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Curtain Curtains

Cornice often performs not so much its main function as decorative. And no wonder: designers simply could not get past such a great option for experimentation. Cornices are of different types, each of which is good in its own way.

What it is?

By and large, the eaves are only a crossbeam on which curtains fasten. It would seem that nothing special, but now the eaves do not serve simply to hold the fabric. They are important elements that allow you to maintain the desired style of the room, decorate it, and also make the window opening a bright accent. Eaves are necessary for fastening of curtains on windows of a different arrangement. It can be classic rectangular windows, ceiling, figured. Depending on the shape and purpose of the window, as well as its location, and select the desired type of cornice.

This element is made from a variety of materials, which further affect the overall perception of the room. You can make it so that the eaves will not be visible at all. The so-called secret models are popular lately due to the fact that they create an unusual effect. In order to independently choose the appropriate option for curtains, it is necessary to understand well the methods of fastening, types, materials of which the curtain rods are made. Taking into account each of these points, as well as focusing on the overall style of the room, you will be able to buy a good eaves and in the future never regret buying.


The way this or that model works depends on its type. Below are the names of the main elements with a description:

  • Brackets or hangers for fixing the base. The kit usually comes with 2 or more pieces, depending on the length of the eaves. Two brackets (hanger) are installed on the sides, and at least one supporting - in the middle.
  • The basis for hanging curtains. Regarding the type of eaves, it can be a bar, string or profile;
  • Fleurs (if provided). Basically, figured tips are installed at the ends of round cornices with a rod.

In some cases, the design will consist of only one integral part, for example, a tire when fixing a tire eaves on the ceiling.


All models can be divided according to the mounting device into two large groups: ceiling and wall:

  1. Ceiling options are attached directly to the ceiling. Ceiling structures are able to visually increase the height of the room, make it more magnificent. In combination with the large width of the eaves - from wall to wall - create a truly solemn atmosphere in the room. Ceiling cornices are also installed in cases where it is not possible to fix the wall (for example, if the wall material is drywall or the distance between the ceiling and the window opening is too small). Ceiling options are inferior to the wall in the ability to withstand a large weight of curtains, as well as in the choice of mounting options for curtains (ceiling models, as a rule, install only two types - tire and profile).
  2. Wall options offer a wide scope for fantasy. Such curtain rods are popular not the first year and do not plan to give up their positions. Most often, the installation of wall cornices is chosen in the presence of suspended or suspended ceilings. Depending on the curtain model, only ceiling or wall curtain rods are suitable for fastening it. So, it is possible to hang Roman curtains only on wall variants in order to achieve a close fit to the window. Depending on the configuration, both ceiling and wall cornices can be presented in the following variations.


Round cornices are the most traditional and familiar type. Currently, there is not only a single row, but also a double row round version with rods of different diameters arranged parallel to each other. Round barbells are supplemented with special tips - fleurons - on each side. At first, they didn’t carry any decorative functions, but after a while the designers began to make them figured: in the form of flowers, petals, animal heads, and not so long ago, flerones decorated with rhinestones and enamel appeared.

The choice of a round cornice imposes certain obligations: the fasteners of the curtains, as well as the various decor of the curtains must be carried out in the same design with the tips and the rod itself. For example, when ordering curtains with eyelets, not only the grommets themselves, but also the curtains of the curtains should be made in the same color scheme with a cornice and using the same materials. The eaves can be both straight and angular round. The corner is used for hanging the curtains in the bathroom and in the decoration of the premises is usually not involved.


String designs look very modern and minimalist. They do not take up much space and are almost imperceptible, but their presence adds the necessary outrageousness to the room. The design of the string cornice is extremely simple and consists of two brackets, equipped with special devices for tensioning and the strings themselves. It is a metal cable that can handle a lot of weight.

The same cannot be said about locking devices, they are usually weakened under heavy curtains, which leads to a "sagging" of the whole structure. Most often stringed cornices are used in the interiors of modern styles: Hi-tech, Minimalism, Modern. In traditional interiors, they will look more than inappropriate.


The tire is a structure equipped with a special hollow, into which the fixing mechanisms are installed so that the blind slides between the two parts of the cornice. This was often established earlier in the USSR, so most people chooses him by inertia. The number of rows is usually limited to two, but options are possible. This is due to the fact that it is not customary to equip tire eaves with additional pompous details such as lambrequins or gangs: the insufficiently majestic construction of the eaves itself does not allow this to be done from a stylistic point of view. But the use of light curtains in combination with a sliding thick curtain is not forbidden.

The big plus is that the curtain is mounted close to the ceiling on the tire eaves, and there is practically no gap. Therefore, it is tire tires that are chosen as ceiling fixtures: the ceiling of the room seems to be even higher.


Baguette is complemented by a carved strap. Planck not only closes all the "stuffing", which is responsible for the ability to move the curtains, but also acts as a decorative element. The relatively low price of baguette cornice allows you to choose different types of coatings: from plastic wood finishing to natural leather. Often under the bar there is a place for lighting, which gives the curtains a special charm.

Properly selected lighting further emphasizes their beauty. As a rule, the usual tire structure hides under the bar, so that the baguette version is a combined type.


The profile cornice is in many ways similar to a tire, except for the fact that the rows of a tire cornice are separated from each other and represent, as it were, individual slats, while the profile is a single flat piece. Profile models are made of flexible materials, so that they can be installed even along the contour of the figured window. The great advantage of the profile options is their flexibility. For example, installing such an option on the ceiling, you can round off its edges, "hiding" an unattractive type of sidewalls.

Profile cornices are a good alternative to wall-mounted baguette, because they can also be equipped with a hood - a bar with different patterns, covering the fasteners of curtains. The hood is an element that is not very wide, but the possibilities for decorating it are quite large: starting from embossed patterns with gilding and ending with fabric coverings. The three-row profile version usually comes complete with a stretch ceiling. It allows you to hang curtain at the same time, curtains and soft pelmet.


As the name implies, telescopic models can fold and unfold. Unlike conventional tubular eaves, they do not need to be filed, adjusting to the desired size: just enough to add a little. This function allows the use of telescopic rods not once, but in different rooms after various repairs.

Mini-eaves "cafe"

Stained glass mini-cornice is attached immediately to the frame. Such models have a relatively small diameter and are usually supplied in pairs. They can be mounted both on the top and bottom, and in the middle of the window to achieve a nice country-like room. The ability to protect each of the valves separately, as well as an unusual type of construction makes the telescopic window design rather popular. In addition, this type of attachment can save space in the room. Often it is stained cornices mounted on the sloping walls of the attic. Between a pair of such elements can be fixed curtain fabric. For the design of the ceiling window, this design is also suitable.


Swivel is also attached directly to each of the valves. Usually it is chosen for windows sitting very "deep" in the wall and for deaf windows. Curtains installed on the swing eaves, you can open and close, as the sash. Usually only one cornice is required, the curtain hangs freely on it.


Spacer models are somewhat similar to telescopic, with the exception of a few significant differences. The expansion cornice is a stick with a spring inside. Spring "pushes" the ends out. Thus, the installed eaves "rests" against the walls, without needing additional support in the form of brackets. When choosing this type, you need to be careful, since with insufficiently strong material of the walls it can severely damage them. For example, plasterboard walls will not withstand pressure. It is also not recommended to hang heavy curtains on the expansion cornice. Despite the fact that the design is quite reliable, it will not cope with great weight.

For roman blinds

Such structures are installed directly on the window sash, allowing you to lift the curtain vertically, like a blind. The size of the window frame should ideally match the size of the eaves, otherwise the installation will become impossible.

Which is better?

Depending on the functional purpose of the room and whether it is residential or non-residential, its overall style depends on which option you prefer. For non-residential premises, it is better to prefer simple, reliable structures. For example, choosing a suitable option on the balcony, decide what effect you want to achieve. To create a cozy home environment should be given preference round eaves. In the room serving as a living room or bedroom, you can choose any option, it all depends on your preferences and style of the room. In particular, modern styles are "friendly" with string or shaped structures, and baguette or tubular models are suitable for more traditional ones.

Of particular interest are attics. For the roof window, located on the ceiling, you can pick up both mini-eaves "cafe", and for roller blinds. It all depends on how much you want to darken the room. Ordinary curtains will not fit as close to the glass as the rolled curtains, so more light will penetrate the room. There are no bad or good eaves, each of them has its own merits. There are suitable and unsuitable designs. If you look at the choice from this point of view, it will become much simpler and more pleasant.


Eaves usually are supplemented with the most different accessories. Mounts are of two types: bracket and suspension. Their separation is extremely conditional and depends on what exactly the structure is attached to - to the ceiling or to the wall. So, suspensions are used for ceiling structures, and brackets for wall structures. The brackets are open and closed. The open holder allows you to simply put the barbell on top of the mount and just as easily remove it. As a rule, for ceiling mounts, this type is useless.

Closed fasteners imply that the rod will be threaded into it, then attached to a wall or ceiling and left so straight. There is no question of any disconnection. Therefore, when choosing fasteners curtains need to take into account this fact. Fastenings of curtains exist the most different: cringles, loops, ties, hooks, rings, magnets and so on. The choice of each is due to the type of the eaves, as well as the fact that the type of fixture used is closed or open. For example, the curtain on the grommet can not be placed on the eaves of the closed type, since it can not be removed for washing in the future without disassembling the eaves completely. Choosing tips, focus not only on their attractiveness, but also on the diameter of the rod.

It is also important to remember about the general style content: choosing a plastic tip for a rod from a noble tree you strongly risk creating an absurd duet.


Eaves are made of various materials, beginning from rather expensive and finishing with the most available:

  • The most economical material is plastic. Plastic eaves are quite demanded for today, especially ceiling. They do not over-attract attention, allowing you to place accents in the room. Such models can even be hidden behind the ceiling, creating the illusion that the curtains are not attached to anything and just soar by themselves. This solution is applicable for simple, modest interiors, but you can find bright solutions.

  • Recently, it is possible to glue plastic structures with a special material, imitating various coatings: wood, leather, even metal. From a distance it is not clear that there is a fake in front of you, but upon closer inspection it becomes obvious. Plastic and even more metal-eaves can withstand quite a lot of weight, but when ordering it is worth clarifying this issue separately.

  • Wooden eaves - timeless classics, allowing to give any room a regal look. There are both tubular and baguette moldings made of wood, both of which look great. You need to be careful when choosing a wooden molding eaves. The design looks quite massive and is not suitable for window decoration in a small room with a low ceiling. Wooden models themselves are a bright decoration of the room, so you need to plan their use at the planning stage of interior design in order to properly fit them into the future. Eaves made of wood can withstand quite a lot of weight (especially wall models). They are perfectly combined with the classic heavy curtains of solid fabric like brocade, jacquard, tapestry, but can also enhance the beauty of light curtains.

Metal curtain rods are the most expensive. They are distinguished by durability, expensive appearance and a large selection of different options.

Metal structures are represented in different coatings:

  • White;
  • The black;
  • Gilded;
  • Brass;
  • Copper.

The texture can be matte or glossy: Matte cornices are more suitable for modern interiors, and glossy ones for classic ones. However, there may be exceptions to this rule. Figured eaves enjoy special love and popularity. You can buy ready forged cornice, and you can order an individual design. Individual models are more expensive for two reasons: they are made in an exclusive version and, as a rule, manually. Iron curtain rods are heavy on their own, so they require high-quality, reliable wall-mounting.


The length of the mini-eaves depends on the width of the window casement: the eaves should be a little narrower than the sash. The same applies to the swivel, and options for Roman curtains. The diameter of the mini-eaves is about 1 centimeter. The diameter of the iron rods varies from 10 to 40 mm depending on the purpose of the pipe. Single models are usually 25 mm in diameter. In the double-row bar for curtains equal to 28 mm, and for tulle - from 10 to 16 mm. The length usually varies from 160 to 360 cm, but you can buy a one-piece rod 28-50 mm in diameter and 6 m long.

The diameter of the wooden rod is standard 28 mm. They produce models with a diameter of 16, 28, 25 mm and a maximum length of 2 m. You can make a bar up to 50 mm in diameter to order, then its length can reach 4 m. Plastic tires reach 4 m in length and can be up to 8.7 cm width depending on the number of rows. The decorative strip is standardly 5 or 9 cm, but models with blends have wider strips up to 300 mm. The diameter of the standard rod of plastic is the same as the wooden one - 28 mm. For kitchens or bathrooms, thin tulle models of 12 and 16 mm are selected. The length ranges from 2 to 3.6 m.

Подобрать правильный размер карниза легко, если отталкиваться от существующих стандартов выбора, а также от нескольких правил:

  • С каждой стороны необходимо сделать карниз длиннее, чем оконный проем, на 15-40 см;
  • При установке карниза во всю стену он должен отставать от стены на 1,5-2 см с каждой стороны;
  • Do not forget to install additional brackets every 1.5–2 m in the case of wall curtain rods and every 30–50 cm in the case of ceiling models.

Color solutions

Today, white cornices are most common. This color is perfectly combined with the ceiling and baseboards, as well as visually adds room height. The texture options look interesting. Natural materials such as wood and leather look great in classic or colonial interiors. Light gilding will add to the decoration of pretentiousness in the good sense of the word. Black curtain rods fit perfectly into modern styles, especially if you want to make the top of curtains as invisible as possible, while leaving it spectacular.

Various metallic shades are not ignored for several years already. Brass and copper cornices add sophistication and come to replace the slightly bored gold and silver.

How to choose?

Best of all, if you care about the choice of the eaves before the start of repair. Then you don’t have to pick up the option in a panic, which is a little bit combined with the already prepared interior. But it is necessary to make a start not only from stylistics. Room features also mean a lot:

  • For a narrow long room with a window on a narrow wall, the best choice would be the eaves closing all space around a window. The eaves must be hung under the ceiling in order to balance the proportions of the room.
  • Bulky wooden structures or wide baguette cornices should be bought for decorating large halls, since they will look cumbersome in small rooms.
  • Round curtain rods suitable for framing windows in a room of any size. If you choose the right veins, the room will seem cozier and more harmonious.
  • String curtain rods create an interesting effect of curtains soaring in the air. They are great for small rooms in which the window should not become the center, but only shade the overall composition.
  • The larger and grander the room, the thicker the round eaves bar should be and the more expensive the material should be. If your budget is limited, use a simulation, for example, plastic cornice instead of a wooden or inexpensive forged model.
  • Wrought iron structures should always be a bright accent, it is worth considering. It is almost impossible to “kill” the unusualness of the element without overloading the room. Even with professional designers this causes certain problems.

What is in fashion now?

In our age, fashion is very democratic, and each of these types of curtain rods has its actual embodiment. In particular, tire ceiling eaves, iron round and forged figured ones are rightly recognized as the most fashionable. Fashionable variations of the tubular cornice are mounted on the wall and equipped with simple attributes without too much decoration. They do not differ in bright color: black is ideal. The given model of the cornice is combined with any curtains, including the current classic models on the drawstring. It is also suitable for curtains on grommets that designers use in almost every style.

In the case of forged options decor, on the contrary, is welcome. The most recent trend is the stylization of the eaves under the branch of the plant. It may be just a bare branch, and maybe with leaves. Small double wrought iron mini-ledges have a similar floral design. Colors for both small and large models should choose natural metals: blackened silver or gold, aged copper and bronze, brass. Black is also relevant here, especially it is often used when choosing mini-eaves for ceiling windows.

Examples in the interior

Fashionable simple iron tubular cornice does not attract too much attention to itself, acting as a supplement to the already existing interior. Unobtrusive color and matte texture emphasize the deliberate simplicity of the design, while at the same time emphasizing the interesting design of the window itself. Tire eaves almost invisible under the ceiling of this living room. This choice is successful for a small room, as it allows not to block the access of light into the room, while visually increasing the ceiling. The similar effect is provided not only by white color and smooth texture, but also by the fact that the cornice is identical to the baseboard in width.

Baguette cornice serves as a gang. In a room with such high ceilings, this solution is quite acceptable. It does not look overloaded due to the fact that the cornice is chosen to match the color of the walls and ceiling and is made in a simple design. The geometric ornament of the plank follows the general direction in the interior, and the color of the contrasting element is matched in the same shade with the floors. For the modern bohemian interior there is nothing better than a stringed cornice. It allows in no way divert attention from the bright curtains, serving as an accent in the interior. Roll-curtains are fixed with the help of a hidden eaves with a lifting mechanism. Due to this, the general view of the bedroom, decorated in a rustic style, is not spoiled by the modern look of the design.

In this case, the cornice is hidden behind the ceiling.making the room seem even higher. It is possible that at night you can light a special light built into the cornice. It helps to make the atmosphere more interesting for children. Corner iron black cornice visually separates the walls and ceiling, made in one color. Such small contrasting blotches are necessary to create a truly stylish interior. Forged flair perfectly complements the design, emphasizing its lightness. In this case, the curtains perform not a protective function, and zoning. With the same purpose, selected and small forged cornices. They visually separate each of the "sofas" from each other. The reception allows you to visually lengthen the space without losing the functional component.

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