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Hansa fridge

Almost every person sooner or later faces the problem of choosing a refrigerator, because this appliance is an integral part of any kitchen. I want him to serve for a long time, perform his functions well, and also be easy to use. Refrigerators Hansa fully comply with international standards and are characterized by excellent quality indicators. Products in them perfectly retain their original properties and freshness.

Brand history

Manufacturer Hansa is one of the leading in the European market. The company produces various household appliances, ensuring the high quality of its products. One of its major areas is the production of refrigeration equipment. The active development of production since 1921 speaks of a decent quality product and customer confidence in this brand.

Continuous improvement of products, as well as the expansion of the range makes Hansa refrigerators popular in all corners of the world.

Hansa is part of a Polish company group. Amica International Gm.b.H. Since 1921, Amica International Gm.b.H. produces kitchen appliances and related products. The firm does not cease to be engaged in improving existing models and developing new ones, as well as expanding the range of household appliances offered in the market. Today, the Hansa brand is one of the most sought after in the world.


To make refrigerators practical and as user-friendly as possible, Hansa has developed a number of technologies to ensure this. These include:

  • energy class A ++, which saves 20% of electricity;
  • technology "No-Frost", which works on the basis of the circulation of cold air, which reduces the frequency of the need for defrosting;
  • LED lighting not sensitive to voltage drops;
  • touch control and intelligent warning system;
  • tempered glass shelves which differ in durability and wear resistance;
  • holiday function allowing you to set the temperature at 12 degrees and go into the most economical mode of energy consumption;
  • adjustable shelves;
  • freshness zone where the mode is observed up to +3 degrees;
  • multithreaded cooling system;
  • antibacterial coating;
  • autonomous cold storage in case of power failure within 30 hours;
  • super freeze;
  • supercooling

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other technology, refrigeration equipment has its pros and cons. If we talk about the advantages of Hansa refrigerators, here you can highlight the following positive aspects:

  • simplicity in operation;
  • affordable price;
  • big ruler sizes;
  • convenient location freezing and refrigerating chambers;
  • using harmless for the ozone layer and hypoallergenic isobutane R600a;
  • antibacterial coating inside the refrigerator;
  • shelves tempered glass;
  • function super frost.

The disadvantages of Hansa refrigerators are:

  • defrosting in the drop way;
  • the absence of innovation electronics;
  • Availability single compressor.

How to choose?

To choose a refrigerator that is suitable in terms of functionality, you need to understand what the manufacturing country has to offer. The most common and popular type of Hansa refrigerators is considered to be a combined type. It has two chambers - refrigeration and freezing. Depending on individual requirements, you can choose a model with a freezer at the top or at the bottom. These copies are made in different sizes and design solutions.

Also in demand are embedded models. For a large family, a multi-door refrigerator in the French-Door and Side-by-Side versions is perfect. Its advantage is in multi-chamber, which allows you to store stocks of products for a long time, while maintaining their pristine freshness. Refrigerating and freezing chambers in them are significantly larger compared to the previous category.

If there is a need for additional storage space for products, the manufacturer offers Hansa refrigerators and freezers separately. A separate freezer will be convenient for those who like to harvest fruits, berries, mushrooms and vegetables for the winter. One type of freezer is a chest. The difference between the camera and the chests is in the way of opening.

The door of the freezer opens to itself, and the door of the chest - up.

Popular models

It should be noted that the presented range of Hansa refrigerators allows you to purchase the most suitable model for your home, cottage or other premises and needs. The most popular among them are the following copies:

  • FK261.3. A stylish two-compartment refrigerator weighing 50 kg and with an anti-bacterial coating inside, which allows you to securely store any products. Automatic defrosting system makes the operation process convenient and comfortable. A model that perfectly combines an affordable price and high quality.
  • FD221.4. The original two-chamber unit equipped with a class A + energy consumption system for greater energy savings. Sturdy shelves are able to withstand weight up to 100 kg. It is possible to mount the door on both the right and left side. There is an automatic defrost system that prevents the appearance of drops on the walls.
  • FK261.4X. Modern two-chamber refrigerator weighing 50 kg. Thanks to the color of stainless steel, it is the perfect complement to other kitchen appliances. It is quite functional, convenient and practical, making it ideal for everyday use.
  • FK261.4. Practical two-chamber refrigerator with automatic defrost system. Shelves can be placed at any convenient height, depending on the needs. Walls with embossed shape make the process of care easier.
  • FK339.6GGF. The two-chamber refrigerator of scales of 88 kg with the optimum volume of chambers allows to store any products, keeping their useful properties. The system "No Frost" prevents the appearance of frost in the freezer, which makes the operation process as comfortable as possible.
  • BK 316.3FA. Built-in two-chamber refrigerator with a lower location of the freezer, the total volume of which is 251 liters. Very convenient for everyday home use.
  • FM 108.4. Compact single-chamber refrigerator with a total volume of 96 liters. Its weight is 22 kg, which makes the rearrangement process easy and safe. The presence of shockproof glass shelves ensures their durability. A good option for both the apartment and the garden.


Numerous reviews about Hansa refrigerators are proof of their high quality and versatility. Users note the excellent combination of affordable prices and quality in combination with a classic design, low noise level, as well as perfect preservation of products without losing their pristine freshness. Some owners emphasize the possibility of outweighing the door if necessary. All these features make Hansa refrigerators truly in demand.

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