, calling into question the purpose of the room.
  • The sofa for the cabinet should be mostly linear: corner models are more like guest options, but the modest laconic forms of the linear (classic) sofa do not overload the space. Fancy shapes are excluded: the view must be classic and the frame must be durable.
  • Any interior thing must be functional: the sofa must have a transformation system. This will allow, if necessary, to stay at night. If the study is also a bedroom, the sofa can easily replace a full bed.

  • Regardless of the model, the transformation mechanism should be simple and reliable, which will eliminate the increased load on the frame and will not affect the service life of the model. Excluded complex folding systems in several additions. In priority - folding model with armrests and spacious drawers.
  • Depending on your budget, you should choose a product with upholstery made of genuine leather, eco-leather or leatherette. Leather sofa is the best solution: leather is durable, resistant to abrasion, easy to clean. Textiles are inferior in quality characteristics, although today, in the arrangement of a study, they also use it, using thick fabrics.
  • As a filler for such a sofa using a dense material. The product should not be too soft, because it makes the atmosphere relaxing, which is unacceptable. The best type of stuffing is natural and synthetic latex: this material does not bend under a lot of weight, it is durable, it does not rot.


The colors of the sofa for the office are subject to the overall style of a particular interior. The atmosphere involves the use of soft and muted shades of the color palette. No sharp tones - they divert attention, interfering with concentration.

Usually for the office try to buy products in shades of beige and brown tones, choosing models to match the color of the desk, bookshelf or chair. This solution is traditional, but in most cases the dark sofa hides the lighting of this room even more.

To remove the feeling of gravity associated with a large number of dark spots, it is necessary to bring light tones into the space due to the shade of the shelving, covering the walls, ceiling, carpet, floor.

An interesting solution is to use a sofa in the interior of such a room, which differs from the color of the furniture. For example, with brown furniture, it can be burgundy, milky, cream, dark green, purple, gray.

Still more interesting are the models of the combined type with removable blocks of the back and seats. So bright sofa looks cozy and light. For example, the base may be dark green, and the color of the mats is beige, or the sofa itself has a chocolate-colored upholstery, and its modular seats and backrests are pale olive. Such a decision is hampered by the purchase of removable covers, but it looks like a stylish sofa and adds a large share of comfort to the office.

Appropriate in the office models in sand, marsh and light terracotta colors.



An important point is the selection of products for the stylistic decision of the home office. For example, if a product is bought for a room equipped in a classic style (classic, neoclassic, classicism), it should be made with leather upholstery, carved legs, and gold-plated decor.

If the model is chosen for the modern trend in the spirit of minimalism, a rather concise model of artificial leather.

If it is modern, we need some solemnity. For modern products it is especially important that the sofa bears a functional load.: it should be a model with a bed function.


For loft and grunge directions, you should buy a branded leather sofa. The bohemian demonstration is important here.

For ecological styles, the type of material matters. If the office is filled with furniture with ergonomics, you should buy a similar sofa. In this case, the product can match in color with one of the elements of the arrangement of this room.


How to choose?

Before you buy a sofa in the home office of a house or apartment, it is necessary to take measurements of the place under it. The place should be chosen correctly so that the accommodation does not reduce the freedom to move around the room.

Regardless of the model, the shape should be streamlined. Excluded sharp corners or parts that can be injured if you harshly touch the sofa.

When buying a sofa you should pay attention to several nuances:

  • Choose a product from a trusted store. In order not to doubt the reliability of the design, ask the seller for a certificate of quality and compliance with safety standards.
  • If you can not buy a leather sofa, take the one to which you can buy eurocovers that can instantly change the look of the model and simplify the care of the upholstery. This material is resistant to abrasion and the claws of domestic animals.
  • If there is a carpet on the floor, exclude the model on wheels from the selection list: the pile will be constantly hammered into them, which will shorten the model's service life. Choose a design that rises and then lowers to the floor during transformation.
  • If the cabinet windows face the north side, you should purchase a model of a light shade: it will save the room from the feeling of gravity.

  • Armrests give the sofa more comfort. Choose a product so that they are not wooden and do not have built-in shelves for books. Such products are appropriate in the living room, and in the office for this set of shelves.
  • Pay attention to the cost: reliable and high-quality designs are not cheap. Pick up several companies and models, browse the reviews about them on the Internet, and only then buy, taking into account the opinions of real buyers.
  • The length of the sofa should accommodate two or three people. A smaller sofa will not allow a confidential conversation, if necessary, if you need to sit in an informal setting.
  • The backrest should be comfortable to sit. The same rule applies to the depth of the seat. The legs should not hang down, so do not forget to take into account the height of the model.

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