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Refrigerators Rosenlew

One of the essential elements of every modern kitchen is a refrigerator. This unit will help keep your products fresh. Modern users want to buy a quality model that would work for a long time. These products include the Rosenlew refrigerator. It is worth considering its main features and benefits.

A bit of history

This company was founded in 1853 (in the city of Pori). The name comes from the noble title of the Scandinavian family, who owned the company. In 1951, refrigerators left the assembly line in a fully mechanized factory. After ten years, the company's products have become very actively purchased. Now the company is part of the concern Electrolux.

Features and benefits

Finnish refrigerator is not only high quality. The main features include the following:

  • This is one of the first companies abandoned the use of freon. She released a model with compartments in which there were different climatic regimes.
  • Great combination external parameters and functions of the product.
  • Thanks to a special system Ventilation cold air will be distributed evenly. This will allow you to store food in any area of ​​the camera for a long time.
  • The walls of the product have a special antibacterial layer, which includes silver ions. This component actively destroys microbes, helping to store products in their original form for a long time.
  • Better insulating materials are used and door seals. Inside the unit will be maintained at a constant temperature. This will not be consumed a lot of energy.
  • Energy class A +. You can save a lot.
  • An additional advantage of the product is its virtually silent operation. So you will not be distracted by extraneous sounds, but will be able to focus on an important matter.
  • Each refrigerator has a stylish and modern design. You can choose the one that will appeal to you.
  • You can choose the right shade for your kitchen. The color scheme may be different - from classic colors to bright and unusual options. There are models that are painted by hand. Such a model will be a great addition to your interior.
  • The best combination of price and quality. To some, the price may seem to be too high, but usually users find it quite affordable.
  • Good mood. When you have a high-quality and stylish unit in your house, you can not worry about the long storage of products. At the same time the mood will always be great.

A good refrigerator has some of the characteristics described above. It is worth noting the modern technologies that are used by the manufacturer. These include electronic control. This function will help with great clarity to adjust the humidity and temperature indicators in various departments. Each model has a box for vegetables and fruits. It is made of transparent plastic, with silver particles. Thanks to the special technology "No Frost" you can not defrost the unit. This feature helps the bags of products not to stick together.

An additional advantage are bright light bulbs. They are well lit every corner. Due to the dynamic cooling air flows will constantly circulate inside.


It is worth considering the most popular models of refrigerators of this company. These include the following:

  • "RC312". This stylish model is compact. You can buy it for any kind of kitchen. In this capacity is 328 liters. In this refrigerator fit weekly stock. Thanks to a special signal, you will know if a temperature deviation suddenly occurs from the norm. There is a special aluminum grill - so that you can store bottles.

Side compartments are designed for sauces, small products. A special antibacterial layer protects products from bacteria and promotes long-term storage. The unit has a special function "Super Freezing", with which you can freeze a lot of products for the winter.

  • "RT291". This model attracts the attention of buyers because it is made in the classic black color. Matte shade will look perfect in every room. Thanks to electronics, you can clearly and quickly set the desired tasks.

Each shelf consists of impact-resistant glass. Shelves can withstand products up to forty kg, you can change their height. This will help to organize the space inside the refrigerator. If an unexpected power outage occurs, the batteries can keep the cold for another twenty-two hours.

The price of the product

As for the price of goods, then, of course, it can not be called low. At the same time, many buyers point out the optimal ratio of price and quality. Everything will depend on your budget and on the ability to spend certain funds on a quality model. The high cost can be explained by the use of very high quality materials in the manufacture of the product.


Many users positively evaluate the products of this company. Refrigerators Rosenlew attract with their high quality. The unit includes only high-quality materials, which means that the equipment will serve you as long as possible. A positive point is the wide range of colors. You will be able to independently choose the option suitable for your kitchen and organically supplement it.

The most popular colors are the classics - black and white. However, there are more interesting and vivid options. They prefer to consider creative personality. A special outer coating helps prevent various fungi and harmful microorganisms from settling. The inner coating will always remain clean.

Many users also note the special technology of not very strong freezing, which some models have. With this feature you can save a lot. Reliability and efficiency of work - this is also positive feedback. The unit is simple and unpretentious to use. It is easy to follow. The coating contains antibacterial components, which helps prevent unpleasant odors and the appearance of harmful bacteria.

Now you have reviewed the main advantages, features of the refrigerator Rosenlew and you can easily select the unit for your kitchen. In this case, remember that the purchase of equipment is only in trusted stores, so as not to get a fake. Especially carefully check the product if you purchase it through the Internet. Do not forget that the technique should not be any damage.

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