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Color solutions Bosch refrigerators

Modern kitchen is not only a place for cooking, it is a place where designer fantasy comes true. Today, the kitchen area is not perceived as something separate, it is a harmonious extension of the apartment or house.

Combining the colors, shape and functionality of the items here is the most difficult. A lot of technology can be hidden in niches and embedded in furniture. Some of them, for example, a refrigerator, can also be made into an attraction of a room.

The choice of Bosch fridge largely depends on the style of the kitchen area. The color scheme of the equipment of this manufacturer is simply impressive. Models in beige, red, purple and brown colors, black glass will organically fit into any interior. At the same time, the functionality and harmony of the kitchen will not suffer in any way.

Find other shades, such as ivory or beige, this manufacturer is also possible. With this fridge, any kitchen will be the pinnacle of design art.

And the kitchen equipment will organically fit in both the modern and the classic interior.

Special features

According to reviews, the German manufacturer Bosch is one of the three leaders in the production of high-quality household appliances.

Modern requirements dictate their laws. Each new interior requires a corresponding color scheme and an original decision of the appearance of the technique.

Bosch keeps up with the times, so now its models differ not only in functionality, but also in color gamut.

With all this, ergonomics does not suffer. Inside the refrigerator you will find roomy shelves and a freshness zone. Convenient modes and clear control of the refrigerator.

The latest innovation of this company are refrigerators. with glass doors. The glossy finish of these models not only attracts the eye, but also brings home appliances to a new level.

Such refrigerators would be appropriate in any kitchen. For modern styles, you should choose a more saturated tone, and for classical ones, a quieter range.

Models from "Golden Series" will bring in the interior of the kitchen chic and sophistication. In whatever style you decide to design the kitchen area, in Bosch you will find exactly what you need.

With glass door

Unusual at first glance, Bosch refrigerators with glass doors actually look very stylish.

These models are presented in rich colors - black, red, purple, white, quartz. A special highlight of this model gives the play of light: getting on the glass, it shimmers with all sorts of shades from soft highlights to deep tones.

Such a unit will become not just a refrigerator in the kitchen, but something more. He will be the "nail" of the room to which everyone will pay attention.

In this category, you can select models with touch and normal controls.

The glass surface of the door is made of heavy-duty material. It will be difficult to harm this. Testing has shown that such doors easily withstand a half-kilogram metal ball falling on them from a height of several meters.

Glass door models include a series of refrigerators. "Crystal", glossy doors which attract the eye.

The interior design of the unit is also designed accordingly. Transparent shelves, made of durable plastic or tempered glass, only emphasize the effect of weightlessness. Everything is simple and clear, there is no closeness, everything is in its place.

A special highlight is the decoration of some elements in silver color.

In addition to fashionable design, "Crystals" boast of flawless performance. The color of the display will tell you exactly what is happening in the refrigerator.

Two zones of freshness allow you to preserve the natural taste and characteristics of products for as long as possible.. Multi-flow cooling evenly distributes the flow of cold air throughout the unit. Carbon filter keeps air fresh, and will not allow products to soak up with foreign and unnatural smells for them.

In addition, the system is designed so that it does not need to be defrosted. This is a nice plus for many housewives.

Bosch color refrigerators have absorbed all the best:

  • Stylish design.
  • Ease of management.
  • Reliable food storage.
  • Efficiency.

The functionality of this model will pleasantly surprise. The interior of the unit is thought out to the smallest detail. The optimal number of shelves for storing food, bottles of drinks or even pans with food.

You can adjust the number of shelves yourself and add, if needed, a bottle hanger.

Just the necessary security function will lock the doors and control settings so that the child is unable to make changes to the modes.

Gold Series

Warm golden shades - vanilla, caramel, chocolate and milk create the effect of comfort in the interior.

The German manufacturer had to move away from standard standards of finish to make the use of technology even more pleasant for you. The rigor and conciseness gave way to style and functionality.

Refrigerators in this color scheme will fit perfectly practical for each interior.

Colors "Golden series"very reminiscent of nature. Soft warm colors similar to foliage gold, wood or sea pearls. Matt gold decor elements harmoniously refresh the design while not creating the effect of vulgarity or sophistication.

The interior decoration is decorated with elements that only emphasize the integrity of the composition. In addition, the functionality does not suffer. These models have functions that are responsible for the efficient preservation of products.

At the same time all the beneficial properties and freshness are preserved to the maximum.

We can distinguish the most useful characteristics of this series:

  • Spaciousness.
  • Design.
  • Adjustment of internal space.
  • Profitability of work.
  • Reliability.
  • Availability of freezer and freshness zone.

In the refrigerator there is two zones of freshness. In one of them the temperature is zero, in the second there is a humidity control. Due to this, not only vegetables and greens, but also meat products will perfectly retain their qualities for a long time.

Both zones have airtight seals and a golden trim strip on the drawers.

This series provides many features for the perfect storage of products. The cold air flows are distributed by the MultiAirflow system so that all products are quickly and evenly cooled.

Super freezing and super defrosting system opens up unlimited possibilities for preparing products for future use. "NoFrost“removes excess moisture and circulates cold air. With this system, there is no need to defrost a refrigerator.

The special design of the doors allows you to install kitchen appliances tightly to the wall. When opening the door do not protrude to the side.

Despite all the innovations and design solutions, Bosch has managed to preserve the entire useful potential of refrigerators and even expand it so that the use of Bosch equipment is associated with reliability and comfort.

Watch the video: Bosch displays a Classic fridge design with a splash of colour at IFA in Berlin - Appliances Online (August 2019).

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