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Orthopedic mattresses Askona

Problems of the musculoskeletal system, spinal curvature are quite common problems. Askona orthopedic mattresses can prevent or significantly reduce the likelihood of these diseases.

Russian company "Askona" - winner of the award "Brand No1" as the largest manufacturer and seller of the best orthopedic mattresses. Products are manufactured under world brand licenses. The range includes mattresses for adults, children and made for special medical reasons. In the assortment - more than 800 models, which differ in stiffness, memory, vacuum, spring and springless systems.

Special features

Askona is the firstborn of the vacuumization of mattresses with springs, and at the same time produces traditional models including the Bonnel block.

The real revolution was the release of the module "Hourglass". Its distinctive feature is that the spring does not look like a barrel, as in traditional mattresses, but as an hourglass. In this case, the spring is conventionally divided into 3 parts:

  • top - consists of coils of relatively large size, it shrinks even under insignificant impact on it, without offering resistance to soft tissues;
  • in the middle part of the spring have increased stiffness and resist with a lot of pressure, holding bulk parts of the body;
  • in the lower part there are turns of greater width and softness, they promote uniform load distribution.

Mattresses with a spring block "Hourglass" can withstand any load, they have no weight restrictions.

One of the most sought-after lines is Mediflex mattresses.. The system on the basis of which these structures were created was designed by Academician V.I. Dikul. The principle of placement of the block of springs also includes 7 zones, which are distinguished by rigidity. Zones correspond to body areas (head, back, legs, etc.).

According to expert opinion, such a system is the best in terms of orthopedic effects on the body.

Askona mattresses are different and filler. This may be not only the already familiar coconut fiber or latex, but also holofiber and very soft open foam "Oxy Comfort". Thermopressed flax is also used in children's models. In the combined models used several materials. In particular, it may contain bamboo charcoal, providing micromassage effects.

How to choose?

For the prevention of problems of the musculoskeletal system and curvature of the spine, it is better to use universal mattresses of the medium-hard category.

With existing deviations from the norm in the state of the spine should follow the recommendations of the doctor.

Models (except Hourglass) have weight restrictions.

For people with a small mass, suitable models with medium or even soft stiffness. If the mass is large, then you should use hard mattresses, since soft structures will not be able to support the body, but simply squeeze under the weight.

The choice affects the state of muscle and soft skin tissue. In case of hypersensitivity and blood circulation problems, models with an upper foamed or cellular layer are recommended. This will allow you to carefully repeat the contours of the body and do not squeeze the soft tissues.

For owners with developed muscles, such designs will not work. For trained muscles for complete rest and relaxation requires some resistance.

The age of a person is not important when choosing a model, since the main thing is the physical condition of the body. But children from birth to 12 years should sleep on hard mattresses.

Popular models

"Discovery" - versatile mattresshaving 7 zones of the spring block in the form of an hourglass. The stiffness of the springs located in zones depends on the loads on these areas. There is about 550 springs per bed. Different sides have different stiffness, it provides the ability to change the stiffness depending on the desires of the owner. On the one hand - the average hardness, on the second - above the average. Size: with a width of 80 cm, length 190 cm. Withstands a maximum load of 140 kg. Acquisition with a protective case gives an extended warranty for 25 years.

One of the new models - "Supremo". Its peculiarity lies in bamboo fiber, which is a material and filler. This material is environmentally friendly. It maintains the necessary heat and moisture balance, provides unimpeded air circulation and excellent thermoregulation. This coating is light, soft, non-electrified, not wrinkled, wear-resistant. It has a five-zone stitch, a block of 1000 springs. Has antibacterial impregnation. The term of operation is extended due to the special technology of stitch - cassette-type burlet.

"Trend Flow" has insulation from the thermal block, independent spring block. The structure includes quilted jacquard on padding polyester and cotton felt. Maximum load up to 110 kg. It has medium hardness.

Newlyweds are advised to "Askona feel", having 7 zones of the spring block. Along the perimeter contains reinforced springs. Used tissues have a massage effect, normalizing blood circulation and relieving muscle tension.

For lovers of an active lifestyle collection is suitable! Askona Fitness ". The mattress is divided into 5 zones of different stiffness. The basic model is a combination of fibers including felt and orthopedic foam. Other models use coconut and latex. There are mattresses with equivalent bilateral use. The sides have a latex layer and a layer of coir, some supplemented with a massage effect. Mostly they are of medium hardness. Size - 200 x 160. Equipped with covers from NANOtex fabric containing silver nanoparticles.

Covers for mattresses perform not only a decorative role, but also protect the product from various contaminants, mechanical effects, abundant perspiration, etc. Covers sew from:

  • jacquard, distinguished by durability and durability;
  • terry cloth not distinguished by durability, but hypoallergenic;
  • velor - material from viscose and polyester;
  • "Askona Sleep Style "- from knitted mattress fabric, which consists of cotton fiber, polyester and polypropylene. The fabric does not irritate the skin and has an antibacterial effect.

Covers significantly extend the life.

Customer Reviews

Mattress owners give positive feedback to the company and its products. They note the created comfortable conditions allowing to fully relax.

Negative characteristics are expressed on issues related to the covers in some way:

  • short service life if you buy a mattress without a cover;
  • no removable covers (only the Serta line has them);
  • covers extend service life, but not always have an attractive look.

The vitality depends on the quality of rest and state of health. Askona mattresses create ideal conditions for recuperation and health.


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