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Why choose Ikea folding chairs?

The company Ikea for a long time, firmly and very positively established itself in the Russian market. The widest assortment of furniture produced by this furniture manufacturer has been pleasing customers for many years with the most diverse needs, preferences and financial possibilities. Ikea furniture is always distinguished by its functionality, style, convenience, aesthetics and originality of appearance.

Special features


The kitchen or dining room is a place for a nice tea party, conversations, dinner parties and family dinners. I really want to create in this room a particularly comfortable atmosphere that combines both comfort and convenience.

For such an atmosphere, every detail is important, and correctly chosen furniture plays a special role.

Unfortunately, the layout of the apartment does not always imply that there is enough space in the kitchen. In this case, when arranging the premises, one has to seriously face the problem of saving free space. Fortunately, Ikea offers the widest selection of models of kitchen tables and chairs. In the case when it comes to insufficient space in the kitchen, we can recommend to consider the option of purchasing compact folding chairs. A variety of models and high quality of such furniture are not inferior to the classic options.


Ikea folding chairs are in great demand and receive positive feedback from buyers. The main advantages and advantages of folding models are:

  • Convenience store. Folding chairs can be folded or unfolded. If they are not needed, such chairs can be easily and quickly brought into a compact position and simply removed for a while. At the same time there is no need to puzzle where to place them for storage. Folded chairs can easily fit under the bed, in the closet, on the mezzanine, on the balcony or loggia.

  • Model folding chair "Terrier" is a very interesting and convenient option. This chair is made of wood, has a noble and stylish look. In the back of the model, there is a hole that allows folded to hang such a chair on a nail in the closet or on a hook in the closet. Such a model is in great demand due to an interesting low-key design, functionality, durability and compactness.

  • A variety of models, styles and materials. Even in such a narrow category as folding chairs, the manufacturer offers many options for every taste and wealth. It is worth getting acquainted with the assortment of Ikea kitchen furniture and you will understand that you can certainly choose something suitable for yourself.

  • High-quality assembly, durable materials, durability. Chairs Ikea, as well as other furniture from this manufacturer, are of high quality materials, which ensures long and pleasant use. Buyers note that Ikea folding chairs, regardless of cost, serve long and reliably. This is the main goal of this company - to satisfy each of its customers with an acceptable variant of furniture.
  • Beautiful and aesthetic appearance. Despite the simplicity of design, the chairs have an attractive look. The style and design of products corresponds to modern trends.

The presented models easily and organically fit into the most diverse interior, decorating and complementing it.


The manufacturer has mastered well and is constantly improving the technology of working with a wide variety of materials. For the manufacture of furniture most often used:

  • Natural wood. Classic material for the manufacture of furniture. Wooden folding chair looks very solid, has a noble and beautiful color of natural wood. This is a good option for those who seek to choose all natural and surround themselves with environmentally friendly materials.

  • Plastic. The plastic chair is a beautiful and easy option for a summer arbor or a kitchen in a modernist style. This material has a lot of color options and can take the most original and elegant forms. In this category you can find the widest choice of design options, colors and styling models.

  • Metal. Furniture made of metal looks original and is also very popular lately. Do not be afraid that the metal chair will be heavy. Modern manufacturers make furniture on a lightweight metal frame. Chrome models look especially beautiful. Moreover, such surface treatment of the material additionally protects the product from damage and corrosion.

Often in models of metal, the seat and back are made of softer and more pleasant materials. This may be wood, weave cloth or artificial leather, plastic.

For any version of the product will be the acquisition of additional overlays on the legs. "Fixy". These are overhead items made from a mixture of rubber and latex. They prevent the legs of the chair from sliding on the floor and also protect the floor from unwanted scratches and damage to the legs. These linings do not leave marks and do not stain the floor, which is very important if you have beige or white tiles, light linoleum or laminate on the floor.



Hearing the name "folding chair", many imagine very homely and uncomplicated stools. However, this category of furniture is very rich in various options for completing models:

  • Folding chairs with backrest. Of course, the ability to comfortably lean your back on a supporting surface during tea drinking or a pleasant conversation over a glass of wine is a big and desirable plus. Many models of Ikea folding chairs are equipped with comfortable backs made of various materials.

Additionally, you can purchase covers and pillows for more comfortable use of your furniture.

  • Models with armrests. To the armrests in chairs is ambiguous. They interfere with one thing; others, on the contrary, need to be able to spread their arms comfortably and give them rest. In any case, if your wishes and requests include the presence of armrests in folding chairs, then it is easy to choose such models for yourself.

  • Adjustable height. Some models of Ikea chairs, including folding ones, are equipped with a built-in height adjustment mechanism. This is a very convenient and necessary function. Indeed, even among the members of one family it is difficult to find people of exactly the same height. What can we say about a large group of friends who often come to visit with children.

Due to the possibility of regulation, the height of the chair can be adjusted best for each person, including the child.

  • Built-in footrest. Optional, but, nevertheless, very convenient function. The ability to stably position the legs makes the use of the chair even more comfortable.

  • Backless models. Folding stools without backs and armrests are a concise option for a minimalist style. They are the most compact, both folded and unfolded, and can easily move under the table. This option may be suitable for a kitchen or a dining room styled as a pub.

How to choose?


When choosing a folding chair, you should follow the same rules as when choosing other furniture for the interior:

  • First of all, it is necessary to decide on your wishes regarding the appearance and style of the piece of furniture. Of course, the chairs are a very noticeable detail of the interior of the room, whether it be folding or classic models. So, the choice of the exterior design of models should, above all, be guided by the general interior of the room. Chairs that are not suitable in color or style to the interior of the kitchen or dining room, will only be inappropriate and inorganic detail of design, spoiling the overall impression of the design of the room.

  • At the next stage of the selection is to evaluate the estimated operating conditions of this furniture. The most durable models are made of wood and metal frame. They can withstand weight up to 120 kilograms.

Plastic chairs are less hardy, their legs can disperse under high load, and the person sitting on the chair can bruise or get injured.

  • The presence or absence of additional elements, such as the backrest, armrests, height adjustment mechanism should also be considered in advance. After all, these elements significantly affect the appearance of the whole structure, as well as its compactness. So if there is a great need to save space, it is better to choose the most compact folding stools. For long gatherings in the living room or dining room fit models with armrests and backs.
  • Finishing the seats, backrests and armrests of the chair will significantly affect the comfort and ease of use. Models with a soft close back and armrests for comfort close to the seats. The most commonly used skintight material is an artificial leather substitute with a soft filler inside. Also used and weave various types of fabric.

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